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Natural obsequiousness in the age of fast wear

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    January 31, 2023 5:35 PM PST

    The news that Jin Fengxing is a hunter has not been deliberately concealed. Now she has the top popularity and unprecedented wealth. She is no longer the girl who needs a safe haven. Huang Jingkang actually felt a little sorry that he was not appearing in front of his daughter as a savior, but like a time bomb, which could stimulate his daughter at any time. But he felt that he still had some hope, after all, this residence was told to him by Fang himself, does this mean that her daughter's impression of her is still very good? Huang Jingkang licked his chapped lips, cut his hair unconsciously, and then stepped forward and rang the doorbell. His heart is full of anxiety and expectation, because there are no countless magnesium lights at the moment, nor a pair of eyes of the audience, he no longer has to suppress his feelings, he can fully pour out the guilt and miss of his mother and daughter. The door soon opened, and Wen Yao showed her face from inside. She was wearing simple home clothes, her hair was tied up, and her hairpin was pinned. But even so, there was a kind of lazy beauty and coldness. Senior, long time no see. Wen Yao smiled faintly, but there was no surprise and excitement in her eyes. Instead, with an alienation that could not be ignored, she made way for Huang Jingkang to come in. Huang Jingkang immediately wet eyes,grey marble slab, he used his own eyes to carefully describe the appearance of Fang Yanhe, eager to engrave her on his heart. You Is mom here? ?” Huang Jingkang only thought that Fang Rumeng had not told her daughter the truth, so he gently inquired. Instead, Wen Yao looked at him with interest and pointed to the living room behind him with his chin: "I'm arranging flowers." Huang Jingkang is quite surprised that Fang Rumeng is very different now. When he is with him, he is crowded in a small basement and worries about his livelihood every day. How can he still be in the mood to cultivate his artistic sentiment. For Fang Rumeng, he was even more surprised, Fang Rumeng is not the original standard of rural women,Marble Granite Price, she has changed a lot, but also more temperament, or become a good match with their own. From a distance, he saw Fang Rumeng sitting on the sofa with his back straight. There were several kinds of fresh flowers and plants on the tea table, as well as a beautiful crystal vase. Fang Rumeng carefully inserted the baby's breath beside the pink Lily and patiently cut off the extra branches and leaves. Her expression is very attentive, slow, careful to complete a small work of art, and then put the vase in the corner of the living room, will not dominate, but can enhance the beauty, just like herself. Huang Jingkang shouted with emotion: "Like a dream.." His throat seemed to be blocked by cotton, both suffocating and soft, almost blood pressure rose, and some dizzy in front of his eyes. Fang Rumeng turned around and looked at such Huang Jingkang. Naturally, Artificial Marble Slabs ,Granite Slab Supplier, she was angry, but she was more happy. Since she had reached a certain height, seen a wider world and learned more knowledge, she no longer felt that Huang Jingkang was so dazzling. In other words, Huang Jingkang had changed from her former God to an ordinary middle-aged man. Nowadays, Fang Rumeng is surrounded by some middle-aged wealthy businessmen and suitors. They see Fang Rumeng's gentle temperament and like Fang Rumeng's aristocratic upbringing. Such Fang Rumeng is surrounded by suitors. Wen Yao walked over and took Fang Rumeng's shoulder. She gently felt the breath under her palm. It was very smooth. There was no trace of excitement or indignation. She was relieved. "What are you doing here?" Said Fang Rumeng lightly. Huang Jingkang's lips trembled and tears flowed down. He sighed and said in an earnest tone, "Ru Meng, you should tell your daughter the truth." He thought that Fang might be able to ease his relationship with Fang Rumeng as a lubricant, after all, blood is thicker than water, which is the crystallization of their love. Fang Rumeng did not respond at all, but Wen Yao stared at him with a smile. The corners of his mouth turned up and he said meaningfully, "Senior, when did I not know the truth?" Huang Jingkang's face was full of astonishment, as if he had been hit by a heavy hammer. He stared blankly at Fang Jianhe, inexplicably filled with a trace of fear. He suddenly realized that he had never understood this daughter, or that he did not understand her at all. She just appeared out of thin air, stood out, stepped on countless players with deep backgrounds, and climbed all the way to the peak. She did not suffer even once, and those who were against her would always end up in a complete defeat. Huang Jingkang shivered involuntarily. But Fang Rumeng said calmly, "I have never hidden anything from the beginning to the end. Since she was sensible, she knew who her father was and why we were abandoned. She watched you in front of the TV, watching you have unlimited scenery, fame and fortune, watching you embrace other women, with another daughter, and watching you, weaving a little bit of hypocrisy." Wen Yao raised a pair of peach blossom eyes, eyes full of merciless ridicule and ridicule: "Maybe you want to turn back at this moment, want to get back together with your mother, want to be my father again." She couldn't help laughing and said, "Who gave you the illusion that we still have a little affection for you?" Huang Jingkang's brain was buzzing, his fingers were trembling involuntarily, his body had not fully recovered, and now he had suffered a greater blow, and almost a mouthful of blood spurted out. He recalled how he got along with Fang during the competition. Why did he think that Fang didn't know anything about it? Because Fang's attitude towards him was more like a stranger, a distant predecessor. He was shocked by Fang's strong psychological quality. He had no reaction to his own father. He finished the game calmly, watched him struggle calmly, watched him make a fool of himself calmly, and even now, he was ridiculed calmly. Huang Jingkang involuntarily took two steps back. His throat was itchy and his voice was rough and trembling. He also wanted to explain: "Ru Meng, I really didn't know you were pregnant at the beginning, and you never told me.." Fang Rumeng smiled slowly. She was dignified and charming, and she couldn't find a wrinkle on her face. She said,Stone Honeycomb Panel, "So you won't abandon me?"? No, you will let me abort the child, so as not to interfere with your marriage to the daughter of a rich family. 。