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    January 31, 2023 5:44 PM PST

    [Help Chat] Weizhen Yuer: Stupid and Lazy, What Are You Doing? I'll tell you to go to the man later. [Help Chat] Ren Xiaozhao: Top Pot Lid Escape ~ ~ ~ [Help chat] Feng Hua Xue: How many girls are heartbroken? Chen Yang, you are too cruel. At the moment, Chen Yang is not in the mood to pay attention to the messy chat. A month's appointment has passed. I was sure you liked me before, but now I'm not sure. However, I can still be sure that I like you. Even if you refuse today, I don't want to give up. Perhaps, sometimes I am too self, did not consider your mood, then, can you tell me your mood? Guess a person's mind, really too difficult, especially the object or you. He and she, too similar, her stubbornness, his arrogance, paranoia is unreasonable. However, in the emotional world can not be stubborn and proud, otherwise it will only hurt each other. Because he likes, he knows he is not wrong, but he still puts down his pride; because he likes, he wants to tell the world that she is his person,inflatable castle with slide, and no one is allowed to humiliate and hurt her. It's just, so. Even if she refuses! The wooden fish didn't respond for a long time. All around them, besides silence, is silence. This silence, long enough to suffocate, but the dust has been indifferent, even her refusal he is not afraid, what is there to be afraid of? Time,large inflatable water slide, it seems that after a century, finally, the wooden fish opened his mouth. I hate you the most. You get into a lot of peach blossom debts when you have nothing to do. You go around and around like Yingying and Yanyan. A brain-damaged woman comes out at every turn to operate on me. You play around all day. A man like you is a scourge! Do you want to know my mood? My mood is to castrate you, so as not to harm people! …… Even if a cat is stepped on, its tail will explode. Don't care? If you don't care what she's mad about? However, the more you care about it, the more angry you are. In the past, you suppressed it and did not vent it. Now, once the chatterbox is opened, it can no longer be closed. The accusations of the wooden fish are vented one by one. Looked at the wooden fish that some did not have the messy scold accusation, the dust Yang at first also a little panic, saw later almost did not laugh dizzy. [Close Chat] Dun Yang Yan Fei: Silly girl, don't eat that kind of flying vinegar without standard! Eat something nutritious even if you are jealous, OK? It's really none of his business! Muyu angrily stared at the person in front of her, she is so no standard, is not forced by him? She's never lost her image like this in her life! [Close Chat] Dun Yang Yan Fei: Well, Inflatable meltdown ,Inflatable outdoor park, I admit that I am a scourge, you are wronged, for the people to eliminate the harm! After saying this, a system dialog box flashed before Muyu's eyes. [Player [Dun Yang Yan Fei] proposes to you with a diamond ring, accept/reject?] How can it be so casual? Unexpectedly, this kind of diamond proposal ring and proposal card are the products of the revised marriage system. Because the price is extremely expensive, they are not sold in ordinary stores. More importantly, this kind of card will be displayed on the announcement whether it is accepted or rejected. As a result, in addition to constantly refreshing the rose card, the announcement attached a message that shocked everyone. [The player [Muyu Feifei] rejects the proposal of the player [Chen Yangyanfei]. Muyu Feifei says: "You are really a good man, but I can't accept it." Please observe three minutes of silence for [Chen Yangyanfei] who has received a good man card.] [Public Chat] Changfeng Dang Song: Younger Martial Sister, you did a good job, you did a wonderful job, and you did a wonderful job! [Public Chat] The world is unique: Tut, Dun Yang, Dun Yang, you also have today, a pile of rose cards for a good man card, I will observe three minutes of silence for you first! Just a few tycoons are not here, but now, as soon as they appear, they all appear. I don't know when Changfeng and Wushuang have climbed up, and they don't seem to have any sympathy. [Public Chat] Dun Yang Yan Fei: It's better than some people who send cards anonymously and can't even get a good person card. Such people are also qualified to laugh at me? The matchless little ninety-nine can hide from others, but also from him? Dust Yang continued to brush the proposal card, the wooden fish kept refusing, and the announcement kept showing the good man card. "Stupid fish, that's about it!" Xiao is also a little impressed by Chen Yang's patience. Chen Yang has always been arrogant. In the past, the first beauty chased him for more than half a year. He agreed because of his face. Now his stature is low enough. This stupid fish was not such an unreasonable person before. How can it be so difficult to fix it today? You're so jealous, and you say you don't like him? Pretend you! Dun Yang, Dun Yang, it's not that I don't help you, it's that the fish you chose is too unconventional. I also observed three minutes of silence for you. Xiao thought so. Soon, however, there was another system announcement: [The player [Dusk Rain] accepts the proposal of the player [Dust and Smoke], and the marriage on the Sansheng Stone is settled. The two of you will choose a date to have a grand banquet at the Phoenix Tower. Please congratulate the new couple!] The author has something to say: I came back last night, so I can update normally from today. In addition, the end of the rookie has entered the countdown stage, also this week or so, in order not to end, each chapter of beans will be carefully considered, please rest assured. Oblivion beans bow again, thank you for your support to the rookie! 98 Get on the bus first and then make up the ticket. I don't mind accepting it later. I thought you were going to be stubborn! Seeing the announcement of Chen Yang's successful proposal, Xiao couldn't help joking. What I clearly point out is to refuse! The wooden fish is extremely indignant, how can she promise? That guy has no sincerity at all. Why does she want to marry such a playful proposal? "You're going to die with a stiff mouth!" Xiao can not believe the excuse of wooden fish, sorry, or understandable drops, however, in front of her are installed, too not enough meaning,inflatable amusement park, do sisters will not laugh at you, really! The wooden fish looked at the screen plaintively. [Chatting] Duyu Feifei: I made a mistake just now. It doesn't count. [Close Chat] Dust Raises Smoke to Fly: Then Make Mistakes! Stupid fish, do you think it's funny for me to brush so many pictures at the same time? Waiting for your hand to slip! [Chatting] Duyu Feifei: But I'm not going to accept you. So you want to abduct her? Too cheap for him!.