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Can hide for a while (extra chapter)

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    January 31, 2023 5:40 PM PST

    Su Rong became nervous and knew that he was too hard. "Xing Zhan, let me go home." Xing Zhan frowned more and more. "I'll be back in a day." Xing Zhan did not expect her to make such a promise, staring into her eyes, as if judging the degree of truth in her words. Several people also did not eat, holding their breath to see the reaction of Xing Zhan. OK. I'll take you back. Xing Zhan compromised and turned to look at Meng Jinglan coldly. "Prepare the plane." Pulled Su Rong out. Meng Jinglan put down his chopsticks and muttered discontentedly, "This young couple are so noisy that they don't even let people eat well." Gu Liangyu smiled and leaned back in his chair. "Go early and come back early." They were the only two passengers on the plane. Su Rong had a hangover and a headache because she was drunk yesterday. As soon as she got on the plane, she fell asleep against her seat. More than two hours later, the plane landed at the airport. Su Rong, here we are. Xing Zhan pushed Su Rong, and she rubbed her eyes as if she were not fully awake. I'll take a taxi back by myself, so you don't have to send me. Su Rong did not get on the car that had already been arranged, bypassed Xing Zhan, and went directly to the place where he took a taxi. Holding back his anger, Xing Zhan said, "Don't forget to go back tomorrow." With a perfunctory grace, Su Rong got into the car and sped away at a speed comparable to running for his life. Su Rong heart is a little empty,water bottle packaging machine, go up along the corridor, the door of the house is open, inside came the voice of father and stepmother quarreling. It's not what I said. It's what Mr. Zhao of the math group upstairs met me on the stairs today and told me. It's the mean voice of the stepmother. They are talking nonsense. Maomao has been obedient since childhood. How can he be kept by others? The father seemed very angry and his tone was very excited. Who knows. What Su Rong learns is acting, those who learn this are originally disorderly, want to become a star, it is normal to lean on a rich man. The stepmother became more and more acerbic. You shut up,Beverage packing machine, you are Maomao's mother, how can you say such a thing! If you hadn't been drunk yesterday, Maomao would have run out! Father's voice trembled with anger. Dad. Su Rong ran into the house a few steps. Nothing happened. Didn't you come back well? The stepmother glared at Su Rong, crossed her hands, and sat on the sofa. It was rare for Su Rong to see his stepmother sober. Why did Maomao come back today? Your teacher called me and said that you would take part in your school's performance and come back in a few days. Father Su was surprised and delighted to see Su Rong come back. Who knows if it's a performance or something else. The stepmother glanced at her. You can't say less! Su Fu is also angry to a few o'clock, the brain is dizzy, fortunately Su Rong holds. Someone said you were kept at school. I was just arguing with your father. You said it yourself. The stepmother sneered and made Su Rong's heart churn. Maomao, don't talk to her. Have you eaten? Dad will give you a hot meal. Su's father smiled at Su Rong and planned to prepare food for Su Rong. Leave me alone? Make it clear and see if I've wronged her! The stepmother stood up and pointed at Su Rong and shouted. Who said that? What evidence is there?! Su Rong is angry, Yan Jiajia! "Listen to them say that there are pictures, that you are still a man …" Tut, Su Rong, is your college all like this? The stepmother laughed more and more proudly. That's my boyfriend! Su Rong really has no way, juice filling machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, can only explain the relationship between the two people, although she promised Xing Zhan, but she does not want to let others know. Boyfriend? Jiang Han's mother, Principal Chen, said that you were dating Jiang Han. Where did you get a boyfriend? The stepmother was aggressive. We broke up. Su Rong hung his head and really didn't want to be entangled any more. You can't say less! Father Su scolded the stepmother, who raised her head and crossed her waist. "Your daughter has done something wrong outside. What are you shouting at me?" Where is the elegant and lofty appearance of more than ten years ago? Dad, don't argue. I'm going back to school. Su Rong went into the house to pack up. As soon as I turned on my cell phone, a phone call came in. Su Rong was surprised. It was Jiang Mu. Maomao, is it convenient now? Aunt has something to do with you. Jiang Mu has been a headmaster for many years, and her voice is quite dignified. It's available. Su Rong answered in a dull voice. Let's meet in the coffee shop next to the school, shall we? In fact, Jiang Mu is not asking at all. Okay, I'll be right there. "Dad, I'm going back to school. You should pay attention to your health. Mom is like this. There's really no way for you to let her go." Su Rong had no strength, and she almost saved all her strength to deal with Jiang Mu later. "Maomao, take good care of yourself outside. Call Dad if you have anything. Don't take your mother's words to heart." Father Su was a little reluctant. I know, Dad, you have to believe me! Don't listen to them. Su Rong had no choice but to lie to her father. She didn't want him to be sad. Of course Dad believes you. My Maomao is the most obedient daughter in the world. Dad smiled proudly. Su Rong couldn't help hugging his father. Su Rong walked into the coffee shop with her luggage, but Jiang Mu had not come yet. People who have been leaders for a long time always have the habit of waiting for others. About twenty minutes later, Su Rong asked for a second cup of coffee, and Jiang Mu pushed the door and entered. Su Rong waved to her, Jiang Mu dressed appropriately, a professional skirt, very elegant. Maomao, why are you back to school so soon? There is something in Jiang Mu's words. I'm going to graduate soon, and I have some things to do at school, so I'll go back first. Su Rong is under cover. Xiaohan came back drunk today and heard Jiajia say that you broke up with Xiaohan? Jiang Mu came straight to the point. Yes, aunt. Su Rong paused and nodded. In fact, I don't want Xiaohan to be with you. I have been a neighbor for so many years. Xiaohan's father and I know the situation of your family very well. If Xiaohan is with you, it will only have a bad effect on our family. Jiang's mother was so straightforward and even sarcastic that she made Su Rong very uncomfortable, but after all, she was an elder and could not argue about anything. Besides, I got some pictures these days, which shocked me. Jiang Mu took out an envelope from her red bag and pushed it in front of Su Rong. "Look." Su Rong opened the envelope, which was still a picture of her and Xing Zhan, hugging and kissing, very intimate. Jiajia said you were at school.. Being kept by the boss of a company,PET blowing machine, I didn't believe it at first, but.. Jiang Mu took a sip of coffee and continued methodically, "Now I have to believe it." 。