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Tianshi of the ten directions

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    January 31, 2023 5:39 PM PST

    Thunder moves for nine days! Yes, a new generation of Xuanyuan! It is indeed a new generation of Xuanyuan! Ghost seven screamed, his face was full of incredible horror, "God!"! This is only three months, this boy before the practice, has not been through the five elements of wood to temper the body, soul, how can it be so fast! The ghost sea was also surprised, looking at Ji Changkong and murmuring: "It's too fast. It's really too fast. This generation of Xuanyuan seems to be more powerful than the previous generations!" Boom! Boom! The sound of the earth-shaking explosion came from over there. It seemed that Ji Changkong was not skilled enough to control the thunder in the sky. Suddenly, the thunder in the sky around the Chamber of Secrets was in a mess. Several of them collided with each other. Suddenly, the minefield was in a mess. A nearby area was like the end of the world. There were fierce thunderstorms everywhere. Several stone buildings, tens of meters high, shook violently under the thunder explosion. One of them was hit by more than a dozen stone buildings, which could not withstand such a violent thunder explosion attack, and collapsed. Three young people of the ghost clan inside escaped from the towel with a face of confusion. A monkey-shaped sky minefield, with a misty blue light, was formed in that area. At a glance, it looked like a halo of stars in the sky, and like a huge blue halo,ultrasonic spray nozzle, a fist-sized blue sky thunder, which originally followed some wonderful track rolling on the blue halo. But now, the direction of the thunder rolling on the blue halo is out of order. They collided with each other, which caused a large-scale thunder explosion, which made the Guigu vibrate like a big earthquake. What's going on? Suddenly there was an earthquake! "Sky Thunder, this is the sky thunder formed by nine days of thunder!"! What's going on here? "That man, that man got it out!"! The Xuanyuan of the Ji family,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, really, really can display the profound meaning of the thunderous nine days to this point? My God, it's really awesome. I thought the legend about Xuanyuan in the Ghost Sect was nonsense. This boy only has the cultivation of the Five Elements of Heaven, so he can use the Thunder Nine Days to make such a big noise. If he cultivates the Eight Diagrams of Heaven and the Nine Palaces of Heaven, what else can he do? “………” Those ghosts who came out of the stone were looking at Ji Changkong and talking about it one after another. Looking at their appearance, they were extremely curious about Ji Changkong. Bang, bang, bang! Boom! The huge roar continued, and all the thunder in the minefield seemed to explode. The stone building where Ji Changkong was collapsed, and the secret room where he practiced was full of stones flying everywhere. This stone building was completely destroyed by him. With a head of stone chips and his eyes closed, Ji Changkong sat cross-legged in the middle of the flying stones, unconsciously changing his secret skills with his hands according to special gestures, and the five elements of wood on his body floated out and gathered in the middle of the sky minefield beside him. Zong Gui, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic cutting machine, if it goes on like this, all the stone buildings nearby will be destroyed by him. Although this boy is very talented, he is too disorderly. Here he uses the master of the nine days of thunder who is not completely skilled. I'll stop him! Gui Laoliu suggested. Shut up! Ghost sea four uncle ghost Rong cold hum, a pair of eyes shining, old face wrinkles are still shaking unceasingly, "he is in a critical moment, this time no one is allowed to come forward to disturb, even if the ghost valley is destroyed!"! Wait for him to wake up! "Yes, we must wait for him to wake up from this state!" The ghost sea nodded, suddenly stretched out his hand to make a movement, indicating that all the people of the ghost clan were far away, leaving a large area for Ji Changkong to toss about there. Eh! How could it be the third brother in the sky? What is he doing? Duan Xiaoshan came from a distance with a group of children. Behind her, there were two smiling girls, Duan Xiaoqi and Duan Lingyue. The three little girls liked this group of innocent and lovely children very much. During this period, they had been telling stories about the outside world for that group of children, which was deeply loved by those children. The old man of Guizong saw that the three little girls were not threatening, and he came with Ji Changkong. In addition, he loved his children so much that he was very friendly to the three little girls. Even Guizong Laoqi, who had not paid much attention to them before, would take the initiative to say hello to them now. He is practicing a secret skill, but he has not mastered it completely. Now is the critical time. Don't disturb him. As soon as Ghost Seven saw the three little girls coming, he hurried up to meet them. He was afraid that the three little girls were not clear about the situation, so he interrupted Ji Changkong's practice. "Ah, what a secret move!" Duan Xiaoqi was very surprised, the earth-shaking explosion was heard all the time, and the whole Guigu seemed to be destroyed. Obviously, this kind of power should not be possessed by a person of the five elements. Duan Xiaoshan and Duan Lingyue were also very curious and opened their eyes wide to see what was going on. Had it not been for Duan Xiaoqi and Duan Xiaoshan, the three little girls, who had a close relationship with Guizong recently, Ghost Seven would definitely not have allowed the three little girls to stay here. However, now the Ghost Sea has not expressed anything, and Ghost Seven will naturally not be the villain, but he will never mention anything about the ten days of thunder. Outside Guigu, a group of fierce ghosts were drifting deeper into the dark mountains. In the middle of the group of fierce ghosts stood a fat old man with dirty wrists. The old man's body was blue and cold, without any temperature all over his body. His dark blue eyes were cold to the bone, without any human feelings. Without looking at his body, just look at his dark blue eyes, which have no feelings, and the fierce ghost eyes beside him are not much different at all, but a little more ferocious. The fat old man was heading deeper into the dark mountains, but suddenly he noticed an explosive force of thunder that made him palpitate. They were most afraid of the power of thunder, and the fierce ghosts beside him. They are all shivering,ultrasonic dispersion machine, and even the aftermath of the thunder will make them tremble. Whoo. Whoo, whoo, whoo.