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    January 31, 2023 5:35 PM PST

    Xing Tianming was so angry that all the rubble buried on his body was shaken into powder, and his face was even more ferocious. He did not believe that his strength had reached the peak of the great saint, how could he not even deal with a Qin Tian who had just stepped into the saint? He doesn't believe it. Everything in front of us is absolutely relieved. It's not true. It's definitely not true. Dragging a heavy axe, struggling to get out. When he just rushed out. Qin Tian's figure disappeared again. When he reacts. Qin Tian was less than half a meter away from him, and Qin Tian smiled ferociously. It's a familiar picture. I was beaten by you just now, and now it's my turn. As soon as the voice fell, a sound of breaking through the air exploded. Wherever the wind of the fist went, it was a darkness of nothingness. It broke through the law of space, tore away the space with one punch, and entered the darkness of nothingness. The power existed against the sky. Boom! Xing Tianming could not react at all. Qin Tian's speed is too fast. Xing Tianming climbed up again from the ruins, the corners of his mouth were bleeding, his eyes were slightly raised, and the cold murderous look was released from inside to outside. At the moment, Xing Tianming's anger filled the whole sea of knowledge. His eyes sank, and the axe in his hand exploded. He shouted angrily, "Death!" Xing Tianming has never been so insulted since he was born. He was tortured and killed, and there was no room for backhand. Never. Anger occupied his whole mind, and his mind was filled with an idea to kill Qin Tian. Seeing Xing Tianming rushing again, the speed was a few minutes faster than before. Qin Tian smiled coldly and said lightly, "It's too slow. It's so weak!" Without waiting for Xing Tianming's axe to be cut down, Qin Tian's speed broke out again. Disappear again?! Xing Tian's face changed greatly, and he stopped at once,Slate Wall Panel, and the axe swept three hundred and sixty degrees. Whoo, whoo, whoo! The sound of breaking the sky was like the roar of a tiger. Countless cracks were made in the sky by the divine axe. Xing Tianming's face was ferocious. Seeing that Qin Tian had not yet appeared, he roared excitedly and said, "Come on, come on, you deserve to fight with me. Whoo ha ha.." The power contained in the axe of the God of Heaven is so fierce that the mighty saint may not be able to survive even if he is hit by it. Seeing that Qin Tian had not appeared for a long time, Xing Tianming concluded that Qin Tian was afraid. He was very proud of himself and shouted,Grey Marble Slab, "Even a small and powerful saint dares to fight with me. I'm really tired of living!" "Come on, come on." "Ha ha." The whole person fell into madness, the axe in his hand kept spinning, rolling up the biting wind, and the turbulence between heaven and earth continued. "Hey!" Qin Tian sighed softly and sneered. "I've been here long ago," he said softly. At the moment of Xing Tianming's roar, Qin Tian appeared over Xing Tianming's head, but Xing Tianming was too excited and completely ignored the sky. When he heard Qin Tian's gentle sigh, the whole person shuddered, his body suddenly trembled, his whole body hair suddenly rose, slowly raised his head, looked at Qin Tian's disdainful eyes, and his fear suddenly doubled. Boom! Qin Tian did not hesitate to split with one hand. Xing Tianming did not have time to make any reaction, Tianlinggai blood spattered everywhere, Carrara Marble Slab ,Marble Projects, the body was shocked by the majestic power from Qin Tian's palm, the mind was confused, the sea of knowledge rumbled and exploded, the pain was unbearable, and he could not help howling like a pig. A palm, Qin Tian did not stop at this point. I've had enough fun. Now it's time to send him to his death. Just after the completion of the robbery, the body is extremely weak, and then consume is simply looking for their own suffering. At this point, Qin Tian retreated a few steps and drew out his dragon sword. The power of hell on his body burst out. He smiled coldly and said, "The God of the underworld!" "Boom!" The black flame swept across thousands of miles in an instant, and the sky was pale. Under the great saint, the power of hell was several times greater than before. At this time, the God of the underworld was unstoppable. Xing Tianming's eyes were extremely frightened, his eyebrows were frowned, and his heart burst into a shout. Rumble.. Under a knife, with overwhelming force. At the same time when the dragon knife was split out, Xing Tianming shouted with all his might and roared, "Qin Tian, the Emperor Honghuangzong is irreconcilable with you.". Wait, the next time you meet is your death. "Your sister." "Be stubborn in the face of death." "Go to hell." As soon as Qin Tian's arms moved, the power of hell swallowed up Xing Tianming in an instant, his mind was broken, and the sea of knowledge collapsed. Xing Tianming is dead! "Ding" "Congratulations to the player'Qin Tian 'for killing'Xing Tianming' and gaining 200000000 experience value and 430000 Qigong value.". The survival value is 24000.. "Congratulations to the player'Qin Tian 'for getting the'Star Rune'.." "Congratulations to the player'Qin Tian 'for winning the'Kaitian God Axe'.." …… "I finally killed the real one this time." Qin Tian smiled excitedly. Hear the system beep. Heart can not say the ease, the system's prompt tone is always so pleasant, moving, never tired of listening. Hum! A soft buzz. A golden light rose from the body of Xing Tianming, like the twinkling of stars, and disappeared into the sky in a flash. Qin Tian frowned and looked at the golden light again when it had disappeared, cursing. "Son of a bitch," he said. Didn't burst his holy core. The golden light that just flashed must be his primordial spirit. "***, he got away." The mighty saint is not the same as the great consummate strong. The most direct way to judge the death of a powerful saint is the extinction of the primordial spirit. As long as the primordial spirit is not destroyed, another physical body can be condensed by consuming a little cultivation. Just now Xing Tianming knew that he could not escape the'god of the underworld ', so he stuck to all his strength on the primordial God, leaving the green hills, revenge sooner or later, anyway, Qin Tian will enter the holy world sooner or later, when the time comes, he will be able to kill him, today's humiliation will be returned ten times. You're in luck. "The next time you meet, you will be destroyed." Qin Tian gazed at the sky and sighed, although there is no real sense of the death penalty Tianming, but also burst out a lot of good things, get 200 million experience, survival value crisis has been alleviated, everything is not too bad. What's more, Xing Tianming's body was destroyed, and if he wanted to re-condense his body, he would surely lose his essence,White Marble Mosaic, and when the time came, he would be no match for him, so there was no need to be afraid at all.