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    January 31, 2023 5:39 PM PST

    As for Lei Dong, although his reputation is not yet evident among the top powers in the six domains and nine continents, when he stands on his back with a god-level puppet, no one can underestimate him any more. Elder Hades, Elder Evil Phoenix, thank you for coming to help after receiving the letter. Lei Dong made a respectful salute with a very sincere attitude. In fact, the heart is indeed very grateful. The speed of receiving his letters is very fast. Moreover, although it is a junction, it is still in the sphere of influence of purgatory, which can be said to be a great risk. The ghost emperor's white hair fluttered on his shoulders, and he still had an unfathomable feeling. His indifferent eyes caught a glimpse of the deified puppet behind Lei Dong, and it didn't fluctuate too much. He took his time and said, "Lei Dong, your letter says you want to make a fair deal with the old devil in purgatory. Invite me to be a witness.". Tell me honestly, did this old devil of purgatory threaten you with force? So you have to trade against your will? If so, I will stand up for you. 800 novel network The evil phoenix also glanced at the demon king of purgatory with a bad face and solemnly said, "Yes, you don't have to be afraid now. I have assembled an army of five thousand phoenixes at the border. As long as I give the order, I can send them to occupy this canyon.". If this old demon dares to coerce you, even if it is a war, I will not agree. Purgatory demon king face a change,ultrasonic welding transducer, although early expected thunder and ghost emperor and evil phoenix relationship is not shallow, but did not expect, the two can actually for this boy and not hesitate to war with purgatory domain? This is purgatory demon king does not want to see, now his greatest wish is to quickly get the flame spirit, as soon as possible to practice magic, dominate the purgatory domain. His face changed slightly, but he laughed heartily: "The old ghost of the nether world, and the evil phoenix girl,ultrasonic dispersion machine, is it in your eyes that my old devil's face is so worthless?"? Besides, since you have a close relationship with the thunder boy, of course, you should know how powerful and cunning the thunder boy is? Even if I wanted to coerce, I couldn't. The most important thing is that this boy is doing business without capital. What he robbed is something that belongs to my old devil. Now I want to spend money to buy it back. Don't be so unrelenting. In the end, with a bitter look on his face, the devil of purgatory can also act cute. Evil phoenix slightly nervous face slightly loose, recall and thunder move this boy's experience all the way, think carefully, but also really is not a loss of the Lord, the devil's words are believed in 78%, did not have a good stare at thunder move one eye, dark feel this guy is promising, even purgatory old devil things dare to rob, more promising is, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, can force the old devil no way, And buy it back through trading. The ghost emperor was also surprised to see the thunder move one eye, dark thought this boy can really cause trouble, grab things to grab the old devil up. You can see the latest chapter or Chapter six hundred and ten red flame dragon cannon (Keep in mind Please keep in mind Chapter six hundred and ten red flame dragon cannon However, to the surprise of the ghost emperor, Lei Dong actually got a god-level puppet and stepped into the ranks of the peak strong. Although the ghost emperor has always been very optimistic about the thunder, but it is unexpected that he stepped into the ranks of the peak, unexpectedly so fast. It's no wonder that even the old devil in purgatory is afraid of him. To this, Lei Dong's face was slightly excited, and he saluted the two: "Thank you for your concern. The older generation of the devil did not embarrass the younger generation in the content of the transaction. The content of the transaction negotiated by the two sides was also negotiated in a friendly atmosphere." Evil phoenix is not too surprised about this, after all, she knows the means of thunder. The so-called friendly negotiation and fair trade must be based on the similar strength of both sides. Otherwise, there will only be clauses full of all kinds of humiliation. Now the thunder, there is no need to lie, that is to say, his strength, really has reached the point where even the devil of purgatory can do nothing. Purgatory demon king Wen Yan is also a little relieved, although thunder this boy once squeezed out a large sum of his wealth, but in any case, is a very credible guy. He did not deliberately go back on his word and raise the price again after the support group arrived. This boy is a character, and there will be no chance to deal with him in the future. "Since you two are based on voluntary and fair trade, you can start trading on your own, and the content does not need to be known to us." After all, the ghost emperor is also a super overlord with extraordinary bearing. Okay, okay. Thunder boy, the king has sent someone to prepare what you want. The demon king of purgatory seemed to have been unable to hold back and threw out a storage ring without the brand of spirit: "You check it by yourself." Thunder, of course, unceremoniously intruded a trace of mind into the storage ring, and with a sweep, he saw seventy-three heavenly spirit stones. Each of these heavenly spirit stones is like the most beautiful crystal, perfect and flawless, which is pregnant with majestic spirit. The best spirit stone that Lei used to use before is far from comparable to this thing. No wonder, the normal price of 300 million Lingshi, but also very difficult to buy. He quietly transferred the seventy-three Tianling stones to his private storage ring. Today, the thunderous reserve of Tianlingshi has reached eighty-one, and only twenty-seven are needed to meet the requirement of 108 Tianlingshi to open the cave again. The effectiveness of the cave heaven and earth, thunder but deep understanding, is a very powerful treasure. In a short period of time, the strength of Lei Dong and others can be greatly improved. The only slight pity is that the conditions for the opening of the cave are a little exaggerated, requiring 108 Tianling stones. You know, now in the six domains and nine continents, resources are very scarce, even the existence of such a level as the demon king of purgatory, can only save more than seventy, and the strength of the same good phoenix family, that is, twenty or thirty reserves. It can be seen how difficult it is to open a cave of heaven and earth. In addition to Tianlingshi,sonicator homogenizer, Lei Dong is also very concerned about another treasure, that is, the need to reach the level of six Yang fire Lingbao.