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low price Thermometer

  • March 21, 2023 10:20 PM PDT
    low price Thermometer  Water Themometer
    A temperature meter is an instrument that uses different principles to measure the temperature or temperature gradient of an object (or space). Common is a pointer bimetalal thermometer with a dial that directly measures gas, liquid, and steam. Widely used in machinery, shipbuilding, petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, light industry and research sectors.
    Operating principle of the temperature meter
    With spiral temperature element made of hot double metal to measure temperature, temperature element in the protective tube, one end is fixed end, the other end is a free end, free end connected to a fine axis, shaft end equipped with pointer, when the temperature changes, temperature element temperature, the free end around the fixed end, and drive the pointer rotation, thus displayed on the dial.
    Product Parameter
    Material: Brass and steel
    Field of Application: WATER-OIL-GAS
    Working Temperature: 0鈩?to 120 鈩?/p>
    Brass material (Hpb57-3) chemical composition
    Cu Pb Fe Sn Al Ni Mn
    Si Zn As Bi Ag Cr Sb
    Co Mg P S Ti V In
    Mo Nb Zr W Hg
    Quality Control
    Production Room
    Assemble line and Packing line
    Office Room
    Factory Gate And Warehouse Roomlow price Thermometer