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    "I'll take care of the snakes. We just need some fire support from here." Looking at the afraid eyes of several elves, Zhou Tian was speechless. It seemed that the pomp and circumstance caused by Zhou Tian's use of ten thousand snake basins had frightened these elves. They had not really got rid of them yet. Since they had beaten a retreat because of the snakes outside. Zhou Tian's words were out of kindness. He felt that the elves were afraid of the snakes, so he asked them to avoid the snakes directly. But those elves were actually not satisfied with Zhou Tian's placement. After listening to Zhou Tian's words, they did not think about it and directly rejected it in unison: "No, it's too dangerous to go alone." "Then come with me?" Seeing the expressions of the elves, Zhou Tian could not help but feel warm in his heart. However, Zhou Tian's face did not change last week. He said to them directly. After the elves were silent again, he answered at that time: "Don't worry, I am a snake.". Well, my snake is the most afraid of death, if there is no absolute control, I will not do such a dangerous thing, we just watch me here to deal with those snake people. After that, without waiting for the elves to reply, Zhou Tian turned around and crawled towards the target of the snake tribe. Snake people, in the orc empire is the middle status of the race, although their own strength is very weak, but the snake people have a very powerful ability, that is, the snake. Snake people are born with a kind of ability to control snakes. According to their respective talents, most snake people can control hundreds of poisonous snakes. With the help of those poisonous snakes, even if the snake people are not strong, few opponents dare to look at them. And the reason why Zhou Tian dares to stare at the snake man is precisely because the main fighting power of the snake man is almost reflected in their ability to control the snake, according to the identity of Zhou Tian's snake king, plus the help of tens of thousands of snake basins, the general snake will hardly have any threat to Zhou Tian. On the contrary, with the help of the snake basin, the poisonous snake controlled by the snake people will probably lead to the help of Zhou Tian, and it is precisely because of these considerations that Zhou Tian will be so sure that he can be right for those snake people. (Thank you very much for the big tip of chick3!) Chapter 34 show up Under the gaze of many poisonous snakes, Zhou Tian did not think that he could sneak into their tribe without telling the snake people. So, after making the final decision, Zhou Tian left behind a few elves, and then directly and generously climbed toward the tribe of the snake people. Maybe it's because Zhou Tian's appearance at the moment is also a snake! Although Zhou Tian did not want to hide anything, but when Zhou Tian climbed toward the snake tribe, the snake tribe did not have any news, as if he did not know that Zhou Tian was approaching their tribe. Since there was no news of the snake people, Zhou Tian naturally would not show his hostility, that is, Agate Slabs For Sale ,white marble slabs, he climbed quietly into the snake group, and when the snake people did not notice it at all, Zhou Tian quietly released his precious snake basin in the snake group. Get in, get in, all of you! Watching a large number of poisonous snakes being inhaled into the snake basin, Zhou Tian was on guard against the snake man discovering the abnormality in his area, while he was excited to see the number of poisonous snakes in the snake basin increasing endlessly. However, there are only so many poisonous snakes outside the snake tribe. At first, perhaps because the snake people did not pay attention to the outside world, they would not find Zhou Tian's actions. But when Zhou Tian's ten thousand snake basins sucked away a large number of poisonous snakes, the areas originally covered with poisonous snakes were vacated again, and even if those snake people did not notice Zhou Tian, they could still find something unusual outside. Look, the number of snakes is decreasing! Go and inform the clansmen and elders to come at once. When they found that the number of poisonous snakes outside was decreasing, the snake men guarding the gate immediately explored the reasons for the disappearance of poisonous snakes, but at the same time, they sent a member back to inform the patriarch and elders of their own clan. Because the snake group is the biggest reliance of the snake people, when the snake group presents problems, the reaction of the snake people tribe is quite fast. Almost as soon as the news was received, almost all the snake people were hurriedly driven out of the tribe. Seeing that the number of snakes outside was decreasing, the snake people became anxious. If all the snakes outside disappear, then the snake people can try to gather more poisonous snakes in the future. But if they meet enemies at this time, then their snake tribe will lose its ability to resist. What makes the snake people even more anxious is that, in any way, the disappearance of the poisonous snakes outside now seems to be the work of their enemies. If they can't come up with a proper way to solve the problem, then when their enemies show their fangs, it's probably time for them to wait for death. Because Zhou Tian acts more carefully, plus the reason that ten thousand snake basins can be very difficult to find, although all the snake people are there trying to find the reason for the disappearance of the snake group, no matter how hard they try, in the end, no one can find the culprit of Zhou Tian. In the end, seeing that the disappearance of the snakes had not stopped, and they could not find the reason, the head of the snake clan called the snake people who had been guarding outside to his side, and asked them a little anxiously: "Before the snakes appeared abnormal, was there anything happening nearby?" "This" tried to recall the situation at that time, although several snake people flashed the appearance of Zhou Tian in their minds. But because the snake people outside the tribe do not know how many snakes will be attracted every day, they simply find it hard to believe that the snakes will disappear now because of the snake on Sunday. So, although those snake people had seen Zhou Tian, when their patriarch asked about the situation at that time,Porcelain Marble Slabs, they just flashed Zhou Tian's figure in their minds, and those snake people must have shaken their heads at that time and said, "There was nothing unusual at that time!" 。