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The Dead Man's Sutra

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    In the middle of what Gu Shenwei said, five men suddenly jumped out of the ranks of the mine thieves and ran to the hillside originally occupied by the tribal coalition forces. The mine thieves were even more surprised. These five people were all acquaintances who had known each other for at least half a year. They didn't expect that they were really spies of Jinpeng Fort. But they didn't understand that a group of mine thieves in the deep mountains had anything to covet. Gu Shenwei quickly guessed the truth, of course, not because someone informed, but because the mine thieves are too contradictory behavior, most of these people like Ge Ying, bold, but reckless, unexpectedly can plan a sneak attack tribal coalition such a meticulous plan, there must be a master behind. Then he recognized a Jinpeng killer, who was exposed not by his face, but by the assassination methods he was accustomed to. Gu Shenwei rushed to Ge Ying to cut the bun, just a moment, most people did not react, behind Ge Ying, a thin man took a step to the right, but the Dragon King moved too fast, the thin man returned to his original position. Such a simple action, however, reveals the obvious style of Jinpeng Fort: do everything possible to attack behind the enemy's side. Even during his apprenticeship,face recognition identification, Gu Shenwei was not good at attacking around the back, but he could see the enemy's intention at a glance. Not only one, but five Jinpeng Fort spies were cheated by the Dragon King and fled with all their strength. Gu Shenwei did not order the pursuit, but looked at the figure of five people. The five spies had run halfway up the mountain and were about to disappear. Suddenly, they fell down one by one like drinkers who had drunk too much. They seemed to be hit by the eyes of the Dragon King and lost all their strength in an instant. All the onlookers, from the Great Snow Mountain Army to the mine thieves, were stunned by the strange sight. The last spy fell, finally revealing a pretty figure,facial recognization camera, then the khaki cloak flashed, the figure disappeared, and no one could find where she was. The lotus girl had already been ambushed. Although she had received the same training in Jinpeng Fort, her martial arts were much higher than those of the five men, and she could easily bring down the desperate escapee. The lotus girl knew that the dragon king wanted to live, so these people just lost their strength for a while and did not die. Without waiting for the Great Snow Mountain soldiers to come out, dozens of mine thieves swarmed up and captured the spies alive and sent them to the front. Ge Ying kicked everyone angrily, "bastard bastard, lie to me for so long.." After the five were caught, they kept silent and refused to even look up at the Dragon King. I just want to know one thing. King Dubu is so enthusiastic to help me deal with the Wushan tribe. What is his intention? The killer will escape and fail, but he will not confess easily. After Gu Shenwei waited for a while, Long Fanyun got a signal, pulled out his long knife, killed the first man, digital whiteboard price ,face detection android, paused a little, and killed the second man. No one spoke, only silent killing went on. After killing four people in a row, the last one decided to open his mouth. He was left by Gu Shenwei on purpose. Of the five, only this man looked a little flustered. Sure enough, he immediately told the truth, "Dragon King, spare my life. I am a swordsman hired by Jinpeng Castle, not a killer of Shangguan's family." Gu Shenwei nodded and let the other side go on. His initial question had not been answered: Why did Jinpeng Killer help the Dragon King attack the tribal coalition? Two, two purposes. Jinpengbao swordsman said nervously, "I hope I can take the opportunity to join the Dragon King's army and take the opportunity." Assassinate, or leave the Dragon King in the mountains as much as possible, so as to gain time to seal the main road out of the mountains. Chapter 399 shortcuts. Great changes have taken place in the Western Regions. In less than a year, the Shule Kingdom in the west had lost more than half of its territory, its capital had fallen, its royal family had fled, its whereabouts were unknown, and it had basically lost its ability to resist. Jinpeng Fort and Beiting joined hands to March eastward, destroying two small countries, and increasingly approaching the core sphere of influence of the Central Plains in the Western Regions, and a larger war was about to break out. The four countries of Xiaoyao Sea surrendered one after another and became vassals of Jinpeng Fort. In order to show their loyalty, they took turns to play and were willing to give up the throne and demoted themselves to Marquis. Shangguan Fa, who had always dreamed of getting the real king's name, was reserved at this time and refused all requests for abdication. But everyone knew that it was only a matter of time before "Dubu Wang" became one of the kings of the Western Regions from the nickname of Jianghu. Jinpeng Fort almost solved all the worries, leaving only a humble stone country. It is beyond the expectation of many people that the Stone Kingdom stands firm. It is a small country in the easternmost part of Xiaoyao Sea, which is sparsely populated, not to mention in the Western Regions, even compared with other countries in Xiaoyao Sea, it is also a weak country. But in the face of the continuous siege, he held out for eight months, more tenacious than the much larger Shule country. There are many reasons for Shiguo to maintain its independence. King Dubu's neglect is the most important one. The most important enemy of Jinpeng Fort and Beiting is the Central Plains, so the main force is fighting in the east and west, and it is difficult to separate forces to go south. The allied forces of Kang, Sha, Hui and An were responsible for the siege of the capital city of Shiguo. The result was disappointing. Despite heavy casualties, they could not break into the wall. A few months later, when the battle of Shule was nearly over, King Dubu finally noticed the small southern country and was surprised that it had not yet been conquered. However, the war with the Central Plains was in the process of preparation, and Jinpeng Fort still had no spare power to look south, so King Dubu sent a general and dozens of killers to command the allied forces of the four countries. At the request of the new general, various countries recruited men of the right age, and the siege army gradually increased from more than 2000 at the beginning to nearly 5000. The new general was still not satisfied, but it was impossible to get a single soldier from Jinpeng Fort and the four countries of Xiaoyao Sea, so he had to make plans for the tribes in Wushan. The tribes of Wushan have no intention of getting involved in the disputes in the Western Regions. Some are euphemistic, some are straightforward,outdoor digital signage displays, and all refuse to send troops. Wushan refined iron is an important strategic material. Jinpeng Fort has been quietly placing people there. They were ordered to provoke a big battle between the mine thieves and the aborigines. When the two sides were at loggerheads and asked Jinpeng Fort for help, they would naturally send troops to participate in the siege of Shiguo, and even have time to participate in the decisive battle with the Central Plains.