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Be Reborn as the Queen

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    January 31, 2023 5:46 PM PST

    Liu Liang begged for a long time also did not ask for another antidote of course the deed also did not get he almost did not consider let people feed the antidote to his son and that love concubine also just look at the past Liu Liang is looking forward to things passing quickly but obviously those people will not let him go easily as for the matter of offending the Deng family it has not been so important In any case the matter is finally uncovered and I hope we will not be troubled in the future "Father they haven't returned the deed of the house Maybe they won't be able to let us go easily in the future" Liu Sheng said worriedly Blame that evil obstacle usually to spoil do not know heaven and earth thick this time when he wakes up I must be strict with him Liu Sheng in the side of the honest listening not a word he is very clear that his father can scold his brother for others but not so And he also really hate this brother in the brainless people will not do such a stupid thing the whole family into such a drag he himself is nothing And the father is just lip Home Appliances service if really willing to discipline well he will not be able to cause such a disaster Liu Sheng took the opportunity of visiting relatives and friends these days to inquire about Jiqing Gambling House but there was no meaningful clue The gambling house seemed to appear out of thin air and no one knew his roots but no one who wanted to cause trouble came to a good end The more Liu Sheng thought about it the more frightened he was He was in a trance all day but he really had a serious illness I wonder if the emperor knows there is such a place The emperor is now desperate to advocate frugality so a gold cave it is impossible to let it continue to be a disaster "Although he thought so but also can't think of a way to let Liu Xiu to deal with the owner of the gambling house more can't pick the king of Guangyang out of this matter" The whole thing Guo Shi is most satisfied with Deng Feng's forbearance if he is still as impulsive as before she will not spend so much effort for him When Guo heard about Guangyang Wangfu the rare medicinal materials in the palace were sent to the palace like running water and the doctors in the palace almost broke their legs In contrast Deng Feng who was able to go to war the next day was slightly injured Volume II Good Wind Relies on Power Chapter 204 Personal Expedition to Peng Chong (Part I) Chapter 204 personal expedition to Peng Chong (I) Women in the harem their lifelong mission may be to create trouble Yin Shi so Ren Shi so Guo Shi is actually the same there is no big difference between them just focus on different places If there are not so many women in Liu Xiu's palace I believe his life can be better Not you don't believe Kui Tao in fact if ma yuan is still alive Kui Tao take refuge in GongSunShu pace will slow down a lot This of course thanks to Guo Shi without her under the black hand Ma yuanhui has been living in the world And he will continue to guide Kui thought the Han at the same time his secrets to Liu Xiu after Kui died also can Bo a good name through the ages And he is now dead dead unclear unclear China Factory no Ma yuan said all day long what the world to heart Kui Tao gradually found that Liu Xiu is not so wise and Gongsun is not so incompetent he also does not necessarily have to hang from a tree In recent days Liu Xiu is worried he thought that even if can't let Kui Tao fight with GongSunShu at least can keep a mutual containment situation after all Kui Tao but just killed the messenger of GongSun However he underestimated GongSun Kui Tao will win the heart GongSunShu don't care how many messengers die he wants is Kui Tao he gave Kui Tao absolute right and trust One side is trying to use him one side is sincere and sincere to unite him Kui Tao is a fool also know how to choose In this way Liu Xiu can be more passive The two of them this joint at any time may be approaching the central plains some regret in his heart shouldn't be so urgent to let Kui Tao in Bashu now make such a situation it is very unfavorable Liu Xiu these days because of this matter even rarely set foot in the harem even if Ren Shi has something to do he is just a greeting Guo Shi is actually more frightened she also doubt this thing is done if really because she killed ma yuan and make the world chaos then her sin can be big Guo Shi in the heart this barrier is really unable to pass and no one else can negotiate had to find Liang Computer Hardware & Software Xiao Liang Xiao is still very optimistic about the future situation in his view even if Gongsun and Kui Tao United they will not enter the Central Plains for the time being If the world can't be unified because of Ma yuan's death then my sin will be great Guo murmured Ma yuan Liang Xiao did not understand what he had to do with the queen Oh nothing Only then did Guo react to what he had just said but fortunately Liang Xiao did not continue to ask Liang Xiao is what kind of person separated by eight hundred miles can smell out the unusual Guo Shi mindless such a sentence how can he really as can not hear Guo home some forces he knew but can reach to west Gansu this is unexpected however if not Guo ma yuan how can be killed for no reason Ma yuan is a close friend of Kui Tao make public domineering no one in west Gansu dare to provoke before inexplicable died Liang Xiao thought he offended too many people now it seems that this is not the case He also does not need to inquire from the queen's side from Guo Kuang there he does not need to spend much thought can get out the words Kuang Guo newlyweds he didn't want to disturb but for ma yuan's death he is too curious Unfortunately Guo Kuang who always knows everything is also hesitant about this Even if he is as smart as Liang Xiao he can't tell whether he really doesn't know or pretends not to know If you have something to say say it Liang Xiao urged impatiently I can only guess something but I'm not sure I'll go to the palace one day and ask the empress and then I'll tell you Guo Kuang is still so honest Liang Xiao head is big if this can let the queen know he still needs to run here If you don't want to say it don't hurt me 。