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    January 31, 2023 5:39 PM PST

    It's flowing down. Chen Yinglian and Juling were startled by Shen Peiyun's cry. When they looked at Shen Peiyun, Shen Peiyun offered a flying column and controlled the flying column to attack Chen Yinglian and Juling. Stunned, Chen Yinglian and Juling hurriedly let go of Shen Peiyun. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Shen Peiyun also flew to the past, she knew that she would go to his side, she knew that she could not watch the party so killed by Liu Xizhuo. Ao Fang brother "Gu Changting at this time also found the situation of Ao Fang, a knife Shen Shibing forced open, and then immediately flew to do the past.". Things just happened in a short moment, Shen Peiyun and Gu Changting are flying to Ao Fang. Liu Xizhuo knew that he could not kill Fang in this way, just when he wanted to dismember Fang by waving his flying sword. Flow "subconsciously.". Ao Fang encouraged all the remaining forces to throw a punch at Liu Xizhuo. Liu Xizhuo at the moment only know to kill Ao Fang to vent the hatred of the heart, there is also the control of doing square is to attack with a fist or with a fairy attack, in Liu Xizhuo's view, the fist of the true may have a fatal lethality to mortals, but it is meaningless to Xiuzhen, because no matter how much strength you have, the attack can not be compared with Feichuang. So Liu Xizhuo did not have any resistance. And the distance is so close, the speed of Ao Fang's punch is so fast that Liu Xizhuo has no time to resist. This makes the crystal Han good net exclusive basket about, comes by the same Hui Shan dark load, the excerpt, more newest quickest Gu Jie please visit four …! Circle of good Ming Dynasty era online games zone "Gan Chu.". Old "Day Four …" "A long and narrow space crack shot out of Ao Fang's fist in an instant, and Liu Xizhuo was shot by the space crack without even reacting." "Liu Xizhuo screamed, the whole person was hit by the space crack addiction to fly back out, from the chest below was cut in half." "Ao Fang also screamed, spat a big mouthful of blood again, the whole person feebly fell back,ultrasonic handheld welder, straight down, although consciousness is still there, but his energy has been exhausted.". And with such a serious injury, he had no way to fly. Liu Xizhuo has been seriously injured at the moment, the whole person was cut in half by the space crack when he has no ability to continue to attack Aofang, and inserted in the chest of Aofang Feilie also automatically returned to Liu Xizhuo's body, but Aofang body and more than a wound. Ao Fang fell faster and faster, and was about to fall to the ground. At this time, Shen Peiyun, who had broken away from Chen Yinglian, came to Ao Fang and hugged him. They just fell to the ground. No, you don't. "Ao Fang's eyes were closed tightly, ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, his face was bloodless, and he looked dying. Shen Peiyun looked at Fang's face, and tears gushed out crazily like spring water.". Writing a book is as old as ten thousand books. Writing a book, "You don't want it." Not "do Fang brother" Gu Changting saw Ao Fang was Liu Xizhuo a hit through, hurriedly flew over, saw Ao Fang attack Liu Xizhuo cut in half, followed by his own fall. He was about to fly over to catch Aofang, who knows there is a woman in front of him, he did not know who the woman is, the woman holding Aofang fell to the ground and cried, should be to know the square. Ao Fang brother "Gu Changting hurried to the side of Ao Fang, released the divine consciousness in the body of Ao Fang, found that Ao Fang did not die, but suffered a very serious injury, now only one breath.". Gu Changting stood up angrily and looked up. Liu Xizhuo was recovering his body and shouted, "I want to kill him." As soon as the voice fell, Gu Changting flew to Liu Xizhuo. See Gu Changting kill to come over. Liu Xizhuo was frightened that he was not necessarily Gu Changting's opponent if he was not injured. Now he is seriously injured, and it seems that he will die here. Just when Yoo Hee-joo was desperate. Shen Jiaobing, who had just been forced away by Gu Changting, rushed over and blocked Gu Changting, who was about to kill Liu Xizhuo. No. Please, please. Shen Peiyun sat on the ground with a painful look. Her heart was almost broken. At the moment, she even forgot that she was a realist. She forgot to find out whether Ao Fang was still alive. She was heartbroken. She only hoped that Ao Fang could live safe and sound. In this way, Shen Peiyun hugged Ao Fang and cried loudly, letting Ao Fang's blood dye his rosy clothes, tears falling drop by drop, dripping on Ao Fang's pale face. Seemed to hear the call of Shen Peiyun, lying in the arms of Shen Peiyun Ao Fang opened his eyes with difficulty. When he opened his eyes, the face that he had missed so many nights appeared in front of him. And it's so tight. "Ya," Ao Fang gave a cry with difficulty. Hear the voice of Ao Fang. Shen Peiyun immediately looked at Ao Fang's face as if he had been electrocuted. I saw Ao Fang looking at me. Tears flowed down again, Shen Peiyun wanted to say something, but he just couldn't say it, so he could only hold Fang tightly and cry there. As soon as the book was written, it was so old that the "elegant" Ao Fang called out again. Yes, I am Yayi, I am Ya. "Shen Peiyun is holding Ao Fang.". At the moment, she was so excited that she didn't know what she was talking about. She only knew that she couldn't leave Aofang. Ao Fang wanted to reach out to touch Shen Peiyun's face, but he could not lift his hand halfway, and Shen Peiyun understood. He grabbed Ao Fang's hand and took the initiative to lean his face over. Yayi, I finally saw you. "" Aofang's wound is not fatal, but he is very weak now. Every time he speaks,ultrasonic cutting machine, it will affect his wound. But when he sees Shen Peiyun, Aofang seems to have completely forgotten his wound. He only has Shen Peiyun in his eyes. Only Zhang Yayi wants to read books and go to Quka Gonglian to read books. " Well, Shen Peiyun is not in tears.