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Heroes of Buried Sword

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    January 31, 2023 5:43 PM PST

    The eight doors refer to Xiumen, Shengmen, Shangmen, Dumen, Jingmen, Daren, Jingmen and Kaimen. The "Eight Golden Locks Array" is a directional technique called "Qimen Dun Jia" which is used to make astrology more convenient. At that time, Cao Ren of the State of Wei used this formation against Liu Bei of the State of Shu, which was seen through by Xu Shu, Liu Bei's military adviser at that time. Later, Zhuge Liang improved the use of "Qimen Dun Jia" and compiled a complete "Eight Arrays". Jianping explained one by one. Yan Nantian and Long Zhaoyang looked at each other and listened. Whoa! On weekdays, you love to see these strange things, but I didn't think it was really useful! Long Zhaoyang looked at Jianping in surprise. What about the one on the right? Yan Nantian asked again. Jian Ping glanced at Yan Nantian and then at Long Zhaoyang. Then he explained, "Xiahou Jian Jue." "This Xiahou Jian Jue, legend is also in the Three Kingdoms period, Cao's account has a fierce general, named Xiahou En, the force is amazing, his duty is to give Cao a'green steel sword '." But on one occasion, when he fought with the general of the Kingdom of Shu in Dangyang, he was killed by the general of the Kingdom of Shu, Zhao Zilong,316l stainless steel pipe, and the Green Steel Sword was also taken away. From then on, Cao lost the Green Steel Sword. Xiahou?, the elder brother of Xiahou En, was Cao's powerful general. Seeing that Cao was depressed after losing the Green Steel Sword, he spent ten years casting the "Heavenly Sword". He also practiced with more than ten famous Wei generals, such as Xu Chu, Cao Ren, Zhang Liao and Xu Huang,a333 grade 6 pipe, day and night, and created the "Heavenly Sword" to Cao. Cao liked the sword very much after he got it, especially appreciated the "Heavenly Swordsmanship", in order to show the reward to Xiahou? And the generals. Cao brandished his pen and named this swordsmanship Xiahou Jian Jue. Jianping said the old story in one breath. Yan Nantian naturally did not know about these, but listened in silence. Long Zhaoyang turned and asked, "But..". As far as I know. ... This Cao is a fierce hero in the area. 。 "What was so subtle about this swordplay that he could admire it?" Jianping wiped his sweat and explained one by one. The subtlety lies in the fact that this sword move was created by more than a dozen battle-hardened generals. Among them, "Xu Chu" is called "Tiger Chi", whose strength is amazing, and the weapon he uses is a long sword. And "coss" and "Zhang Liao" two people are known as Cao's most reassuring generals. On weekdays, they can defend one side alone. Both of them use long swords. They are also the main creators of Xiahou Sword Tips. Because they integrate the experience of fighting into the sword moves, they are seamless in defense. "One of the five good generals of Xu Huang.". Use a big axe Its force is also amazing. "And" Xiahou? "Is said to be under the Cao account after" Dian Wei "and" Xu Chu "after the first master, once an eye was shot by a cold arrow will still slay the enemy. Its weapon is a spear. The power is no problem. Jian Ping sighed and continued, "This set of swordsmanship combines the offensive and defensive strategies of more than a dozen battle-hardened generals.". It is also a combination of long sword, long sword, big axe, uns s32760 plate ,321 stainless steel sheet, long spear, and more than ten kinds of weapon changes. "But..". All these were lost with the advent of the Jin Dynasty. I didn't expect to appear in Dali. Yan Nantian, Long Zhaoyang, two people are surprised after hearing, one is to these two kinds of stunts, the other is to Jianping this boy's talent and learning. You are amazing! Jian Ping! Long Zhaoyang came forward and hugged Jianping. Yan Nantian was startled by this move. Ahem! It means don't ignore my existence. How decent are two big men? Why don't we learn all these things! I can't get out anyway. All three of them agreed and began to learn. This time, it was Jianping's turn to be in the limelight. Yan and Long, two people, did not learn as fast as she did. They always learned according to her appearance. Not a long time of kung fu, three people will have, that "eight array map" remember. By the time they learned Xiahou Jian Jue together, the three of them began to look for it. They had to find a stick or a bamboo pole to replace the long sword. At this time, they all saw the box. They didn't have to guess that it was the Heavenly Sword. The three of them opened the box at the same time. Long Zhaoyang had seen a lot of sharp blades since he was a child, but he was shocked by the "Heavenly Sword" in front of him. In this dark place, he had been buried for hundreds of years, but the Heavenly Sword was still so outstanding, emitting light, a silvery white showing fashion and nobility. But for this kind of thing, Jianping is not too concerned, naturally retreated to one side to rest. Yan Nantian is also very emotional to this sword, that kind of light, let him hard to resist, let him want to refuse to meet. The quick-sighted Long Zhaoyang, secretly white-eyed Yan Nantian, hurriedly reached out to get, such a treasure, he did not want to fall into the hands of others, but at the moment, if he started to grab, he also knew that he was no match for this bull, so he had to look at his attitude first. Seeing that Yan Nantian and Mi wanted to grab it, he was relieved to hold the inviolable sword in a big way, but he couldn't lift it. Eh! Eh! Hey! "I mentioned it for a long time, but I couldn't move it." Jianping, come and help! Braving beads of sweat, hurriedly called Jianping. The two men worked together, but they could not lift the sword. Bottom of my heart, forget it! It seems that this treasure doesn't belong to me. I can't take it anyway. It's better to do a favor and let the bull take it. Maybe when he's happy, he'll probably take us out together. Pretending to be generous to let Yan Nantian come to take it, he rested aside. This Yan Nantian, see that the two men can not lift the sword, it seems that the sword is some weight, in order not to lose face, Yan Nantian secretly carry a bit of internal force. Seeing that Yan Nan easily took out the sword every day, Long Zhaoyang sighed with regret. But forget it, there are many such treasures in Chang'an. Under the leadership of Jianping, the three of them began to learn Xiahou's swordplay. To say that this "Xiahou Jian Jue" is exquisite, both defensive, can be regarded as a unique learning,316 stainless steel plate, but since it has its subtlety, naturally there are its defects. Because the content that contain is too wide, need to understand first "knife.". Guns . Stick . Awesome . "Etc.". It is really difficult to fuse these dozens of weapons on the sword.