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Flirting with God

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    January 31, 2023 5:40 PM PST

    "I still don't want to think of the inhuman pain when the spirit poison broke out. If it hadn't been for Sion, maybe I really wanted to die and be happy at that time." With these words, she turned her head and gave a warm smile to Siang. Lord Tianwu did not smile, but his eyes were particularly touching. Zuo Qiuhang, who was in the crowd, heard her narration and almost suffocated with heartache. He could not imagine that such a resolute and courageous person, in the face of the attack of the spirit poison, had also sought death, which showed how terrible the spirit poison was. But this terrible thing was planted on her by himself through his hands. Zuo Qiuhang closed his eyes to hide the pain in his eyes. …… My memory is sealed by the spirit map of God, and I will never think of the past in my life, I know. Hear "God level spirit map", the crowd sent out a burst of uproar, this legendary God level spirit map, unexpectedly someone willing to use to harm people? "I often wonder who did this to me."? What enmity does the other side have with me? If I am really the Lord of the White Tiger Order of the Terran Clan, who can easily harm me so much? It must be that I trust people close to me so much that I can take advantage of it and let me be defenseless. "Stop it!" Chi Mu suddenly cried out. She stared angrily and cried bitterly, "Chi!"! You've had enough! I hurt you like this, I did not expect you to become like this can survive, this time, I lost. Chi glanced at her lightly, and the look on his face disappeared. Now that the goal has been achieved, they will no longer expose their scars. But Chi Mu was not reconciled. She cried out resentfully, "Why are we both women surnamed Chi, but I can only be a follower,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, while you are the superior young lady of the clan?"? You say you love me, but do you know what kind of life I lived at home? What did those people do to me in private? Assassinations, torture, shutting down wells, never seeing the light of day.. Because of you, they never treat me as a person, use me to attack you, just to find out your weakness,water filling machine, pull you down to the position of the Lord. I hate it so much. Why did you bring me back to Zongjia? Even if my stepmother had killed me, it would have been better than to suffer such inhuman pain at home, which is really not a place for people to stay, that place, that place-ah, ah, ah- Her voice was shrill, echoing the sudden explosion of thunder on the horizon. They were startled by her cry, and wanted to hear how the clan treated her again, but they didn't know that the cry echoed the thunder, and then there was a shrill cry, which scared them half to death again. Ghost Clan- Needless to say, they also saw the rolling miasma under the dark clouds on the horizon, which was the unique breath of the ghost clan, a kind of uncomfortable breath. Feng Tianjian was already ready, but when they saw the ghosts over there, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,juice filling machine, they still gasped. Under the dark sky, countless ghosts appeared. With a ferocious face and a black appearance, the air was filled with a disgusting smell. Feng Tianjian jumped to a high place and turned a heavy sword across his chest. His voice was thick and penetrated the whole Qingxi Stream. "Attention, everyone. Open the ancient array and close the mouth of the valley!" "Yes!" The defenders of Qingxijian answered in unison. The ordinary people who had come out to watch the scene of bustle found that Taniguchi's big array was about to close and ran back one after another, leaving only the Sword Master and Lingtu Master outside. As capable people, the ghosts are duty-bound. Chi Mu was still laughing crazily, and his voice was shrill. "The ghost king will come out, and what will happen to the human race?"? Terran He Xing? Terran- Late disrelish her to be noisy, directly to her day spirit cover pats a spirit picture. Chi Mu's voice suddenly stopped and he fell down softly. Xuanwu and Qinglong had long been impatient with Chi Mu's exposure of the clan's situation. When they saw Chi's crisp and neat way of making her dizzy, they all breathed a sigh of relief. Only the rosefinch flew into a rage again. "How can you.." Chi threw Chi Mu over. The rosefinch subconsciously hugged and lowered his head to see Chi Mu's face, which was still ferocious although he was unconscious, with a somewhat complicated look. By this time the ghost clan had arrived. Chi once again crossed his sword in his chest and flew up with a clear voice. "Would you like to kill the ghost clan with me?" Others looked at her smartly shuttling through the ghost clan, one sword, one ghost head, body speed like the wind, where she passed, invincible, can not help but be dazzled, only feel a sense of pride in the heart, even if the road ahead is uncertain, still fearless. They all drank together and fought with her into the ghost clan. Seeing this, Feng Tianjian's eyes were full of splendor. Only Shui Yuehua and Tianqing, who had been traveling with Chi for several months, looked dull at this time and found that this person was quite able to inspire people's hearts and arouse people's fighting spirit. Obviously, she was a slender and bright woman, but she did not lose the pride of a man. Her strong strength made people yearn for her and follow her unconsciously. Although she is quite different from the Lord of the White Tiger Order in her memory, she makes people more and more intimate, and respect rises in her heart. There are so many strong people in the world, but not everyone can be respected by other strong people. The ghost clan came with a vengeance, and in an instant the front of the Qingxi Valley turned into a Shura battlefield. Ghosts are constantly becoming dead souls under the sword, and human beings are also constantly dying. Sorcery clans gather together to save people with sorcery power. Sorcery stands at the top, separates a space with a boundary, and moves the injured to the boundary. He stretched out his hand, and a starlight suddenly fell from the dark sky. The ghosts under the starlight suddenly exploded and scattered into flesh and blood. As far as his star power can reach, it is his realm, no one can escape, no ghost can live. In the past, the land of Qingxijian, like the Peach Blossom Spring, was polluted by ghost blood, scorched earth, without any green. In front of the mouth of Qingxi Valley, a group of people stood in front of the big array and watched nervously. As the ghosts gradually decreased, the nervous mood of the people slowly relaxed. Although this time the ghost clan is menacing, and the number is very large, but they have the imperial swordsman, the four masters of the clan, and the great sorcerer of the sorcery clan, it is not a fierce battle, Qingxijian can be protected. Sure enough,water bottling line, the number of ghosts is getting smaller and smaller under the joint efforts of all the people. Chi stood on the mountain of ghost corpses and turned to look around. Suddenly, a cry sounded. Careful When she turned her head, she saw Zuo Qiuhang holding the sword and rushing at her nervously.