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Qing Palace — — Biography of Concubine Wan

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    January 31, 2023 5:43 PM PST

    Once the whole painting appeared, it immediately brightened people's eyes. There were not many things hidden before. There was only one person, standing under the plum tree, smiling at the plum. However, it was this person, this smile, that made the whole painting vivid. It can be said that the painting skills of the noble concubine were fully reflected in this person's body, and every smile was lifelike! Chapter 55 the Moon Lingyu Water (2). The face of the person in the painting is somewhat similar to that of Zhenfei, which should undoubtedly be her, after all, it is on her birthday, and most people think so in their hearts. But Zhen Fei's look is extremely unnatural, although the person in the painting is somewhat similar to her, but more is the shadow of another person, this is not only Zhen Fei, Fulin also saw, otherwise he would not be so fascinated to stare at the portrait! Concubine! Zhen Fei stared angrily at the concubine who was still smiling there, and anyone could see that she was doing it on purpose. Qingru also saw the mystery of the painting, but also understood why the concubine would fold up the painting, if the whole picture was displayed early in the morning, then Zhenfei would immediately put it away, not to let Fulin see it. But why did she go to so much trouble? Is it true, as she said,x52 line pipe, that she did not like Zhenfei, or even hated Zhenfei? At this time, Fulin had withdrawn his infatuated eyes and waved to people to put away the painting. He closed his eyes as if he dared not look again, but from his face, he could see that his heart was not calm. After the painting was put away, Zhen Fei invited the singers and dancers in advance to distract people's minds with singing and dancing. Qingru had no idea about singing and dancing. She turned her eyes to look at Fulin from time to time. Fulin seemed to be aware of her eyes, but never looked back. She just watched the performance intently. It was Yi Pin, a woman who was as cold as ice and seldom crossed paths with others,x70 line pipe, who looked at Qing Ru from time to time and then looked at Ke Gui Pin, who seemed to have some curiosity inside. The dancers stepped down after a few new dances, and then no one came in to perform. Fulin couldn't help wondering, "Concubine Zhen, is that all you have arranged this time?"? That's a lot less than the last Queen Qianqiu Festival! Concubine Zhen smiled and said mysteriously, "Of course it's more than that.". There is more wonderful, is specially arranged by my concubine, to give you a surprise to the emperor! "Is it?"? Then I really want to see it! Don't say Fulin. Even Qing Ru and other concubines are also a little curious, this song and dance is also good. Juggling is not something I haven't seen before. What else can be new. Just as he was thinking about it, a few sounds of lute suddenly came from outside, as light as silence. But it clearly appeared in the ears of the crowd. The lady listened attentively and said, "Hey, who is playing the lute outside?" Fulin also nodded and cast his eyes on Concubine Zhen. Concubine Zhen pursed her lips and said with a smile, "If the emperor wants to know who is playing, why don't we all go out and have a look?" Qingru listened in silence, she had already thought of it, 347 stainless steel ,x56 line pipe, I'm afraid this is what Zhenfei said about the surprise, she would like to see what this Zhenfei actually arranged. . Qi # Book network collection and collation. That Xiang Fulin had already agreed to Zhen Fei's words. Together with the queen, she stood up and walked out. When she passed Qingru, the queen stretched out her hand and pulled Qingru and said, "Sister, let's go and have a look." She was trying to help Qingru so that Fulin could notice her. But Fulin just looked at them lightly and strode out. Qingru was unspeakably disappointed, saying that the emperor was fickle and suspicious. Now it seems that it is not wrong at all. Fulin.. She really wanted to know what he was thinking! All the way with the direction of the music came to find, between the bend to the back of the Yikun Palace. The layout of Yikun Palace is somewhat similar to that of Chonghua Palace. There are pools and forests. The music comes from the edge of the pool. On the edge of the pool, a woman stands facing the water. She is dressed in a purple soft brocade gauze dress. The wind blows, the clothes fly, and the beads wrapped around her hair touch lightly. Fulin and others can only see a figure, can not see her appearance, but only a figure, it gives people an indescribable sense of beauty, as if at any time will ride the wind away, and roughly can be seen in her hands like holding a lute. This figure is so familiar, like. Moon Ling! Qingru frowned at the figure who was still some distance away from them, the more he looked at his back, the more he looked like him, and Yueling had never appeared, was it really her? In this way, the purpose of the play arranged by Zhenfei is to let Yueling. Just when everyone was thinking and guessing, the woman on the shore had a movement, not turning around, not looking back, but walking straight into the pool, floating in the wind of music, walking into the water of the back! Fulin looked surprised and was about to call her not to go forward, but Zhenfei stopped Fulin and gave him a reassuring smile! Qingru saw all this in her eyes, but her doubts were heavier, and so was the queen. She and Qingru looked at each other and saw the same puzzlement in each other's eyes. Qingru knows that people with strong flying skills can really walk in the water, just like Song Ling, but this is in the palace, will an ordinary woman have such martial arts? It seemed unlikely, but if not, why did she walk so far? Was she not afraid of falling into the water? Thoughts, doubts, and the shore woman's foot has stepped into the water, and actually stood firmly on the water, did not fall into the water, all the people watching except Zhenfei, all gasped, this is too incredible, how can anyone stand on the water? At this time the woman's other foot also left the shore, her whole person stood in the water, the world's fireworks all disappeared in the diffuse water vapor, she is like a fairy! Like a water fairy! Fulin walked over in a daze, his eyes never leaving the figure! As the woman stepped into the water step by step, Ning Fei suddenly pointed to the water at her feet and said in surprise, "What do you think that is?" They looked in the direction of her finger and saw tiny lotus flowers floating on the surface of the water. These lotus flowers were not there just now. When they looked carefully,x60 line pipe, they found that every step the woman took, a white lotus flower would appear under her feet. The lotus flower that only existed in the legend appeared here, and the lotus flower appeared in the water.