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    January 31, 2023 5:45 PM PST

    "In fact, there is no big deal, that is, I contracted a reservoir, a little approval needs to be approved by the Water Conservancy Bureau.". Tomorrow evening, I will invite the head of the infrastructure section of the Water Conservancy Bureau to have a meal. Please ask Luo Ge to accompany me. Cen Jiahua made things clear in a few words and waited for Luo Jinhao's decision. This kind of trifle, Jiahua, you can decide for yourself. Luo Jinhao agreed without hesitation. He went on to say, "You can arrange it first, and then call me to inform me of the time and place." "Then thank Brother Luo and I'll call you later!" Cen Jiahua was naturally very happy to hear that Luo Jinhao had agreed. After settling the candidates for accompanying guests, the next step is to let Lao Chen come forward to select a hotel with better environment and grade in the county town. Although Lao Chen is only a small village official, every year he receives the inspection of his superiors and the study of his brothers, he has to have some banquets in the hotel, so he knows a lot about the relatively high-grade hotels in Tianzhou County. The next afternoon, Comrade Chen took Cen Jiahua and Zheng Hai to a fish farm near the outskirts of the city to prepare for the evening banquet. The polo that Zheng Hai drove from the provincial capital just became a means of transportation to go out today. Considering Cen Jiahua's abnormal drinking capacity, they were not worried that no one could drive back at night. The fish farm is built less than 20 meters away from the river embankment. Between the river embankment and the fish farm, there are bamboos around the fish farm, rustling in the breeze, which is very interesting. The name of the fish farm is'Xiaojiang Fish Farm ', which is also interesting to the winding river next to it. Cen Jiahua sighed in his heart that the owner of the fish farm was also an interesting person. According to Lao Chen, this fish farm chooses wild river fish growing naturally in Xiaojiang waters as ingredients. With the exquisite craftsmanship of the chef, the taste of river fish is second to none in Tianzhou County. It is a hotel designated by many government departments. Sometimes it is very hard to set the location. Xiaojiang River is a small river in Tianzhou. It flows from west to east and finally turns south into the upper reaches of the Pearl River near the county seat. It is an insignificant tributary in the upper reaches of the Pearl River Basin. But it is also the plain of this small river valley area that feeds a quarter of the population of Tianzhou County and can be called the mother river of Tianzhou. Because it was not yet time to eat, when Cen Jiahua parked their car in the parking lot next to them and walked into the front yard of the fish farm, the inside of the fish farm was still deserted. When Cen Jiahua walked into the lobby, a woman of about 30 came out. The woman is not tall, about 160cm, but she has a very good figure, with plump breasts and buttocks and a thin waist. The hot figure is not covered by the uniform with white flowers on the blue background. She has a little makeup on her face, and her facial features are delicate, Inflatable outdoor park , but compared with her excellent figure, she is really a little inferior. When the woman saw Old Chen, she said with a charming smile, "Old Chen, it's not time to eat yet. Why did you come so early today?" The woman and Lao Chen looked at Cen Jiahua and Zheng Hai out of the corner of her eye. She seemed to be guessing the identity of Cen Jiahua. Seeing that she was familiar with Lao Chen, she thought that Lao Chen had not come to this fish farm before. Tonight is a banquet for Section Chief Liao of the Water Conservancy Bureau. These two are friends from the provincial capital. Boss Du, you arrange a quiet place for us to rest first, and we'll order when section chief Liao comes. Old Chen said with a straight face, but intentionally or unintentionally did not introduce Cen Jiahua's identity. Seeing Lao Chen pulling up the tiger skin as a banner, Cen Jiahua almost laughed, so he had to hold back his smile and turn his head to observe the decoration of the fish farm. The decoration of Yuzhuang is not luxurious, but most of them are made of pure natural wood and bamboo, and they are very attentive in many details, giving people the feeling that they are exquisite but not vulgar. Cen Jiahua thought to himself that the boss Du mentioned in Lao Chen's mouth was a very attentive person, but a woman who dared to open a restaurant in public would not be an easy role. As soon as boss Du's eyes rolled, he did not go to take care of Cen Jiahua and Zheng Hai. Instead, he smiled sweetly at Old Chen and said, "Please come with me. There is still a place in the pavilion by the river. You can take a look at the river view there first.". ” With that, she took the lead in walking towards the backyard, swaying her hips so exaggeratedly that people wondered if her slender waist would break. Cen Jiahua felt that this boss Du was a person who was very good at using women's capital, and it seemed that he was really not a simple person. PS: Xiao San opened a post in the book review area to solicit everyone's opinions on the manor construction. I hope the villagers can speak enthusiastically. Xiao San will adopt it as appropriate. Let's build a charming manor together!!! Chapter 67 whole fish feast. After sitting in the pavilion by the river, Boss Du did not stay much, but left quickly. After a while, a rather comely waiter came up with a pot of tea. Sitting on a bamboo chair, looking at the sparkling river in front of us, blowing the cool breeze and drinking a mouthful of green tea, is really a rare enjoyment of life. Uncle Chen, what's the background of this boss Du? Does it look very simple? Cen Jiahua picked up the teacup, took a sip, and then asked Lao Chen about the background of the enchanting boss. Boss Du is also a native of the county. I heard that he is the mistress of a big man in the county government, but who is it? I'm not qualified to know. Old Chen turned his head around and saw no one nearby, then explained to Cen Jiahua in a low voice. You seem to be afraid of her. Why did you choose this fish farm to treat you? Cen Jiahua was half lying on the chair, and his right fingers kept tapping on the side of the chair. Do you think I want to? It's just that section chief Liao likes to eat here best,Inflatable indoor park, and I just want to cater to section chief Liao. Old Chen took a sip of tea with a sad face and said helplessly, "This boss Du is smooth and smooth. He knows how to be a man. But her brother is not very authentic. When he sees businessmen from other places, he wants to eat a mouthful." 。