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Journey to the West: Starting from Zero

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    January 31, 2023 5:40 PM PST

    How many times, when the three clans rewarded the Kunlun Mountains. It was the eldest brother, Taishang, who stepped forward for him and the original disaster. Although the three brothers did not have much cultivation and family property, they still supported each other and stayed up to Zixiao Palace to listen to the Tao. Now the three brothers have become saints, but the relationship is also estranged. The second elder brother originally laid a black hand on his disciples for the sake of a little illusory luck. The eldest brother, in order to transcend the vast world, went to the Taishang to forget love. With the body in line with the road, now there is no brotherhood for his third brother! "What would it be like now if there hadn't been those three Hongmeng Ziqi?" There was a flicker of doubt in the heart of the sage, and I couldn't help thinking of the calf demon who didn't want his brother's life and was determined to abandon the Tao for his little demon. Even the mellow heart of the sage, who had cultivated the Tao for thousands of years, could not help but raise a trace of envy! After a stick of incense. There was a flash of clear light on the cloud bed at the top of Zixiao Palace. An old Taoist priest appeared on the cloud bed with a copybook of the Supreme Sage. He raised his eyelids with an expressionless face and looked at all the saints and quasi-saints below. Disciple, see the Master. May the Master live a long life! (See Hongjun Sage. The sage lives forever.) "In a flash, all the saints and would-be saints fell to their knees and raised their heads to chant." Get up. Hongjun Taoist opened his mouth lightly. When the saints rise. The Taoist Hongjun went on to say, "Call you and others here today, just because there is a gap in the way of heaven.". The four great worlds attack at the same time, triggering the destruction of the world! Call you to wait. Form a coalition to fight against the four great worlds. The extinction of the world in the population of Hongjun Road, of course, will not be such a trivial matter as changing the geomantic omen and changing one side of heaven and earth! The catastrophe in his mouth is the collapse of the world,Edible oil filling machine, the collapse of heaven, the disappearance of the road, and the real extinction of the world! The news immediately exploded in the Zixiao Palace, and the sages were both happy and worried. For example, the two sages of Buddhism were worried when they saw the cooked duck fly away. For example, the sorcerer and the Styx River, who lingered on under the general trend of Buddhism,liquid bottle filling machine, were overjoyed! Zhunti had devoted tens of millions of years of painstaking efforts to Buddhism, but he was naturally unwilling to accept the result. He stepped forward and said, "I would also like to ask you, teacher, what should I do about the great development of Buddhism?" The Hongjun Taoist drooped his eyelids and said lightly, "After the catastrophe, we'll continue." Just as the Taoist Zhunti was asking again, the Master of the Tongtian Sect stepped forward and said, "The destruction of the world is coming. The children's teachings should be done in their hearts. So the list of gods should be revoked and many true spirits on the list should be released!" Hongjun Taoist raised his head and took a look at the sage of heaven. His eyes kept flashing through the mysterious track of heaven. The next moment, Hongjun's mouth faintly spit out a word: "accurate!" The sage's words followed the Dharma, and the next moment, the Deification List hanging in the Yuxu Palace in the Kunlun Mountains immediately broke up silently, and countless true spirits flew out of it! The next moment, heaven and earth are full of free laughter! Zhunti Sage's face changed greatly, PET blow moulding machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, and the sad color of the sage's face was even worse. Primitive Tianzun's face also changed slightly. Only Taishang Sage and Nu Wa Sage had no expression on their faces! The expressions on the faces of other would-be saints in Zixiao Palace are also mixed! But this did not affect the mood of the sage, only to see him throw his sleeve, also regardless of the presence of Hongjun Taoist, laughing, this smile washed away the accumulated depression in his heart for thousands of years! "Ha ha ha, this religious leader has really received a good disciple!" When there is a gap in the way of heaven, it is natural that the great prosperity of Buddhism is disturbed by Lei Hao! "For the formation of a coalition, we will discuss it by ourselves. However, this is an extraordinary period. The three realms and all their small worlds should stop fighting. Violators will die!" Hongjun Taoist, regardless of the laughter of the sage, said calmly. Although there was not the slightest murderous look in the mouth of the Hongjun Taoist, all the sages and quasi-sages in the Zixiao Palace had a sense of awe in their hearts. They bent down and said in unison, "We have received the decree!" Immediately, Hongjun Taoist's figure slowly disappeared on the cloud bed. After the Hongjun Taoist left, the saints in the Zixiao Palace did not disperse. At this time, it was time to divide the interests. The sage turned his head and looked at Zhunti and said with a sneer, "In the battle to seal the gods, you cross over to my three thousand disciples. Teacher Hongjun has intervened. I have nothing to say."! Now, the world is about to be destroyed, and please send the three thousand disciples of the religious leader back as you can! Otherwise How interesting With the last two sneers, a cold murderous look whistled in the Zixiao Palace! What a saint! Hongjun Taoist has just issued a decree forbidding internal strife, and the sage of heaven has directly threatened in the Zixiao Palace! "Through the sky, you." The Sage Zhunti was angry at once. Just as he was about to speak, he was stopped by the Sage Jieyin. With a sad face, the Sage Jieyin said to the Master of the Tongtian Sect, "What Elder Martial Brother Tongtian said is that the poor monk will immediately send three thousand people from the world of mortals to the meeting!" "Just now the Master said that we should form a coalition of the three realms to fight against foreign enemies. How should we divide them at this time?" The primitive sage spoke slowly. This saint is cold under the door, this saint is an army of its own! The Supreme Sage opened his mouth and said flatly. Then he walked slowly outside the Zixiao Palace. Ten thousand immortals under the master of this religion form an army of their own! The sage to heaven went on! After a pause, the sage of Tongtian turned to the Zixiao Palace with his hands on his back and shouted, "I am Tongtian, the sage of Hun yuan. Now the ten thousand immortals of Jiejiao are free. Jiejiao, stand again!" The re-establishment of Jiejiao is to fight against the four great worlds, merit and the three great worlds, the recognition of the Great Way, and the endless golden light of merit! Eighty percent of the golden light of merit falls directly on the head of the sage! Ten percent of the golden light of merit fell on the heads of the immortals of Jiejiao. Ten percent of the golden light of merit fell into the head of Lei Hao, who had become a demon. The road three thousand, although the repair demon is only harmful to others, but still belongs to the road three thousand, so, Lei Hao can still get the golden light of merit! Chapter 173 kill the Great Thunder Temple. At this time, Lei Hao is constantly breaking open the space, rapidly flying towards Lingshan! He naturally heard the voice of the sage, although there were some doubts in his heart, but he did not think so much,water filling machine, Jiejiao stand or not, and he has a relationship, but the relationship is not that big! Only then did he ring a thought from his throat: "Revenge!".