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President Leng lured an impure maid.

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    Fang Xiaolu closed his eyes and suddenly felt a feeling of loss and emptiness all over his body. He opened his eyes and saw Lin Tianhao tidying up his clothes. Although she didn't know what had happened, it seemed that she had escaped. But in fact, why do you feel a little lost in your heart and body! Fang Xiaolu turned his back and tidied up his wrinkled clothes. At this time, Lin Tianhao's phone rang. Only heard him'ah ', and then hung up the phone excitedly. He opened the door and ran out, then quickly turned back and said to Fang Xiaolu, "My eldest brother is awake." With that, he ran away without looking back. Lin Tianchen woke up, Lin Tianchen woke up. Fang Xiaolu stood there foolishly repeating this sentence, for a moment, she did not know whether to be happy or sad, in short, her feelings were too complicated to describe. I'm on the train now, and this chapter was put in the automatic manuscript box in advance last night. There will be another watch in the evening. Please support me. Chapter 106 wake up, wake up, keep you waiting. (Words in this chapter: 1387 Updated: September 20, 2009 18:10:00) Fireworks are set off beautifully all over the sky. At this moment, Lin Tianhao and Fang Xiaolu are separated by a distance. Although they are looking up at the fireworks, they are thinking about their own things. The eldest brother woke up, and Lin Tianhao was really happy. In this way, he will never have any regrets in his life. Lin Tianchen woke up, and Fang Xiaolu's heart was confused. Although she hoped that the man who had brought her a rich and powerful life would wake up, after all,information kiosk price, he was innocent, but once he woke up, where would his identity as a young grandmother go?! Although now the Lin family all know that they are false, but after Lin Tianchen comes back, his false identity can no longer continue, otherwise, Lin Tianchen is not going to live with himself? These are not the main problems. The main problem is whether he is going to leave Lin Tianhao. Looking at Lin Tianhao not far away, just as his eyes also glanced over to his side,temperature check kiosk, Fang Xiaolu hurriedly removed his eyes. Tonight, he is so excessive, his heart is still so in love with him. If everything is going to end tomorrow, is tonight's beautiful fireworks a memorial to this relationship! Yes, love is like beautiful fireworks, fleeting, beautiful and not long. After the fireworks, the lights on the yacht flashed and the party began. Lin Tianhao shuttled back and forth in the crowd to say hello and then went straight to Fang Xiaolu. He took her by the hand and said, "Go to the hospital. I can't wait to see my eldest brother." Fang Xiaolu wanted to struggle, but when Lin Tianhao took her hand, a comfortable warmth made her reluctant to let go, perhaps, this is the last time to hold hands, to see Lin Tianchen, take care of him for so long, it is time to go to another. Besides, thermal imaging camera ,digital signage kiosk, he protected himself at the critical moment, and it was reasonable to thank him face to face. Along the way, Lin Tianhao was completely inspired by the news that his eldest brother had woken up, and did not notice the difference of Fang Xiaolu. Inside the ward, the lights are bright. Lin yuanxiang and his wife, as well as the attending physician, were exchanging views around the bed. Lin Tianchen narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at his long-lost relatives with a smile on his lips. Brother, you're awake. Lin Tianhao pulled Fang Xiaolu to the bed quickly. When Lin Tianchen saw his brother, his smile was gradually enlarged, and he could see that he was very happy. Wake up, sleep for so long, rest enough, plan to get up and exercise, how about you accompany me to run tomorrow morning? "Well, let me do whatever you want with you." Lin Tianhao knows that his brother has to receive subsequent adjuvant treatment or hospital observation, so running and so on is just a joke. And you are Fang Xiaolu? Lin Tianchen cast his eyes on Fang Xiaolu. This girl is so beautiful tonight that she doesn't look like the one who gave up her seat in the car. Fang Xiaolu's mouth was surprised into a "0" shape. " How do you know my name? Lin Tianchen showed a slightly sly smile: "Of course, you talk to me every day, give me a massage, of course I know you, but, so long no see, you are beautiful.". ” "I.." Fang Xiaolu was speechless for a moment, God, he poured his inner world like Lin Tianchen as a trash can every day, he. Unexpectedly all can hear, this is miserable, his secret he all knew. Lin Tianchen blinked his eyes and then made a silent gesture. Fang Xiaolu breathed a sigh of relief, she knew that Lin Tianchen meant that he would not talk nonsense. Are you in a hurry? Lin Tianchen finally woke up, and the story will be more exciting in the future. I am now in the field of the hotel, fortunately, here can be wireless Internet access, my super invincible small notebook played a role, so you can also see today's 2 more as promised. Chapter 107 go or stay?! (Words in this chapter: 1615 Updated: September 20, 2009 18:10:00) Lin yuanxiang has exchanged opinions with the doctor and confirmed the next treatment plan. Lin Tianchen still needs to stay in hospital for observation for a few more days, and if his condition is stable, he can go home to rest. After all, after lying down for so long, physical and mental strength have to recover slowly. All right, everyone, the patient has been talking for a long time, and now it's late at night, so I suggest you go back to rest first, and don't let the patient overwork. The doctor pushed his glasses gracefully. He had just returned from studying in the United States. As soon as he came back, he applied the most advanced physiotherapy technology to Lin Tianchen. Sure enough, the effect was remarkable. This time, I can win a new office building for the hospital. This is a promise made by Lin yuanxiang himself to the dean. Doctor, we will go back first, tomorrow the family will send someone to take care of Tianchen, and about my investment in the hospital. You can rest assured that on the day Tianchen is safely discharged from hospital, I will send someone to send a check. "Thank you,temperature screening kiosk, President Lin." The doctor nodded with a smile. Fang Xiaolu planned to go back with Lin yuanxiang's family, but Lin Tianchen stopped her behind him. Fang Xiaolu, can you stay with me? 。