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    Hualou red card is not everyone can be, although the age of picking willow is not big, only fifteen years old, but it is the cabinet master month childe personally trained out, used to observe words and expressions, of course, see their benefactor to that Hou Fu Shi Nu have interest, smiled and said: "I don't know what happened to this Shi Nu, drunk here is not a day or two, no one's brand." Just drink by yourself! Han took an appreciative look at Pai Liu and ordered, "I'll go down and have a drink with her, and have someone serve a jar of the best wine in your cabinet." Picking willow's eyes were shining and he said softly, "There are two jars of the best carmine in the pavilion. The owner of the pavilion specially sent someone to Yangzhou to purchase it. It is said that it is the best carmine. Only ten jars are shipped every month, but the price is not cheap. A small jar costs twenty taels of gold." Han didn't think so. "If you have this kind of wine," he said casually, "what are you talking about? It's just a few dozen taels of gold. Just ask someone to bring it." She had taken over the Han family business for three years, and she was no longer the coward who had swallowed her pride for her father. Now who in the capital didn't know that Miss Sun, the head of the Han family, was the most forthright, but who could look down on her again. Picking willow smiled and called the boy and ordered him to fetch the carmine. Downstairs,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, Chu Zheng still kept his original posture and drank by himself. The waiter who accosted him was not in a good condition. With tears in his eyes, he lowered his head and covered his face and ran away. It seemed that he had been slapped unceremoniously, which caused a burst of laughter from the people around him. Han Yao is no stranger to Chu Zheng, her second sister Han Yao and Chu Zheng are classmates of Wenda Academy, originally more frequent contacts. Later, when Han Yao framed Kong Zhi, there were fewer contacts. Han Yao was sent out of the capital to his grandmother's old subordinates,ultrasonic generator driver, and now he has been promoted to join the army. Just thinking about it, the boy had already sent the wine over, and the packaging was a very delicate fine porcelain jar. Han took it and weighed it with his hand. It was estimated that he could not exceed two catties, thinking about how his winery could not brew such good wine. Thinking of this, she could not help secretly despising herself. She was the daughter of an aristocratic family. She could take care of business and be good at dancing, but she could not become a genuine businessman. His arrogant uncle is not because of public appearance, lost the identity of the family childe, just lost the position of the king, only by the emperor pointed to a side of the king? Aristocratic daughters can be greedy for money and profit, but they can't forget their identity after all, so they lose more than they gain. Chu Zheng is bowing his head and drinking stuffy wine. There are several empty jars on the table. It seems that she has drunk a lot tonight. Han Tiao carried the wine jar and walked over. When Chu Zheng saw someone coming over, his face was full of impatience. He looked up and wanted to have an attack. Seeing that it was Han Yao's sister, he was a little surprised. "It's Han Yao," he said politely. If two people on the theory, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic molten metal, also count cousin, Han yuan small on Chu Zheng generation. Han yuan saw that although Chu Zheng was saying hello in his mouth, there was no welcoming look on his face. He smiled and sat down. Qufu, the west courtyard of the old house of the Kong family. After Kong Liangli left, Ren pulled Kong Zhi and began to ask about the reason for her inexplicable disappearance. Kong Zhi didn't want his father to worry. He didn't say anything about the tragedy that happened in the Confucian Mansion. He just said briefly that he had a sudden illness and was saved. Because it was a cold disease, he had been treated in the extreme south for several years. The traffic there is inconvenient, so there is no letter to send. Ren Shi looked at Kong Zhi for a long time and stared at her in a panic. Just as she was thinking about whether to confess or not, Ren Shi sighed and said, "Zhi'er, you have suffered a lot!" The CF Kong Zhi Text Chapter 50 Former Enmity Chapter Words: 4598 Updated: 08-02-09 16:21 In the middle of the night, the courtyard seemed strangely silent, as if everything in the world was listening. Ren drank the medicine, which helped him sleep, and fell asleep. Kong Zhi walked out of the house and stood under the pomegranate tree in the yard, leaning against the trunk, waiting for the gull boat to come out after changing clothes. From time to time, there was a slight rustling sound from the treetops overhead. When the autumn wind blew, Kong Zhi felt the chill on his face and reached out to touch it. I don't know when he was in tears. Aren't you lucky? The saddest thing in the world is that "the tree wants to be quiet, but the wind will not stop; the son wants to be raised, but the parents will not wait"! The first person I saw when I opened my eyes in this world was Ren Shi, who originally regarded him as a responsibility, but unconsciously he was really dependent on him. Can't help smiling bitterly, is this the plot of the nestling in the legend? Just thinking about it, the gull boat had changed into dark clothes and came out with a cloak in his hand. Kong Zhi wiped away his tears and looked at the gull boat with a smile on his face. Ou Zhou did not understand what she was giggling about, but felt that she was in a good mood and tied her cloak in her hand. The rooms on both sides of the courtyard were the residence of the attendants. The two of them did not want to wake up the crowd. They did not speak and jumped all the way out of the Confucian Mansion. In the street, Ou Zhoufang asked about Ya Zhou, just now Kong Zhi only mentioned that Ya Zhou was ill, and did not elaborate. Kong Zhi frowned and said, "The situation is not very good. Besides taking'Forgetful Chuan ', I'm still sucking poppy cream!" Is this how the evil alliance controls the two men? Think of two people dull eyes and hands quick killing action, she is very heartache, if not by her involvement, two people will not suffer so much. Asked Lin Ziyu about "forgetting Sichuan", he was not very clear. Seeing that Kong Zhi's face was full of guilt, Ou Zhou reached out his hand to touch her head and comforted her: "Don't worry, it will get better!" Kong Zhi raised his head and asked a little strangely, "Why is the gull boat always so steady? It seems to be bigger than Zhi." When Ou Zhou heard this, he felt a little amused. Obviously, he was four years older than her. Mademoiselle used to be better in front of people, but she was always old and like a little adult in front of them. Now that everyone has grown up, Mademoiselle is still like a child. Think of here, the heart is touched, more than three years, the body is not long,ultrasonic extraction cbd, is also in what a mess of poison? He stopped laughing and grabbed Kong Zhi's wrist. Standing in the open street, he began to examine her pulse carefully. Kong Zhi saw the intention of the gull boat and was very considerate. There were still people in the world who cared about their own life and death. He said with a smile, "Don't worry. It's just a little injury. It's nothing serious. It's just a few years of lethargy." 。