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One to the end (senior military cadres)

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    January 31, 2023 5:36 PM PST

    "Grandpa called to see you." Jane Liner does not speak, this will be what Grandpa did. In fact, it was Yi Nanfeng who let Jian Zheng point out that Jian Qianhai came here on the grounds that he had a mission. The helicopter was still his own. Yi Nanfeng suspected that the speed of the military helicopter was too slow. Before he came, he had imagined the life of Chien Liner this year. As soon as the girl entered the gate of the camp, he knew that his girl had adapted very well. He breathed a sigh of relief and at the same time, Yi Nanfeng was disappointed. Because without his care, people persisted in such rigorous training. Listening to Su Kan, he was still top-notch. Yi Nanfeng was disappointed and proud. Chien Liner would like to ask what is the situation now, you tell me, what is the reason for such a deadly meeting, but afraid to hear sad words again, this man's expression just did not disperse, or forget it, love it. Chi Lian "really brought a lot of changes to Chien Lin'er. If you put this in the previous Chien Lin'er, who knows how big the wool pimple in your heart will be?" Is there someone else living on the eleventh floor of Haitian Apartment? Hearing this sentence, the expression on Yi Nanfeng's face was very complicated, but he could see a flash of suspected joy and paused for a long time, "No." "So someone used it here?" The little hand reached down and pulled something that had been overused and was now finally restored to its original appearance. The corners of Yi Nanfeng's mouth were finally raised. "No." Except for you and your right hand. So Chien Liner no longer care, so it is,White Marble Slabs, dare not ask in the end is out of what to finish with their own front side, side and back, as long as these two "no" in the good, the other she is now ostrich, after all, they do not even have the opportunity to go out of the task. Yi Nanfeng's eyes finally began to warm up, in the afternoon to see Jane Liner saw himself shocked but not happy, Yi Nanfeng thought he was going to start again,pietra gray marble, he did not know that Jane Liner was too happy. This time finally know the interrogation, Yi Nanfeng wanted to strike while the iron was hot to ask you in what capacity to ask, but afraid of this awkward girl out of other answers, then gave Jane Liner want two words, don't worry, take your time, he has plenty of time to spend, not to mention Jane Liner's desire to monopolize is not just a simple desire to monopolize. Finally put aside other thoughts, suddenly did not just black pressure of all kinds of ideas, so Jane Liner began to feel a little cold, but also hungry stomach. So Niu Baoer's soldier, who had been trained for a year, disappeared, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,Silver Travertine Slabs, and Chien Liner was restored to a girl who had been pampered by Yi Nanfeng. Hungry Looking up at Yi Nanfeng, when he saw the sexy little nest on Yi Nanfeng's chin facing his mouth, he opened his mouth and bit it. Hiss.. Chien Liner's mouth is not ambiguous, the strength is not light, more or less take the opportunity to express their anger that they dare not ask. Yi Nanfeng pumped his breath and slapped Jane Liner's little buttocks at the same time. Jane Liner opened her mouth and loosened her mouth when she wanted to curse. Why did you hit me? Your hands are so strong! Chien Liner beat Yi Nanfeng several times, in fact, Yi Nanfeng's strength can be much, not Chien Liner this little girl is looking for opportunities to act like a spoiled child, the habit from childhood to adulthood is actually deep-rooted. Thick eyebrows wrinkled. "What did you just say?" Jane Liner was puzzled and repeated what she had just said, only to be slapped again on her buttocks. Speak well, and if I hear any more words that should not appear, I will punish you. What, that's what this is about?! That's what everyone says. "They are they, you are you, and I gave the dog all the things you learned in the aristocratic school when you were young." Chien Liner pouted and did not speak. Do you want to do this? Now it's the army. Do you expect her to behave like a daughter of the upper class? Which daughter is so excellent like her? Chien Liner's narcissistic belly. Don't learn the bad habits of those women, do you hear? Yi Nanfeng thought that sooner or later Jane Liner would come into contact with those in her own circle, and that she should not learn a lot of bad things in the army to give people a chance to gossip behind their backs. But Jane Liner didn't know that. "I'm hungry and thirsty!" Obvious change of subject, Yi Nanfeng air knot. He got up and walked naked and began to collect the scattered clothes. "Here, put them on.". "Chien Liner, who took the clothes and got up, bared her teeth and grinned to express her protest that her body had been trampled inhumanely. Yi Nanfeng put on his trousers and vest." Come and sit down. " Jane Liner sat down and watched Yi Nanfeng begin to operate the dashboard skillfully. Jane Liner was frightened. "Hey, I can't get out of the base. Quick, stop!" Yi Nanfeng glanced at Jane Liner. "Sit down and I'll say hello to the reception desk." The helicopter rose steadily, Jane Liner did not understand the language of the aircraft, only felt that Yi Nanfeng took himself hovering in the sky for a long time before he began to fly. Chi Lian. Company commander, the chief's plane has taken off. Niu Baoer received a phone call and went to the information room, "Yi Nanfeng is a bastard!" "Oh, they said they would be back by noon tomorrow." Looking at the posture displayed by the red dot on the computer, the information officer reported to Niu Baoer. I see. Report to me as soon as you come tomorrow. Mader, don't abduct our little Kirin. Helicopter stopped in the outskirts of Haikou City, Jane Liner followed Yi Nanfeng down, saw a black Cadillac parked on the roadside, secretly smacked, this Hainan people are so rich, but do not want Yi Nanfeng to take her straight past, opened the door to the silly mouth of Jane Liner Nu Nu mouth signal to get on. As soon as she went in, Jane Liner found that there was a driver sitting in front of her. How tight was the man's arrangement? Someone could pick him up here at any time. Go to the hotel. Yi Nanfeng simply gave the order. As soon as she entered the presidential suite, Jane Liner shouted, "Still wearing a military uniform, so it destroys the image of a soldier!" Yi Nanfeng kept silent and called to order a meal. Taking advantage of the time in the middle, Jane Liner went to take a bath. When she came out, the meal she ordered also came. After a full meal, Jane Liner, who was burping,Agate Stone Price, became sleepy. Regardless of Yi Nanfeng, he went straight into the inner room and went to bed. When he was in a daze, he felt that the quilt on his body had been pulled off and even his pajamas had been stripped off.