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    January 31, 2023 5:34 PM PST

    Stu moved her arms away, stretched out beside her, and kissed her. She hugged him hard and lay down next to him. When she spoke, she couldn't hear very well because her mouth was pressed against his neck. Not knowing the situation makes it worse. Now I just have to wait and see. It's like having to wait that long to find out if your baby's going to die before it's born. "You won't wait alone." He said. She hugged him tightly again for his words. They lay together and did not move for a long time. Nadine Cross had been tidying up in the living room of her former house for nearly five minutes before she saw him sitting in a chair in the corner. He was wearing nothing but underwear, his thumb in his mouth, and his strange Chinese gray-blue eyes were fixed on her. Frightened — both by the discovery that he had been sitting here, and by his sudden appearance — her heart lifted in fear in her chest, and she screamed. The paperback book that was going to be stuffed into the bag fell on the ground and scattered all over the floor. Joe. I mean, Leo.. She covered her chest with one hand, as if to suppress the beating of her heart. But whether she presses it with her hand or not, her heartbeat is not about to slow down. It was bad to see him suddenly; it was worse to see him dressed in the same manner as when she first met him in New Hampshire. It was so reminiscent of the past. It was as if God, who had lost his mind, had put her into a time warp and punished her to go through the previous six weeks again. You're freaking me out. She finished her sentence feebly. Joe said nothing. She walked slowly toward him, ready to see him holding a long kitchen knife in one hand as before, but this time the hand he had not put to his mouth was quietly in his lap. She saw that the bronze on his body had lightened. The scars of the past are gone. But those eyes are still the same. Those are unforgettable eyes. What had been in his eyes day by day since he went to the fire to listen to Larry play the guitar was now completely gone. His eyes were the same as when she first met him, which made her hair stand on end. What are you doing here? Joe said nothing. Why aren't you with Larry and Lucy's mom? There was no answer. You don't stay here. She tried to reason with him, but before she could open her mouth, she couldn't help wondering how long he had been here. It is the morning of August 24. She spent the last two nights at Harold's. It occurred to her that he might have sat like this in a chair with his thumb in his mouth for 40 hours. It's ridiculous to think that he must eat and drink (doesn't he?) But once she had the idea, she couldn't get rid of it. Once again she was horrified, when she realized in despair how much she had changed: she had slept without fear beside the little savage, who carried the murder weapon and was dangerous. Now he was unarmed, and he was afraid of him. She had thought that he (Joe? Leo?) I have completely and simply abandoned my former self. And now he's back. Right here. "You can't stay here," she said. "I came back to get my things.". I'm moving out. I'm moving in with.. A man wishes. Oh, is this Harold? A voice inside her said sarcastically. I think he's just a tool, a means to an end. Leo, face recognition identification kiosk , listen to me.. He shook his head slightly but clearly. His eyes shone, staring sternly into her face. You're not Leo? He shook his head gently again. Are you Joe? He nodded with the same slight movement. Fine. "But you have to understand that it doesn't matter who you are," she said, trying to be patient. She still has that crazy feeling of being in a time warp. It made her feel unreal and very frightened. That part of our lives-the days when we were together and it was just us-that part is gone. You've changed, I've changed, and we can't go back. But his strange eyes were still fixed on her, as if he were denying her words. "Stop staring at me," she snapped. "It's not polite to stare." Then his eyes seemed to reproach her. They seem to say that it is also impolite to abandon people, and it is even more impolite to withdraw love when others still need and depend on you. You're not the only one left. As she spoke, she turned and began to pick up the book that had just fallen on the ground. She kneeled awkwardly on the ground, her knees trembling. She began stuffing books into her bag, on top of her sanitary napkins, aspirin, and underwear — just plain cotton underwear, completely different from the ones she wore to please Harold. You have Larry and Lucy. You need them, and they need you. Well, Larry needs you. That's the key. Whatever you want, she'll agree. She's like a carbon paper. Joe, things have changed for me. It's not my fault. It's not my fault at all. So you better stop trying to make me feel guilty. She began to fasten the strap, but her fingers trembled uncontrollably, almost out of control. The silence around them is getting heavier and heavier. She finally stood up and threw the bag over her shoulder. Leo, "she tried to speak calmly and sensibly, in the way she used to speak to the disobedient children in her class who had lost their temper.". It's impossible. Her voice was shaking, and he shook his head slightly as she used the name Leo, making her voice even more out of control. Not for Larry and Lucy, "Nadine said ferociously." If that's the way it is, I can understand. But you left me for that old thing, didn't you? The silly old woman sat in her easy chair and grinned at the world with her false teeth. And now she's gone, and you're running back to me. But it doesn't work. Do you hear me? Useless 1 Joe remained silent. And when I begged Larry.. When I knelt down and begged him. He doesn't care about me. He's too busy playing the big shot. So, you see, it's not my fault. Not 1 at all. The boy just stared at her with an expressionless face.