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Annals of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty 002

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    January 31, 2023 5:33 PM PST

    Those who pass on and give up the food of millet, so as to avoid their hunger and discouragement, and to go in and out at their own convenience. The next guest lives in it. In the past, those who have made contributions to the theft of cocks and dogs and the counterfeiting of coupons were all listed in the House. The Xue Yi salary, not enough to give guests, is out of the money line debt to Xue, year interest, to help daily use. One day, there is a man, the appearance of Xiuwei, my clothes brown, grass, said the surname Feng, the name of Kui, Qi people, see Meng Changjun. Meng Changjun bowed to him and sat down with him. He asked him, saying, "Sir, I have been humiliated. Have you taught me literature?" He said, "No. I've heard that you are a good scholar, and you don't choose to be noble or humble, so you don't want to be poor. Meng Changjun ordered Chuanshe. More than ten days later, Meng Changjun asked Yu Chuanshe, saying, "What is the new visitor doing?" Chuan she Chang replied, 'Mr. Feng is very poor. He has nothing else. He keeps only one sword. He has no sword bag, so he ties it to his waist. When he had finished eating, he flicked his sword and sang, saying, 'When I come back,interactive whiteboard prices, I have no fish to eat!'! Meng Changjun was surprised and said, "Does he want to be my guest?"? The person must be different. And moved on behalf of the house. Return to make on behalf of the long wait for its song or not. When he came home at sunrise and at night, he sang a song, saying, "When I come back, I have nothing to do with my home." On behalf of she long Yi Meng taste Jun said. Meng Changjun frowned and said, "Why didn't the guest say so?" More make serve it, no longer song. After living there for more than a year, the head of the family came to tell Meng Changjun, "Qian Gu is only needed for one month." When Meng Changjun examined the loan certificates, he found that the people had a lot of debts. He asked the people around him,touch screen kiosk, saying, "Who among the guests can collect my debts from Xue?" Dai She Chang Jin said, "Mr. Feng has not heard of him, but he seems to be faithful and can be appointed. He has asked himself to be a guest, and you will try him." Meng Changjun asked Feng Kui and Yan to collect the debt. Feng Kui a promise, hence by car to Xue, sitting in the public mansion. The people of Xue had thousands of households, and there were many people who had borrowed money. When they heard that Minister Xue had sent a guest to collect interest, they lost a lot of money, and they got a hundred thousand yuan in interest. Feng Kui presented Qian Duoshi Niu Jiu in advance and said, "Whoever loses the interest money of Meng Changjun, no matter whether he can repay it or not, he will be informed that the coupons will be examined in the mansion in the future." The people smell of cattle wine, all come as scheduled. Feng Kui, one by one, worked hard to drink and eat, and persuaded him to be full. As a result, he looked on and examined the situation of the rich and the poor. At the end of the meal, it is a coupon and a combination of ③,: sword. Kuai: Straw rope. For the measure of his strength, though he may not be able to do it for a time, temperature scanning kiosks ,Interactive digital signage, those who may be able to compensate for it later, and those who want to make an appointment, are recorded on the coupons; those who are poor and cannot compensate for it, are all worshipped by Luo Bai and begged for a longer period of time. Feng Kui ordered Zuo You to make a fire. He threw the poor coupon into the fire and burned it. He said to the others, 'Meng Changjun lent money to the people because he was afraid that the people would have no money to make a living. It was not for profit. However, you have thousands of diners and insufficient food, so you have no choice but to levy interest to serve the guests. Today, those who have the strength are more expected, and those who have no strength will be exempted from burning coupons. "Your virtue is greater than that of the people of Xue." The people all kowtowed and cheered, saying, "Meng Changjun is really my parents." Someone had already reported the burning of coupons to Meng Changjun. Meng Changjun was so angry that he sent someone to summon him. He came to see him empty-handed. Meng Changjun pretended to ask, saying, "The guest has worked hard. Has he finished collecting the debt?" "Not only to collect debts for you, but also to collect virtues for you," he said. Meng Changjun turned pale and asked him to say, "Wen has three thousand diners, but they don't have enough money and food, so he borrowed money from Xue, hoping to collect the rest of the interest to help the public.". "When I heard that a guest had earned money, I drank a lot of cattle wine with all the people, and burned half of the coupons. It was still called'receiving virtue '. I don't know what virtue I received." He replied, "Please, sir, calm down your anger and allow me to prepare Chen.". There are many people who are in debt and do not have the pleasure of cattle and wine. People are suspicious and refuse to go together. There is no way to test it. He who forgives strength makes an appointment with me. Those who lack it, though severely reprimanded, will not be able to make up for it; if they rest a lot for a long time, they will flee to their ears. A mere Xue, the king of the world, the people is the king with the common security also. Now burn the useless coupons, and love the people with the light wealth of a wise king. In the name of benevolence and righteousness, there is no end to it. This minister is said to be the one who receives virtue for the monarch. Meng Changjun was forced by the guest fee, but he didn't think so in his heart. However, he had burned the coupons and had no alternative. He reluctantly put on his face and bowed to him and thanked him. Shi Chen has a poem saying: "To ingratiate oneself with a good guest, to burn a coupon is to touch the anger of the Lord.". Empty-handed but receive benevolence and righteousness to return, just know that there is a superior. But King Zhaoxiang of Qin regretted the loss of Meng Changjun, and when he saw that his role was appalling, he thought, "This man was used in the State of Qi, and he was eventually harmed by Qin." There was a widespread rumor that spread to the state of Qi, saying, "Meng Changjun is famous all over the world. The world knows that there is Meng Changjun, but does not know that there is a king of Qi. Soon Meng Changjun will take the place of Qi." King Qingxiang of Chu was also sent to say, 'Xiang Liu wanted to attack Qin, but the army of Qi was alone behind him. Because the king of Chu himself had made an appointment, Meng Chang refused to submit, and therefore refused to join the army. Then King Huai was in Qin, and the widow wanted to return to him. Meng Chang sent a messenger to persuade the widow not to return to King Huai. The crown prince was sent to Qi, and wanted Qin to kill King Huai. Peter left the crown prince for the sake of Qi, so that the crown. The offense of the widowed gentleman in Chu, all Meng taste the reason also. Widow with Chu, to get Meng taste Jun and kill, will escape to not get, this complex for qi phase autocracy, evening usurp qi, Qin, Chu from this eventful. The widowed king is willing to repent of his past mistakes and make friends with the king of Chu, with his daughter as the wife of the king of Chu, and prepare for the change of Meng Tingjun. Fortunately, Your Majesty will listen! The king of Chu confused his words, unexpectedly and in Qin, to meet the daughter of the king of Qin as a lady, also make people spread rumors in Qi. A few days later, Meng Tingjun, armed with chariots, horses,touch screen digital signage, and gold coins, said to Feng Kui, "Listen to what you are going to do." 。