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Her eyebrows are soft

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    January 31, 2023 5:44 PM PST

    Therefore, now his impression of the whole porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat is extremely low. Then there was a noise from the door. Aunt Zhang led Wentang down the stairs. Wentang was obviously embarrassed because he didn't know the rules. Even his pajamas were changed in a hurry. Hearing the two of them coming, Ni Botang, who was standing in the living room with a bow tie, was obviously warm in his old eyes. Ni Botang beckoned Wen Tang to take a seat: "Xiao Tang, you eat now.". I saved you a Chinese meal. I'm sure it's to your taste. When you're done, uncle will take you back to the apartment. The apartment here, of course, refers to the apartment where Wentang's mother, Wentang, is. Wen Tang nodded a little unnaturally, his cheeks were slightly red, and he sat down gently and cleverly. Then, her eyes glanced twice, and subconsciously looked at Ni Chao, who was 45 degrees to the left, and Shu Yao, who was sitting next to him with elegant posture and high etiquette. Her breakfast happened to be porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat with fried dough sticks and soup dumplings. Just now, she faintly heard the conversation between Ni Chao and Shu Yao on the stairs. In addition, she also learned that Ni Chao did not like to eat Western food, and gently pursed her lower lip. She took the initiative and nervously glanced at the distant Ni Chao, who had not even looked at her until now. Slightly nervous, Wen Tang took two bites of fried dough sticks, gazed at Ni Chao, and whispered, "Does brother Ni Chao not like Western-style food?"? I'll trade with you. I haven't touched the porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat here. A few people on the table, that is, a few of them, were all stunned. After all, I'm not familiar with it. Ni Kui's mind is quite heavy, natural imagination of yesterday's things, a little frown, light look is a little nervous,x52 line pipe, but full of easy-going clean girls. Ni Chao refused directly. At this time, he was disgusted with the porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat to the extreme and was not in the mood to eat it. Wentang's face turned pale in an instant, as if he had mustered up his courage and extinguished it in an instant, so embarrassed that he didn't even know where to put his eyes. Then he buried his head, put aside the porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat, and ate in silence. Ni Wei looked at her whole series of movements, saw the fundus, and smiled faintly. Then, want to see the little sister-in-law's reaction, the heart is a little nervous to mention, a sense of tension came, she quietly looked sideways. As a result, Shu Yao was lowering her head to drink porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat without raising her eyebrows. Ni Chao is also cutting bacon with his head down. The two men's movements and expressions were surprisingly consistent. Ni Wei looked up at Wen Tang, who was drinking milk. Thinking of what happened yesterday, when Ni Chao and his sister-in-law were both here, she simply opened her mouth and said with a faint smile, 316ti stainless steel ,uns s31803 sheet, "Does Xiao Tang like to drink milk?" Wen Tang did not expect that Ni Wei, who had always been cold, would take the initiative to talk to her. He was a little at a loss and nodded: "Well.". I like Ni Wei looked at her clearly, gazed at her and said, "My brother and sister-in-law don't like to drink milk, so I don't have to worry too much in the future." The meaning of the words is extremely euphemistic. But in the eyes of three people who are completely transparent, it is obvious that this is a very obvious and transparent dialogue. Wen Tang also a white face, she knew that it was unreasonable to do so, but she could not help, can not help but close to Ni Chao brother a little bit. I couldn't help but want to see it, so I went to give milk yesterday. She didn't even think she was at fault. Likes a person originally not to be wrong, this is only her wishful thinking pays silently. In addition, Ni Chao's brother and his wife had a bad relationship. Don't you. Marriage without love will not last long, she thought to herself. Uh Wen Tang did not have the courage to face the confrontation yesterday, lack of confidence, lightly intoned. As soon as she made the sound, her whole expression became ugly, her embarrassed ears and neck were red, there were still some reflective tears in her eyes, and her palms were slightly clenched at the bottom of the table. It can be said that he has lost face. She should have been more reserved. Ni Botang tied his tie, tidied up his cuffs a little, and went to the kitchen table. However, unexpectedly, when he came, he happened to see Wentang unhappy, with tears in his eyes and red behind his ears. Obviously bullied. He was so angry that he subconsciously turned his spearhead and anger to Ni Kui and said, "What's wrong with Xiaotang?"? Ni Wei, are you bullying your sister? People come to our house as guests. What's your attitude? Ni Kui said quietly, "Don't you know what my attitude has always been?" Ni Botang immediately raised his anger: "Your wings are very hard now!"! I don't think you are as sensible as Wentang when you are 25 years old! Early in the morning, besides you, who else provoked Xiaotang. Not as good as your brother, and not as obedient as Xiaotang, how did I give birth to you. Ni Chao dropped his chopsticks and said coldly, "Dad, is it appropriate for you to help your lover's daughter confront your own daughter?" The voice fell, Ni Botang was choked, unexpectedly could not find out to say for a while. After a while, because it was the satisfied son who was trying to dissuade her, he also knew that Ni Chao was protecting her every time, so he stared at her gently and did not continue. But Wen Tang's face suddenly turned white for more than a moment. She did not dare to ask Ni Chao in person, because she was worried that Ni Chao had a bad impression of her. Ni Botang thought that the power had fallen on Ni Chao, and his tone was even softer. He took the initiative to praise him, saying, "Well, don't say anything about her. Ni Chao, you have been very popular in the company recently, and the veterans have repeatedly praised you in front of me." Ni Chao sank his face impatiently and wiped his hands with a paper towel. "Xiaotang is a junior, and he is going to practice this summer. Do you think there is any assistant missing next to you?" Said Ni Botang. It means to put her in. After all, he himself is now in a semi-retired state. Ni Botang is naturally not playing the attitude of breaking up his son's marriage, Shu Yao's background and let him dare not move. He just wanted to try his best to arrange a competent position for Wen Tang. However, Ni Chao looked at Ni Botang coldly, "is her major secretarial science?" Ni Botang did not understand this and was stunned by the question. Embarrassed, Wen Tang answered nervously,x60 line pipe, "Brother Ni Chao, no, I studied Chinese language and literature." Ni Chao stood up lightly and straightened his clothes: "Oh." 。