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    January 31, 2023 5:45 PM PST

    I backed up to the crossing of the waterway and took the left fork I had abandoned a minute before. About six or seven hundred feet later, I came to another crossing. This time I wanted to take the right fork — toward the city — but hopefully, afraid that they would see through my path, I decided to take the left one, even though it just kept taking me farther and farther away from the city. Suddenly there was a loud rumbling of the engine, and the loud noise made me mistake it for a low flight. Passed the plane. Then a blinding light swept over the top of the hill to my left and right, directly across the rocky waterway, only sixty to eighty feet above my head. The light is bright and strong, with weight and texture, like a gush of white lava. The super-powerful searchlight refracted an arc of light after shining on the eastern and northern ridges in the distance. Where did they get such sophisticated equipment in such a short time? It's difficult to be Sandi. Kirk is the leader of some anti-government military organization? Could it be that under the funeral parlor is the military headquarters where weapons and ammunition are hidden? No, it's not likely. In this day and age, things like this that corrupt society are just a part of real life-but what's happening in front of us is incredible. This is undoubtedly a piece of news that the night news did not catch. I need to know what's going on up there. If you don't investigate, you're just like a stupid rat walking through a lab maze. I crossed the heavy thickets on the right side of the channel, crossed a valley, and then climbed up the hillside,Inflatable mechanical bull, because that seemed to be the direction of the source of the searchlight. As I began to ascend, the beam of the searchlight again began to scan the heights above — from the northwest, as I thought — and then a third time, illuminating the hillside I was approaching. After crawling ten feet on the ground on my hands and knees, I crawled forward for the last ten feet. When I reached the top,inflatable bounce house with slide, I dived for cover under a jutting rock and looked up cautiously. A black drone stood on the top of the hill next to me, downwind of a big oak tree — you could call it the Wasp, which was the original name of the drone before it was converted and sold to the people. Although I could only vaguely see its shape out of the corner of my headlights, the drone had a few unmistakable features: box-shaped sand, heavy, four-wheel drive, a whole car on huge tires, and a way to come and go in any kind of terrain. I could now see the glare of two searchlights, one in the driver's hand and the other controlled by an accomplice in the front seat, each with a mirror at least the size of a salad plate. Light of this intensity probably has to be generated by the engine of the Xiongfeng. wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOm Son of the Evil Moon 2-2 Small, say -t-xt days. Don Then the pilot, Inflatable dry slide ,Inflatable water obstacle course, with searchlights off, fired up the drone, and out of the shade of the oak trees sped across the hilltop lawn with the force of a crushing expressway. The back of it turned towards me, and it quickly disappeared over the top of the hill and emerged from the other end, climbing up a more remote hillside, unimpeded on these coastal hillsides. The rest of the searchers on the ground, armed with flashlights and perhaps pistols, had been wandering around the valley in order to prevent me from climbing up and forcing me down to where the searchers could find me. The drone continues to patrol the hilltops. Where on earth do you people come from? I muttered to myself. I doubt if these activities on the hillside can be seen from the foot of the mountain and the coastal streets. Probably not many city people would go outside at this time, and they would have to raise their heads to a certain elevation to see the noticeable commotion on the hill. People who see the searchlights may think they are teenagers or college students looking for reindeer or wild deer in the neighborhood: illegal, but most people can tolerate this bloodless hobby. Judging from this situation, the drone will soon turn back to my direction. According to its search habits, it will probably reach the top of the mountain in two strokes. I went back down the hill into the valley, which was where they wanted me to go. I have no better choice. Before that, I had always believed that I had a way to escape, but now, that self-confidence began to decline. Pushing aside the heavy weeds, I returned to the rock bed of the floodway and continued to walk in the direction I had taken before I was forced up the hill by the searchlight. After a few steps, I was suddenly caught by a pair of glowing green eyes in front of me. It's a coyote. This kind of animal walks around, looks similar to food, is slightly smaller in size, and has a pointed mouth and nose, which is quite dangerous. Because their living space is occupied by human beings, they often sneak into the very safe backyard at the foot of the mountain to hunt livestock raised by human beings. Every once in a while, I hear the news that a group of ruthless people will raid and take away the baby. Although the main wolves rarely attack adults on their own initiative, if they encounter a group of people in their sphere of influence, or even only a pair, they can not rely solely on their self-control and their slightly superior size to take chances. My night vision was still recovering from the glare of the searchlight, and after a moment of tension, I noticed that the distance between the shining green eyes seemed much closer than that of the hyena. In addition, unless the Earth Niang is putting her chest close to the ground and taking a full jump position, it is absolutely impossible to stare at me from such a low position. As my vision readjusted to the darkness and moonlight, I saw a cat standing in front of me with nothing to fear. It's not a big cat like a Jaguar, otherwise it's worse than being cruel, and it should be more afraid. It was just an ordinary domestic cat,inflatable floating water park, light gray or off-white, and I couldn't tell the color of its fur in such a dark situation. Most cats are not stupid and will not easily venture into the coyote's sphere of influence, even if they are very happy to chase mice or small incremental.