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    Zhu Lingqi went on to say "There are still some secret books all of which are fairly good skills It is said that they can be learned by your disciples" That's not a bad reward There are also some relics for your ancestors which are scattered things Fang Lin pupil a shrink now for Fang Lin this is the most valuable thing! After exchanging a few pleasantries with Zhu Lingqi Zhu Lingqi said that he had something else to do but looking at his leering smile Fang Lin knew what he was talking about Fang Lin returned to his room with the relics of his ancestors There are not many relics and they are all put in a small package Fang Lin took a deep breath and opened the package which was full of small objects Some broken armor fragments Fang Lin looked at recalling the picture he saw at that time has been able to affirm that the picture is the God of Heaven! Then there is a token with a big word written on it! Fang Lin exclaimed "The Holy Religion is really generous this time!" Since Fang Lin became a descendant of Zhongtian God he has made some understanding of Zhongtian God As the first of the three giants of Taoism Zhang Ling's strength is needless to say At the same time he is also the leader of Taoism in that era The Taoist gate is full of Taoist personnel Zhang Home Appliances Ling is the master of the Taoist gate Although this is a very long time ago the Taoist gate still exists now! Fang Lin wry smile door token infinite sword seal are good things but with their own now can go to subdue them The Infinite Sword Sect is a big sect in the world Although it is at the end of the big sect it is also powerful Taoism is declining now However a lean camel is bigger than a horse and Taoism is definitely at the same level as the Infinite Sword Sect Can you subdue them with a token Chapter 105 I see! [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated September 3 2012 103447 Words in this chapter 3529 Recommend the collection of Sanjiang tickets Fang Lin then looked at a letter Fang Lin's heart began to beat since the letter is a relic then there is probably something hidden inside! Open the envelope the first sentence This letter is a transcript the original letter has been corrupted Fang Lin nodded this is normal such a long time the paper can not hold up since it is transcribed then the handwriting should also be more like it Fang Lin looked at the handwriting and sure enough the sentence that was transcribed looked elegant and unrestrained it should be a man's handwriting and the content of the letter actually looked graceful and delicate it seemed to be a woman's handwriting! It seems that this is not the ancestor Zhang Ling sent out but someone else sent but also women is it the ancestor's wife his grandmother Fang Lin then looked at the beginning Brother Zhang Ling Fang Lin pupil a shrink first do not look at the content of the letter directly look at the end of the letter sender Zhang Zimin! Ancestor's sister! Fang Lin then looked down at the contents of the letter more and more surprised in the heart if their guess is right then about where the method is hidden should be able to solve! This was the last letter Zhang Ling received before the war so it was preserved The content of the letter China Suppliers first of all is about the front-line war Zhang Zimin is also a strong man so he also participated in the war and later it seems that in that war he also died Secondly it is the content of ordinary home letters One of them made Fanglin feel different Brother everything is fine recently but the foolish sister is puzzled Why do you want the four brothers to do that When Fang Lin saw this sentence he understood it directly According to Huang Haisheng and others it was after Zhang Ling's death that their ancestors preserved the skills It seems that this is exactly what Zhang Ling meant before he died "Elder brother only I Zhang Shi know the correct way to practice the Nine Yin Sutra Others will only be possessed by the devil Why do you do everything so secretly" Fang Lin's heart beat wildly Zhongtian Jue what Zhongtian Jue no wonder it can be comparable to Taiji Shengong this is the same powerful Jiuyin Zhenjing as Jiuyang Shengong!!! Unconsciously Fang Lin's eyes flashed a trace of fanaticism Nine Yin Sutra is actually Nine Yin Sutra! No wonder no Computer Hardware & Software wonder Zhang Ling is a Taoist priest according to legend the Nine Yin Sutra comes from the Tao Te Ching even if the world is different but the Taoist priest knows how to practice the Nine Yin Sutra which is normal! The Nine Yin Sutra which is comparable to the Nine Yang if you succeed in practicing how strong will it be Fanglin is hard to imagine! Fang Lin then looked down trying to find out more clues Brother if possible I hope to reply as soon as possible At the end there was no other news Fang Lin also felt normal if there was news about the Nine Yin Sutra would the Holy Church easily give this to itself Fang Lin is not sure the Nine Yin Sutra one of the world's magic the Holy Church does not want to get Huang Haisheng and other people's ancestors but everything is done very secretly about the West Sky Stone and other things are also kept secretly almost no one knows the secret However Fang Lin thought of Bai Mingtang he stole the West Sky Stone he must know the secret! The more Fang Lin thought about it the more frightened he became and his gaffe was a little serious It is estimated that after the Holy Church knew the contents of the letter it must have searched for it and it is estimated that there was no result Apart from telling Fang Lin that Zhongtian Jue was actually the Nine Yin Sutra the letter had no other secrets Fang Lin put it away and there was still the last thing left of his ancestors a copy of the Tao Te Ching which was almost rotten Everyone knows that Zhang Ling is a Taoist priest always holding the Tao Te Ching in his hands others do not know that the Nine Yin Sutra comes from the Tao Te Ching but Fang Lin knows! Fang Lin has always suspected that this world is basically a combination of other martial arts novels so this Tao Te Ching may be an important clue! Fang Lin looked carefully inside the rotten badly most of them can not understand only some handwriting can still be seen but these can not be clues To say that there is a hidden mystery Fang Lin shook his head has been rotten so badly if there is an interlayer then the things in the interlayer must have fallen out and since the Holy Church can be so assured to themselves then the Holy Church should not have found the secret inside Fang Lin is not sure that the Holy Church will take care of itself