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Led Channel Letters suppliers

  • March 21, 2023 10:22 PM PDT
    Led Channel Letters suppliers  LED Channel letters
    LED Channel letters are recommended for any type of exterior sign on public, commercial buildings or interior walls. Channel letters are fully custom made, easy to install, durable and weather-resistant products. Its construction type includes several aspects锛歮etal return, paint and acrylic face to complement the manufacture of these letters.
    The Face lit and partial side lit
    The Face lit and partial side lit Letter edge and bottom are surrounded by stainless steel, the acrylic part is inlaid with stainless steel, the surface is completely covered with acrylic (the acrylic edge is sleeved on the stainless steel letters), and the LED is installed on the bottom.
    Why Should you choose Golden Star Signs
    Prices: Order directly from manufacturer to reduce intermediate expenditure- buy high quality sign products at more reasonable prices.
    First-class Quality: Signs are produced with High grade raw materials with advanced technological equipment.
    PStrict Leading Time: Depending on the type and quantity of the orders, we generally need 4-15 days to complete the production
    OEM, Customization and Installation service offered
    We offer partnerships: long-term relationships and cooperation with big sign companies, construction companies, design companies, advertising companies, chain shops, distributors, hotels, shopping malls etc...
    Painted acrylic
    We can also custom painted acrylic to match your exact pantone color. When using this method, our workers paint one letter three times in total. The first paint is white for enhancing brightness. The second paint is gray for preventing light leakage on the side of the letter. The final paint is the color you want, which is blended previously by our workers.Led Channel Letters suppliers