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Zhang Xiaohua-The First Chaos in History

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    January 31, 2023 5:36 PM PST

    Then I remembered Liu Laoliu and said ferociously, "By the way, what's the matter with you?"? Who do you think finally made a move? Liu Laoliu rushed to the contract in my hand and said, "He, who else can there be?" "What do you mean?" I asked warily as I hugged the contract. Liu Laoliu said slowly: "You haven't dealt with'him 'and don't know him. Every time before he regards a person as a formal opponent, he always thinks of all kinds of ways to make the opponent stronger, so that it's fun to play.". He would never play chess with a bad chess basket. “…… Who is the bad chess basket? Make it clear! Liu Laoliu said with a smile: "In the lower world, money is always the greatest power.". Maybe he saw that you were too poor, so he helped you, so that he could continue to fight with him. "Are you saying he was behind the winery?" I asked in surprise. Liu Laoliu nodded: "Probably yes." At this time, it suddenly occurred to me that this matter of the winery did not seem to be the style of Jin Shaoyan. You don't have the money to tell him that millions of yuan are common, but it's impossible to help you revitalize the family business fundamentally. He doesn't have that idea or time. I immediately made a phone call to Jin Shaoyan, who was completely at a loss about it. A slight chill rose slowly from my back,Calacatta Nano Glass, and it was obvious that my opponent regarded me as a bullfight, and that he could only enjoy himself if he raised the bull to be very strong. This kind of abnormal practice shows that he has abnormal strength, sooner or later I will be inserted into the heart by that sword. I rolled the paper contract into a roll and threw it on the table, shouting, "I'm not playing anymore!"! I'm not playing anymore! Liu Laoliu watched my performance for a while and said with a smile, "Don't just throw it-tear it up!" Think I'm stupid? Now I have to fight even if I have money,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, and I have to fight even if I don't have money. What can I play with after tearing it? I put the contract carefully, sat down resentfully and said: "This is not what he gave me in vain, Li Tianrun that he still owed me money." I pointed to the man lying on the table. "Who is this?" "Let's talk about us first," said Liu Laoliu. I immediately stretched out my hand to him. "Where are my glasses?" “…… What glasses? "Stop pretending!"! Glasses that can see past lives and this life. Without it, how can I stop that pervert from continuing to change? Liu Laoliu said solemnly: "The application for this skill has been severely rejected by the higher authorities. This is something that seriously affects the balance of the three realms. It is a big taboo in heaven. Don't even think about it in the future." "Shit!" I cried! That bastard can use it in any way, but I'm making a big mistake if I use it. Old Liu Liuyi spread out his hands: "When the police fight with the robbers, it is always the police who suffer losses, because we have scruples." I also imitated him to spread out my hands: "How about we become robbers?" Liu Laoliu said mysteriously, "But you must like the new gift I prepared for you." With these words, white marble mosaic ,Agate Slabs Countertops, the old liar put out a row of biscuits in front of me. Volume II Yucai Wenwu School Chapter 083-Envoys of the Han Dynasty Why am I so greedy to get rid of me with a set of biscuits? I picked up a piece and said with a smile, "It's a ***ing sandwich." Then I stuffed it into my mouth. Liu Laoliu grabbed my wrist and said, "Do you want to die?" Inexplicably, I said, "Isn't it for me?" "It's for you." "Then it's over?" I put it in my mouth again. Liu Laoliu suddenly let go of his hand and said, "Don't you think I will give you ordinary biscuits?" I was stunned. Yes, this old swindler is immortal anyway. Although he is a little wretched, he really has good things on his body. Mind reading is very useful. I put the biscuit down carefully and asked, "What's the difference between this and a normal biscuit?" Liu Laoliu picked up a piece, as if to see what treasure, and finally said: "It is different from ordinary biscuits-it is a sandwich biscuit!" Without saying a word, I picked up the ashtray on the table and was about to smash him. Fortunately, Liu Laoliu said the following words in time: "Whose ability do you want to have?" My ashtray rested on his head. "What do you mean?" Liu Laoliu slowly divided a biscuit into two pieces and said, "For example, you envy Xiang Yu's magic power or Hua Rong's archery." "So what?" My heart is moving. Liu Laoliu turned the biscuit in half to me and said, "Its name is mother-son biscuit. Each piece is made up of two pieces, so it looks like a sandwich biscuit.". Take one for yourself and give one to someone else. Within 10 minutes, you will have the most unique strength in the other person. The other person must eat it first, or it will be useless. I was elated and solemnly took the two biscuits from Liu Laoliu and asked, "By the way, Xiang Yu and Hua Rong are both easy to talk about. Their abilities are obvious. What if I give this to a very ordinary person?" "If you're not afraid of waste, you can find someone like that to try," said Liu Laoliu. I handed him one of the slices: "Then you eat!" " Liu Laoliu:.. We usually call the side with the word the sub-face. As the name implies, it can receive the induction from the side of the mother face. Simply put, you copied the other person's body on you. So if you want to use it on a normal person, it will become normal. I ask again: "Is this harmless to the person?"? For example, if I eat with Xiang Yu, he won't be paralyzed, will he? Liu Laoliu said: "The side effect is a little bit. The person you'ate 'will be a little weaker than usual in that 10 minutes, but there is almost no difference. He is aware of it." I counted 10 cookies. I thought to myself that since this thing was harmless, I would just "share" it with Xiang Yu. In the future, anyone who dared to provoke me would directly grab the collar and throw it to the gatehouse of Zhongnanhai and let the bodyguards clean him up. Liu Laoliu seemed to know what I was thinking and said,Pietra Gray Marble, "This biscuit can only be used once a month on a person. Don't get the wrong idea.". I advise you to pick a capable person to eat half of them first, and keep the other half in your hand, so that you can use it when you save your life. And I'll remind you of the most important thing again! I looked at Liu Laoliu.