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Buy Low Power Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

  • March 21, 2023 10:21 PM PDT
    Buy Low Power Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine  CNLC-200W Industrial derusting pulse laser cleaning machine
    CNLC-200W Industrial derusting pulse laser cleaning machine锛宔quipment adopts peak power pulse laser, imported high-speed scanning system, high-precision control system and power supply of domestic and well-known enterprises. The whole machine is stable and reliable with good performance, and has the characteristics of super portability, high efficiency and high cost performance.
    Product introduction
    1. Can be used to remove rust, paint, oil and oxide film on all metal and some non-metal surfaces, as well as the cleaning of black ash, carbon deposition and oil stain on the surface of parts after welding.
    2. Can be used areas of aerospace, rail transit, automobile manufacturing, marine shipping, electronic micro processing, food processing, stainless steel aluminum alloy products, mold processing.
    3. Weighs 58kg, and the hand-held head weighs only 1.4kg.
    4. It is light and convenient. The design of the portable box is convenient for users to use flexibly.
    5. A variety of scanning graphics are set to ensure the cleaning effect under complex working conditions.
    6. At the same time, it has ultra-high performance price ratio, no consumables, super energy saving, green environmental protection and no pollution.
    Technical Advantages
    1. Safe, non-contact, no damage to substrate;
    2. Environmental protection, no secondary pollution, and removed substances recyclable锛?/p>
    3. Precision and controllable, optional area cleaning, and micron level;
    4. Precision control in thickness direction锛?/p>
    5. Ultra high cost performance, laser cleaning equipment in the use of no consumables, only power consumption;
    Technical parameters
    1. Optical characteristic parameters
    Average laser power200W
    Power regulation range10%~100%
    Central wavelength1064 nm
    Polarization directionarbitrarily
    Beam quality factorM2 锛?.5
    Laser line-width
    Length: 5mm ~ 100mm, adjustable Width: 5mm ~ 100 mm, adjustable
    Scanning imagesSupport linear, 2D, circular, rectangular progressive scanning, rectangular ring, triangle, spiral
    Laser pulse frequency5kHz ~ 200kHz adjustable
    Maximum single pulse energy1.5 mJ
    Fiber length3m
    Minimum bending radius of optical fiber150mm
    Instability of laser output<5%
    Cooling modeWind cooling
    Polarization directionarbitrarily
    Guided laser functionhave
    Anti hyper reflexeshave
    Field mirror model
    鈥籘he above parameters are for reference only, please refer to the actual situation
    2. General characteristic parameters
    Equipment modelCNLC-200W
    Crate size
    Length * width * height: 750mm * 250mm * 630mm (subject to actual delivery)
    Net weight58kg
    Operation typeHand-held
    Supply voltageAC 220卤10%V
    Mains frequency50/60 Hz
    Operating temperature range0鈩?~ 40鈩?/p>
    Storage temperature range-10鈩?~ 60鈩?/p>
    Power consumption @ 25 鈩?/p>锛?500w
    鈥籘he above parameters are for reference only, please refer to the actual situationBuy Low Power Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine