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Meng Rui (Nu Zun)

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    January 31, 2023 5:42 PM PST

    "Don't be so arrogant, little girl." The host is not general, although the pain is still strong, the ethereal and the blue sword move each other, suddenly the host sword tip a pick, the dance just took the ethereal to reach, who knows that the host false shake a move, threw the blue sword, stretched out his left hand, just clapped on the right shoulder of the dance, the dance felt hot and hot, a clever, almost threw the misty out, "little girl, soldiers are not tired of cheating." The host looked proudly at the blue flame rising from his shoulder, but Yan Wu sneered, "It's a small mistake. What's worth mentioning?" Then the left hand congeals the smoke, the smoke turns into fog, the fog turns into water, throws upward, throws on the right shoulder, the water splashes in all directions, immediately extinguishes its flame, heals its wound. Water energy? The host was stunned at first, and then his eyes shone brilliantly. "Baby, it's really a baby," he said. "How many kinds of abilities do you have in your body?" As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and tried to touch Yan Wu. "If I had you, what would be the use of my Lord?"? Are you and I still afraid that we can't devour this great river and mountain in the future? Yan Wu knew that her hysteria was breaking out again, so she wanted to take this opportunity to stab her to death with a sword. But she stepped back and said, "Tut, tut, I've changed my mind. Ha ha ha. I don't want you to get hurt, and I don't want you to die. You just feel at ease to be my doll. Come on." Yan Wu trembled in the heart, do you want a wheel war? "Come on, where are the people? Where are they?" The owner of the house was braving flames all over her body, and she was looking for people everywhere. The place where she had stepped on the ground was already showing black scorch marks, but she had been shouting for a long time, but no one had been seen. Yan Wu was also puzzled, but suddenly a wounded man came to the door, covered with blood, panting: "Master, the event is not good." Host rebukes angrily: "Where is the person?" "The master ordered his subordinates to get Xiang Nu back, but Lord Leng killed several people on the spot with an ice pick. As a result,small geared motors, the two sides confronted each other, and suddenly many people defected. Now I'm afraid there's only one subordinate left." At this point, the man spat a red lotus, sprayed it on the ground, slipped down the door frame, and did not move again. Yan Wu did not expect things to develop like this, but he did not make any other plans and reached out to stab. The owner seemed to reflect at this time, almost dodged a sword, but still opened a cut in the chest, blood just flowed out, was burned into blood smoke by the flame, "all gone?" The host murmured, then held the palm of his hand and tried desperately to drive, "Why, why can't you stop?" Fire dance see her face has some scorched, some can't bear, step back a few steps, still can smell the stink of burning, "good, good, Hunan slave, you should use drugs to harm me you" the owner as if he knew he would die, 12v High Torque Motor ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, suddenly attack fire dance, want to hold her to perish together, fire dance has been ready, want to drive water can hold up in front of protection, still can't move, suddenly fly into a thousand pieces of gardenia outside the window, Nailing the owner back a few steps, Yan Wu saw that the time had come, pulled up the misty, while it had not yet stood firm, a sword pierced the heart. Ah, I won't let you go. Even if I die, I will drag you to hell. "You are a thief who murdered his master because of a man." The strange voice of the owner is getting smaller and smaller. Yanwu stands at the window, watching her slowly burn from a living person to a coke, and finally go with the wind. The pungent odor fills the whole house. Yanwu whispers a piece of gardenia, smiles warmly, and then turns into smoke and goes away. The red light on the horizon gradually rises, all the darkness is forced to the corner, but I have given up, still waiting for the arrival of the night. Tianshui is in the middle "Ah Luo ha ah slave ah" on a mess, clothes casually scattered on the ground, and some have turned into fragments, a man with scars all over his body was pressed in the corner, with tears and emotional groans, hard to straighten his waist just to please the people on his body, "Xiang brother Xiang brother" Leng Luo touched the man under his body, kept calling, "Enluo" Xiang slave sweetly shouted, causing more. So he pressed his shoulder, lifted his buttocks high, and then sat down fiercely. After a few rounds, Xiang Nu's eyes were empty and he was completely immersed in pleasure. "Ah, hurry up and play with Nu. Nu can't stand it." After a while, Leng Luo came down from Xiang Nu, cleaned up his body, and lay gently beside him. "Luo" Xiang Nu called her shyly, "What's wrong? Does the wound hurt? Leng Luo touched his wound and said, "No, it's just that the slave wants to say something. I don't know if Luo believes the slave." "You said," Leng Luo pulled up the quilt on his body a little higher. "The slave didn't have that thing, and he didn't poison the owner." Xiang Nu seemed a little aggrieved. Leng Luo touched his head and said, "I believe it." "En?" "I said I believed it, because Ying Shui and Shi Qing disappeared yesterday, and how many people I sent, I couldn't find any trace." Leng Luo's voice was cold and angry. "You mean?" Xiang Nu looked at his lover, "Meng Yanwu I will not let you go," Leng Luo pulled up the corner of the quilt and said mercilessly. Border town In a small courtyard, there was a man who was making tea. His fingers were slightly warped, and he was carrying a pot to draw water. A green cup was pleasing to the eye. Suddenly, a child rushed in and said coquettishly, "Master, master, you're right. That man escaped her again." "Oh? How did it turn out? The man picked up the cup, held up another boy lying next to him with the other hand, carefully drank some tea for him, and then stroked the water marks on his lips with his fingers, which made the boy's cheeks red. The householder died, and I heard that Leng Luo had also turned against her adulterer. The boy who came in was not satisfied with his master's attention on others. He grabbed the unfinished cup and drank it down. "You child, be careful to burn it." The man chuckled and wiped his lips with a veil. "Then I'll see her again soon. What gift do you think I should give?" The little boy understood. He nodded and said, "I understand. I'm going to get ready." Then, without waiting for orders, he ran out, leaving the man with an unknown smile and continuing to make tea. Cherish the imperial city "Master." Dressed in white and floating in the wind, she had long hair, no hair accessories, only a plum head made of ruby, a pendant in the shape of a red drop below, and a hairpin inlaid on white jade. Although exquisite, it was incompatible with the luxurious palace. "How about it?" The cold voice in this empty hall,Small Geared Motors, particularly clear, "back to the master, the man escaped safely again." "Is it?" The voice could not tell whether it was joy or anger.