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The struggle of ordinary citizens

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    January 31, 2023 5:41 PM PST

    However, we have reached the end of our tether, we can do nothing, when the good life is gradually far away from us, when the desire for good and the rich life is far away from us, those of us who have enjoyed prosperity and happiness can not help asking who can save China? In the old days of the Republic of China, almost overnight, all the newspapers were asking the people such a question. It seemed that China was really at the end of its tether overnight. People looked at the newspapers and looked at their rooms. Can not help but recall that once people excited, excited, stable and rich era, is the good days really over? How to survive and where is the way out? The Chinese people with a blank face look around, that beautiful era seems to exist only in their memory, what happened to China! When will the good life come back to them? Who can save China? When almost all of China's newspapers published the editorial, which was signed "At the end of my tether,micro gear motor," only one newspaper did not publish the article. The Northwest Times, one of the three most influential newspapers in China, unexpectedly kept silent and published a photo, a full-page photo, on its front page. People are familiar with that photo,Brushless Gear Motor, which is the back of the man who turned away. Next to this photo, there is a picture of the original Constitution of the Republic of China displayed in the National Archives. The Northwest Times seems to be using this photo to remind people what to look at and what to pay attention to. When the reporters of the newspaper occasionally looked up at the editor-in-chief's office, most of them had some different colors on their faces. This time, the "Northwest Times" can be regarded as a different language, the country is in trouble to think of a good prime minister, the family is poor to think of a good wife. The reason why all the newspapers will publish that article is that they are worried about the current situation. Who can save China? When this question was raised in the article. People naturally think of a person, but the Northwest Times has gone in the opposite direction. It is impossible for us to change people's minds. Now more than ever, the people want him to stand up and lead them out of the current predicament as he did in the past, except that he can give the people such confidence. Zhou Shuren, leaning on the sand, Micro Gear Motor ,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, frowned slightly as he spoke, perhaps not against his will, but not because he wanted to see the result. Pretty good! The people need him! Industry and commerce need him more! Even the government needs him! But what about our Constitution? What about the dignity of the Republic? What about our pursuit? We Shao Zhenqing looked quite excited. So that when he spoke, his fingers holding the cigarette trembled a little. Wang Xianbin interrupted the editor-in-chief without thinking. As an old reporter who has worked in the newspaper for ten years, it is hard for Wang Xianbin to understand Shao's vigilance against him. Others are always Republicans. It seems that only Mr. Shao is a potential dictator. Constitution? Editor-in-chief, which clause in our constitution stipulates that the prime minister can only serve two terms? Is there any provision that prohibits others from being re-elected? Even in the United States, there are two presidents who seek to be re-elected. Why not in China? Why is this linked to the dignity of the Constitution in China? Hearing Wang Xianbin's words, Liu Runfeng nodded and put out the cigarette butt in the ashtray. Yes! The dignity of the Constitution. At that time, he chose to retire in order to safeguard the Constitution. The reason why he did so was to establish a brand new political tradition for China. Now that this political tradition has been established, even if he is re-elected, can he not participate in it? Sir, when he took over the country, the country was torn apart. Caught on the brink of civil war, he left behind a country with rising international status, unprecedented industrial economy and people living and working in peace and contentment, but now? Our industry has retreated to four, and Yang's cabinet has proved that they are helpless in dealing with this crisis. At this time, what we need is a leader who can lead the country to revitalize again! After the four people received the draft yesterday afternoon, they began to argue incessantly. The result of the argument was to use two photos as the front page. One was the back of the gentleman's departure, and the other was the original constitution. But don't forget the conspiracy behind this. Although there were voices in the newspapers that wanted him to come back long before he met with the consortia, why did such voices come after he met with the consortia. Maybe he made a deal with the consortium. To some extent, Shao Zhenqing may feel that he is a conspiracy theorist, just as he suspected when he quit politics that this was just a step for him to retreat. Stop lay-offs and keep wages up, if that's a deal! Zhou Shuren lit a cigarette. Said what he thought. Personally, I think maybe sir and money.. The Dan deal is here. Two days ago, the consortia from all over the country declared after the well that they had any plans to lay off employees and reduce salaries. Even companies such as Northwest Chemical and Zhongqi have raised their salaries, while some companies have restored their salaries to the level of the old year and the old month, which shows that there must be insider trading! Maybe the price of the deal is Mr. Wang's comeback! This is evidenced by the postponement of the Baath Party's Party Congress. What is the reason for the Baath Party to postpone its party Congress in an election year. Zhou Shuren's deep eyes showed a little worry. Piaoping and I have a different view. Mr. Wang's comeback is not terrible. What is terrible is what direction China will develop in the future. This is probably the most worrying thing we should worry about. If Mr. Wang returns, it will undoubtedly give confidence to the majority of the people, which is exactly what we need now. But when we put power in Mr. Wang's hands again, what choices will he make. He took a deep breath of his cigarette. Zhou Shuren's worried eyes showed his worries about the future. China in the future? If we can't get through this, will there be China in the future? Wang Xianbin's tone was tinged with despair. Silence! The four people in the editor-in-chief's office quietly never said a word,Vending Machine Motor, and the other three all knew that Wang Xianbin was not alarmist. It's about telling a truth. Industry is the foundation of China, and now even this foundation has been shaken, the country may also be stable.