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    January 31, 2023 5:41 PM PST

    When Liu Yueshuang saw that her godmother seemed a little angry, she hurriedly said good words for Han Feng: "Godmother, what my uncle said is right.". The wind elder brother's performance in the school is very good, in the elite military training, he also took the'elite medal '! By the way, last time the teacher of their college published a paper in the Science Journal of Nature, the teacher also signed his name, saying that Brother Feng had made a lot of efforts. Han De could not help but be moved when he heard the news. As far as he knew, Han Feng had just turned to a new major. How could he have done this so soon? He looked at Yang Cheng with suspicious eyes, trying to find the answer from him. When Yang Cheng saw him looking over, he shrugged helplessly: "It's true, so I said this boy is very ordinary!"! I would also like to tell you a piece of good news. Hua Lao has now officially accepted Xiaofeng as a closed disciple. He has been staying in Beijing for a long time for Xiaofeng. "Hua Lao?" Hande asked, moved again. Miraculous doctor Hua Tiansheng? "Yes," sighed Yang Cheng. Seeing his brother-in-law like this now, Yang Cheng laughed in his heart. His son couldn't understand it either. He always looked like an old God and had no temper. When it came to his son, it depends on whether you care about him or not. Although Xiaofeng has only been here for a few months, he has done a lot of things. If he really wants to talk about it, he will not be able to say it for a while. Ask him again when you have time. "What house is he in?" Yang Zhiqiu is now only concerned about the safety of Han Feng,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, regardless of other things. "Almost there," said Yang Cheng. It's the one in the middle over there. Several people came to Han Feng's residence, the door was locked. I rang the doorbell for a while, but it didn't ring. It didn't seem to be here. Yang Cheng said, "I have the key here. Let's go in and have a look." In two days and two nights, Han Feng has finished encapsulating the control function of the "hardware abstraction layer", which is the result of the expected preparation and encapsulation that he has already spent a lot of time before. If temporary encapsulation is performed. This time is certainly not enough. After that,Gear Reduction Motor, he was actually able to exercise some simple control over his body. For example, you can also control your own body by sending function instructions directly to this layer. However, because the instructions are more complicated. There are still a lot of nerve pulses involved, so it takes a lot of time to control them. Every time you want to do something, you have to brew it before you can do it, and it takes a lot of effort. Han Feng has already written the first real kernel of the super system, and what he has to do now is to install the kernel on the "hardware abstraction layer". Because this is the first kernel version, the development time is also more urgent, this kernel compilation principle, or according to the rule from simple to complex. For the time being, Hanfeng designs it as a single-threaded structure, that is, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,gear reduction motor, only one executive program is allowed to run in the kernel at a time, and will not be interrupted by the scheduler to run other tasks, which is called "non-preemptive". According to Han Feng's processing, he treats the nerve pulse signal in the body as a single processor, so the advantage of this is that it is relatively simple, there are no concurrent tasks in the kernel, thus avoiding many complex synchronization problems. Of course, this "non-preemptive" kernel also has a very prominent disadvantage, that is, it is likely to delay the response speed of the system, and the new task must wait for the current task to get the chance to run after the kernel execution program is launched. Han Feng is also very clear that there are hidden dangers in this shortcoming, but if we want to achieve "non-preemption", the complexity of the kernel will be greatly increased, which is not within his consideration for the time being, but only the goal of upgrading in the future. After all, the "nerve center" CPU is actually quite powerful, and Hanfeng can use "pseudo multithreading" to solve this problem to some extent through a specially optimized scheduling algorithm. Its principle is also very simple. It divides the execution time of each thread into more than N time slices, and each thread executes "cross" in units of time slices. In this way, from the macro point of view, it seems that several threads are running at the same time, while from the micro point of view, only one thread is running at each time. This kernel takes a "modular" approach to device drivers and file systems, that is, it can be dynamically loaded when needed and dynamically unloaded when not needed. Some control drivers necessary for the body, such as the control drivers for some major organs and parts, are pre-compiled into the kernel by Han Feng. These drivers cannot be uninstalled at will, while some extended functions for body parts, such as increasing the frequency range that the ear can hear, are made into "dynamic modules" that can be loaded and unloaded dynamically. Although there are still many functions in the kernel that have not been completed, Hanfeng has left them an expandable position for future upgrades. For example, Hanfeng has even left a "network management" function interface. He is looking forward to when his super system can be connected to the real Internet to achieve Internet access. After all, this is theoretically feasible. Of course, as for how to carry out couplets with the Internet, Han Feng has not yet thought of an effective way. In addition, Han Feng also implemented a very high precision timer (timer) in the kernel, reaching the millisecond level. This thing is like the pulse of the super system, the more accurate the better, and it can not be interrupted. It must continue to work normally. To put it bluntly, this is the life counter of the super system, which is the time working benchmark of the whole system. The execution of all instruction sequences is strictly ordered according to this time. In order to realize the "hardware" basis of the timer, Han Feng also spent a lot of thought,brushless gear motor, and finally found a very stable nerve pulse generation circulation pathway. It was not until this time that Hanfeng's super system really reached the level of computer accuracy. After installing the kernel, Hanfeng again installed some commonly used applications into the super system, including a command line control interface and a graphical desktop application.