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Pouring the sky to entertain the queen

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    January 31, 2023 5:44 PM PST

    This is simply a big surprise for Yun Duoduo, where to care about the person who is about to offend is not a pure gold local tyrant, and where to care about what Hua Yunliang let her do in the end need to take much risk? Life is a gamble. As a small transparent person who has been buried for too long in the entertainment circle, Yunduoduo has a good appearance and certain strength. What he lacks is only an opportunity, and Hua Yunliang is this "opportunity". What's more, with Sister Lin protecting her, she felt that she really didn't have to be afraid. Now, Hua Yunliang is pulling Yun Duoduo to talk about how to approach Li Xian next. However, when he fooled Yun Duoduo, he was a little excited. Yun Duoduo was a clever girl. She argued with Hua Yunliang and wanted to go according to her own plan. So Hua Yunliang reached out and pulled her arm. Who knows, Ye Feifei came at this time and just saw this scene! Tragedy, capital tragedy! (Hands spread out, with a helpless look on his face..) In other words, when Ye Feifei was jealous, she was really cute. She came over angrily, staring at her beautiful eyes, pointing at Hua Yunliang's hand holding the cloud, and interrupted them angrily: "Mr. Hua Yunliang, the media hasn't gone far yet. You are here to pick up girls. Aren't you afraid of being caught by the paparazzi to send you to the headlines?!"! Could it be. Are you deliberately hyping and creating heat in our new drama?! Over there, Hua Yunliang and Yun Duoduo turned around at the sound and were stunned. This Ye Feifei still doesn't recognize Yun Duoduo, but Yun Duoduo knows Ye Feifei. They are the first sister of the boss of Sunshine, the female number one of "a Promise for a Thousand Years". Who in the Sunshine crew doesn't recognize her now?! Naturally, she didn't dare to touch Ye Feifei's nail. She looked at Hua Yunliang subconsciously. Hua Yunliang, who came to his senses, immediately whispered to her: "Yun Duoduo,inflatable amusement park, you go back first.." Cloud Duoduo smell speech, such as amnesty, hurriedly run away. However, also do not know Hua Yunliang this sentence which word "offended" Ye Feifei's nerve, she suddenly exploded hair, to the cloud Duoduo's back loudly way: "Cloud Duoduo, unexpectedly is a name so cute sister, Hua Yunliang, you can.." Thanks to Hua Yunliang's quick eyes and quick hands, he hugged the angry Ye Feifei in time,inflatable floating water park, otherwise, he would certainly have attracted others. Chapter 101 I am innocent and beg the Queen for my life (1). This is a big misunderstanding. The clouds are gone, but the atmosphere is awkward. Ye Feifei saw that she could not stop the clouds, so she had to turn around and stare at Hua Yunliang, who was hugging her, and his standard package was now again and again. It's online! (Cover your face and cry) But this is useless, Ye Feifei is still furious. There was a knife in her eyes, and her expression seemed to say again: You damn gigolo, dare to hook up with other girls behind my sister's back, and don't you quickly take your claws away from your sister's body?! Do you want to die?! But someone is still unconscious, still holding Ye Feifei did not let go, but the body continues to sink. Over there, Ye Feifei looked down at Hua Yunliang and asked arrogantly, "Little white face, since you don't let go, the queen will show mercy to you today!"! Braised, steamed, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,Jumping castle with slide, boiled, choose one! Visually, Hua Yunliang again and again. I'm going to kneel down for Ye Feifei. (Hands spread out, with a helpless look on his face..) "No, no, no," he said to himself with a suffocating look on his face. Can we not choose? I'm innocent. It's not what you think. Really, really.. I have nothing to do with that cloud, really nothing. Believe me, I took her hand by accident, and I'm really innocent. "Innocent?!" Ye Feifei Wen Yan, stare round eyes, "I have seen you holding the little girl's hand in no one's place whispering, you still tell me innocent?!"! You have to cuddle to get out of line, right?! Hua Yunliang, can you go too far? This is a studio, a public place, you flirt with girls here, even if you catch it, I dare not do anything to you, because it is possible to attract everyone at any time, you are sure that I can not afford to lose this person, so I dare to be so unscrupulous, you.. You, you, you.. It's really too cruel! Ye Feifei estimated that she was really angry and confused, so she would go further and further. Alas, the problem is that at the critical moment, Hua Yunliang's IQ is not on the line, which is quite embarrassing. If you can't coax the female ticket, it's really a white blind to his beautiful face. No No That's not what you said. I am absolutely devoted to you from beginning to end. I will never like any woman other than you, nor can I do such a thing as hooking up with a young girl. I can swear on my face, really! I could swear right now! Queen, you listen to my explanation first, you don't get so excited, don't get excited, calm down, calm down, Queen.. Draw the key point: Don't attract people! Ye Feifei was a little angry when she heard this. After all She is also a person with fans, and she can't afford to lose this person in the public area. Then we can only endure it for the time being. She lowered her voice slightly and said coldly, "Well, I'll give you a chance to explain. You let me go first!" Only then did Hua Yunliang let go. Ye Feifei took a deep breath and asked, "Hua Yunliang, I ask you, you are here.." What did you say secretly to that cloud? "This.." When Hua Yunliang heard this, his eyes suddenly floated up. Do you want to tell Ye Feifei. Oneself did not plan to shoot well "a promise millennium", just want to take this cover to trample Shu Jiaojiao to death, and is making death?! It seems that saying it is tantamount to seeking death, but if you don't say it, you are also seeking death. What to do? So urgent, wait online! Chapter 102 I am innocent and beg the Queen for my life (2). But when he can't go on, he has a last resort: to change the subject. He deliberately reached out to pick the bridge of his nose, close to Ye Feifei, and lowered his voice: "That.." Queen, look.. It's not safe here, or.. Let's talk about things in another place,Inflatable water park factory, shall we? However, Ye Feifei hates his smiling appearance most, because Ye Feifei knows that he is ready to entrap people again. It's all a routine.