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    As soon as he raised his hand, the three Lingbao immediately flew into Chu Tianming's eyebrows and disappeared. The system sounded again, prompting Chu Tianming, three Lingbao to recognize him as the main, Chu Tianming did not want to immediately agree to come down. Put away the three acquired Lingbao, Chu Tianming once again looked at Jinxiu Tianzun's eyes suddenly a lot of kindness, as for before Jinxiu Tianzun play their own things, Chu Tianming no longer care, after all, people are predecessors, and no malice, just for fun, with an old urchin general knowledge, Chutianming is not so stingy. Senior. Chu Tianming shouted. Squinting his eyes, Jinxiu Tianzun, who was resting, opened his eyes and glanced at him. "Have you finished?" He asked with a smile. Chu Tianming nodded, "the younger generation has finished reading it." "Yes." Jinxiu Tianzun stood up, put away his chair and said with a smile, "Now that we have finished reading, let's go!" The next moment, with a wave of his big hand, he took Chu Tianming directly to the hall before, but just now they were outside, and now they are inside. Chu Tianming looked at it curiously. The floor and walls were like mirrors. Only the ceiling was a starry sky pattern. Looking around, Chu Tianming found that not far from him, there was a crystal platform more than one meter high. There was a barrier on the platform. He didn't know what was inside. At this time,uns c68700, Jinxiu Tianzun nodded to Chu Tianming, and then lifted his feet toward the crystal platform, Chu Tianming hurriedly followed. Get up ~! Like Jinxiu Tianzun's big hand, the barrier on the crystal table in front of him suddenly gathered up and condensed into a small dot in the air. This is the core of the whole Heavenly Palace, here, you can control everything in the Heavenly Palace, of course, when you refine the beautiful crystal, you can use the crystal to control everything, but now! You'd better learn to use this first! As he spoke,uns c70600, Jinxiu Tianzun put his hand on the surface of a crystal ball in front of him and closed his eyes. After half a ring, Jinxiu Tianzun opened his eyes, turned his head to Chu Tianming and said, "You try it. Put your hand on it, and you can see the whole Jinxiu Heavenly Palace. What do you want to do? You can do it with one idea." Chu Tianming nodded, stepped to the front of the crystal table, and put his hand on the surface of the crystal ball. The next moment, Chu Tianming in front of the world suddenly changed, he found himself overlooking the perspective, looking at the whole beautiful palace, from the first floor, to the second floor, and then the third floor, Chu Tianming was surprised to find that the whole beautiful palace is far more than the six floors he had broken through, in addition to the six floors, there are countless kinds of beautiful palace, with various functions of space. Every space is incomparably huge, Chu Tianming even found that several spaces, uns s32750 sheet ,x70 line pipe, like Senluo Tian, have formed a complete world, in which all kinds of creatures live. Surprise, shock! After a good half ring, Chu Tianming came to his senses from this surprise. Consciousness withdrew from the crystal ball and Chu Tianming opened his eyes. Feel it? Jinxiu Tianzun stood aside and said with a smile. Mmm. Chu Tianming nodded, "it's amazing!"! Unexpectedly, there is so much space inside the Splendid Heavenly Palace that I can't count it! Splendid Tianzun nodded with a smile, then his face was straight and he said seriously, "Well, you have basically mastered the whole Splendid Heavenly Palace now, and my mission is completed. After a while, when you leave, I will return to the body. I don't know if the body is still alive. If the body is dead, then I will disappear. From now on, The beautiful Heavenly Palace will be run by you alone. Chu Tianming listened to the words of Jinxiu Tianzun and felt a burst of sadness in his heart. Splendid Tianzun seemed to see something, not by the old Huai comforted smile, "well, little doll you are also very in line with my taste, the old man before leaving, give you another gift, you take it well!" The next moment, Jinxiu Tianzun suddenly pointed out, a streamer suddenly disappeared into Chu Tianming's eyebrows. In an instant, Chu Tianming seemed to have experienced billions of years of reincarnation. He saw a lot, understood a lot, and understood a lot. The next moment, when he opened his eyes and looked again, he found that Jinxiu Tianzun had already disappeared. At this moment, a vague figure suddenly appeared in my mind, Chu Tianming fixed his eyes on it, and it was the beautiful Tianzun. Child, when you see this passage, I have returned to the noumenon, this beautiful heavenly palace, from now on rely on you to carry forward, you have seen before, a lot of space is idle, when I took over the beautiful heavenly palace, there is almost nothing in it, but after my billions of years of development, I will be able to do so. Has moved 987300 civilization into the Heavenly Palace, forming 987300 different civilization space, and the rest, there are many, if you want, you can see the civilization income, let them live in the beautiful Heavenly Palace. "Don't think I'm doing this just because of a momentary interest, but it's a big secret!" "A big secret?" Chu Tianming was startled and could not help listening attentively. As you know, this beautiful Heavenly Palace contains chaotic fragments, because in this way, the beautiful Heavenly Palace has a special ability, that is, to evolve the universe! Chu Tianming surprised to stare big eyes, this beautiful heavenly palace unexpectedly can evolve the universe, that is not to say, oneself can hopefully become a master of the universe in the future? Just when Chu Tianming was secretly surprised, Jinxiu Tianzun continued. There are 1198000000 vast worlds inside the Heavenly Palace, as long as 1198000000 vast worlds are injected into life, so that they can truly become a world,x56 line pipe, the beautiful Heavenly Palace may evolve into a real universe, a universe comparable to the original universe or even better than it! Chapter 651 leaving the goblin world (part 1). Thanks to the monthly ticket cast by the reader brother Lufeng Fatty, thank you! ......。