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    January 31, 2023 5:45 PM PST

    "Oh, you can't feel it." The joker shakes head: "Laotian, you are not the spirit department's special power, this is your inborn flaw." "I don't know what you're talking about." "What on earth are you doing here?" Lao Tian asked coldly? Are you looking for the boy Chen Xiao? Is the service still not willing to let him go? Still You came all the way to get Scofield, the guy who's wanted by your agency? Or.. "I don't usually ask too much about the service agency." Joker shook his head. "I don't want to get involved in Scofield's affairs.". Isn't he very happy now? With you, even if he is wanted, no one can take him away from you unless I do it. As for Chen Xiao, that boy. Hey! You've made too much trouble in Japan. Now he'd better not show his face in public. Now several major organizations are negotiating with various countries, and a new international law will soon be introduced. And Chen Xiao made such a big mistake, this time, in any case, he is not suitable to show up, once he showed up, the Japanese side knew that he was the cause of their disaster, will certainly find him to settle accounts. And we are now negotiating with various countries, the European Union,Inflatable water park on lake, the United States, Japan and other countries, at this time, it is not good to offend them, I do not want to hand over this guy Chen Xiao. He's so capable now that no one can subdue him, so he'd better hide and wait for the bill to come out. Then what the hell are you doing here? I don't believe you came out to visit the mountains and rivers when you were bored. Lao Tian stared warily at this old friend who had been fighting with him for a hundred years. I Joker smiled. "You know my powers can control time,Inflatable indoor park, right?"? I knew that boy must have lost his memory for a long time, so I came to see him, by the way. Sent him the coordinates of a memory. Laotian frowns, after thinking, suddenly eyelid jumps: "I understood … …" It was you who took her away and sent her to Chen Xiao. "Well, you guessed well." Jokerr nodded: "I did something to this lovely girl, leaving a little special mental strength, and then …" As soon as Chen Xiao sees her, she will become one who lures Chen Xiao to restore his memory. Memory coordinates! [As usual, ask for a referral!!!] To be continued, if you want to know what happened, please visit idiaanm, Inflatable bouncer ,inflatable water slide, chapter more, support for, support for genuine reading! WWW.69zw. Com Book Friends Upload ~ Novel txt Tiantang Chapter 280 [two pairs of underwear?] $Read the latest chapter at $ Chapter 280 [two pairs of underwear?] "Hey, I really don't like this kind of thing. I feel like I've become a child caretaker." Nanny. -” Prince stood in the doorway with his arms in his arms. Outside was the courtyard of the station. There were people lying on the ground. The people of the Xiao family who had blocked the entrance of the station were all on the ground at the moment. Prince's face is still pale, his vitality is far from recovery, the strength of the remaining less than half, but he is so strong S level, even if the strength only recovered 10%, to deal with these ordinary martial arts practitioners is enough. The fat man swallowed and spat and stood beside Prince. These days, in fact, the fat man has always looked up to this foreigner in his heart. Ever since he met this guy named Prince, he has spent most of his time in the cell repair tank, looking sick all day long, pale as a vampire, and speaking feebly, as if a gust of wind could blow him down at any time. And Laotian they do not have much good look to this Prince, the attitude is also very bad and rude, but this Prince seems to have no response, no matter how impolite Laotian and others speak, he seems to have an indifferent smile on his face-such a guy without shelf, coupled with the appearance of illness, it is difficult for people to give birth to any respect for him. But the fat man did not know that Lao Tian and others were not polite to Prince and ordered him around, purely because they were angry that this guy had caused a disaster-if not for his nonsense, Chen Xiao would not be crazy, nor would he lead to a series of subsequent troubles. To put it simply, in the current group, Prince's character is like the only poor man in the crowd whose grandmother doesn't love his uncle. Anyone can order him around, and no one has a good look at him. Over time, even fat people habitually think that this foreigner is probably nothing. Fortunately, Prince was a crazy fellow, and he didn't care whether he was treated well or badly by others. Even if the fat man occasionally scolded him, he would laugh and laugh at the wrong thing-if the fat man knew, the smiling and heartless foreigner, if he really started, stretched out his fingers, a hundred fat men would become scum. How would the fat man react if he knew? -This is the reaction now! The fat man ran back to the inn for help. As a result, Laotian and others threw Prince out casually. The fat man still has some doubts. This sick foreigner. Can it work? As a result,inflatable air dancer, I arrived at the inn. This Prince doesn't talk nonsense. Walk into the crowd with a smile. The fat man thought Prince would preach about human rights and laws like those foreigners on TV. Will reason with these people of the Xiao family. But who knows. Prince's approach is much more direct than the fat man imagined! The guy walked slowly into the crowd of the Xiao family. The fat man immediately heard a cry of pain. And then boom, boom, boom. Several figures flew out! Prince took less than a minute. Performing a "throwing a living person" trick-in fact. He took care of dozens of Xiao's children. It's really as easy as a juggling game.