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Worm tide of the end of the world

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    January 31, 2023 5:40 PM PST

    Ziegfeld's body exudes a red smell, which is terrible and a manifestation of spiritual cohesion. When the mental body is out of control, it will turn red, which is the manifestation of the mental body out of control, and when the mental force turns red, it represents that a person will lose control. Anger must be followed by madness, and Ziegfeld had such a sign at this time that he was about to go crazy. "Burning in anger," Ziegfeld roared, and the next moment he brandished his sword at Gu Yue. Gu Yue immediately stepped back, holding the burial halberd in one hand. His method of holding the burial halberd was very unique. He held it in the middle and put it under his armpit at the back. "Death a thorn," the ancient moon low drink, instantly stabbed out of the burial halberd, this time the rain Ziegfeld's sword hit together, immediately the surrounding trees were lifted by the air waves. Ziegfeld roared again and was about to raise his sword to the ancient moon, but was interrupted by an arrow. "Who are you?" A voice with little emotional fluctuation sounded, very tender, but also with a trace of innocence. Gu Yue looked over and saw a black straight girl standing not far away, holding a bow and arrow in her hand, wearing the witch's clothes of the shrine. If Liu Lang is here, I'm afraid he will shout loudly immediately. It seems that in the Japanese otaku world, witches have suffered a lot of YY times. It can be seen that there are witches in many animation works, because witches are so popular. White jacket, red skirt, that beautiful appearance, enough to cause a wolf howl. Of course,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, the little witch in front of us is very beautiful, and her body radiates with pure light. She is obviously an innocent young girl. "I am a tourist here, was attacked by him, I have absolutely no malice, just in self-defense." Gu Yue put himself on the side of justice in a few words, but he is a partner of justice, how can it be unreasonable? At that time, he saw that what he hated most was some of the protagonists, who could say things clearly in a few words. They had to wait for a long time,24v Gear Motor, and finally they were treated as villains. It took a lot of trouble to clarify the misunderstanding. It was totally uncomfortable. How can there be such a stupid idiot in the world? "Roll," Ziegfeld looked at the witch coldly, then spit out a word, like a nail, the voice is cold and merciless, how to look like a villain. Sure enough, the witch immediately raised the bow in her hand, pulled the string on the bow, an arrow on the bow, and the arrow was aimed at Ziegfeld. Gu Yue also looked at Ziegfeld at the same time, guarding against Ziegfeld's attack on the witch like a small white flower. "If you don't go, then stay." Ziegfeld really burst out and pounced on the witch in an instant. The little waist of the witch always felt that the little waist was a little awkward to use here. Illusion, illusion. The ancient moon appeared on the witch's side in an instant, and the burial halberd also hit out, blocking Ziegfeld's attack. "In addition to the magic arrow," the witch gently shouted, and then shot the arrow in her hand. At this time, the distance between the witch and Ziegfeld was less than two meters, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,Planetary Gear Motor, and the arrow shot at Ziegfeld's facade in an instant. With a loud roar, Ziegfeld's forehead collided with the arrow, and the arrow exploded layer by layer, and countless powder fell. "Little Niangpi, you want to die," Ziegfeld shouted angrily, and the sword attacked the witch again. Gu Yue blocked the attack again and said at the same time, "Girl, you go first." He has said very euphemistically, the witch sister here is simply in the way, but always want him to involve Ziegfeld, otherwise the witch sister is likely to be killed in an instant. But the words changed in the witch sister's ears. What a righteous man, such a terrible villain. He wanted to face it alone and worry about her safety. He was really an honest and kind man. So she added the idea of fighting side by side with Gu Yue. She said, "Sir, you are a good man, but I am not afraid to fight against evil forces, and I have already called the police." With tears streaming down her face, Gu Yue turned out to be a Tigress. Ziegfeld heard the police, but it was a slight pause, and then broke into a fierce attack. Originally, Gu Yue was skillful and contented, but now, tragically, in order to protect the Tigress witch, he can only constantly deal with Ziegfeld, not to let him successfully attack the Tigress witch. And Tigress witch's arrow is really very accurate, but unfortunately the eyesight seems not very good, didn't she find that her attack was ineffective? The arrows fell on Ziegfeld and did not cause any damage to him at all. Instead, the arrows burst heavily and were finally destroyed. That's what the egg hit the stone. "Die for me," Ziegfeld suddenly took a step back, then missed the ancient moon and rushed to the witch. Although the witch's attack had little effect on him, it was annoying enough, like a fly constantly circling around his body. "Be careful," Gu Yue immediately shouted. The witch was also shocked, just now she could rest assured that the attack was blocked by the ancient moon, but she could actually feel the terror of Ziegfeld, who was a devil in human form, and whose power was more terrible than the magic arrow. Such an opponent, if usual, she can only run away, but with Gu Yue blocking her, she can still let go of the attack. Although the attack may not be really effective, but the island people have a kind of fluke mentality that likes to do useless work, constantly attacking that there may be a miracle in the end. But now, if nothing else, she couldn't avoid the blow. You're a dead man, Yadie. Gu Yue was very fast at this time, but Ziegfeld was very fast. The sword was only one millimeter away from the witch's forehead. At this moment, he showed a ferocious smile, like a football player's touchdown. Puff Suddenly the knife fell into the flesh, but there was no sound of cutting off the bone. Ziegfeld was stunned and saw Gu Yue's back. The ancient moon unexpectedly blocked in front of the witch at the last moment, and blocked the fatal blow for the witch with her body. "Too bad," Gu Yue grinned, but the witch covered her mouth. Ziegfeld's sword still stayed on the top of the witch's head, but failed to fall. In fact,Small Dc Gear Motor, it was accurate to say that Gu Yue appeared to push up with his body, so now Ziegfeld's sword was a little higher than just now. The witch then let out a scream, a classic one.