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    January 31, 2023 5:29 PM PST

    These bullets are Qin specially prepared for Song Gang and Tsao chwun, but failed to come in handy, Song Gang has been killed by Qin Fang, as for Tsao chwun has been hiding, temporarily also can't find his whereabouts. But I didn't expect to let Jun Nakamura taste it first. But Qin Fang estimates that Nakamura Jun must be very reluctant to grab this first, because his baby was almost instantly exploded by bullets, even one of his eggs did not know where to fly by bullets, and the next one was basically half left. "I will kill you!" Jun Nakamura lurked in the dark place of yin, his heart was bleeding, and the pain in his lower body was so abnormal that he almost lost all his strength to move. Qin Fang's words were like adding fuel to the fire, so that his heart was burned by the flames, as if his whole person was set on fire. There is no normal man who does not attach importance to his treasure, especially Nakamura Jun is still so young, lost such a thing, he is almost a living eunuch for the rest of his life. Think of those beauties, once enjoyed his powerful and incomparable luck, one by one can get the ultimate satisfaction, and later he became a eunuch, those women will certainly leave him one by one, one by one become other men's playthings. Maybe someone will even *** his former woman in front of him! This is what he used to do. He goes after a target, but before he kills him, he ***s his woman,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, and then.. When he was ashamed and angry, he cut his neck with a knife! Things have come to this step, it is really beyond the expectation of Jun Nakamura, and the enemy Qin Fang who made him resentful to the extreme is not far away, wantonly laughing at his sore spot. Jun Nakamura, if you're still a man, come out and fight with me. Ha ha, s sāo Rui,touch screen interactive whiteboard, I forgot, you don't have that thing, you are not a man at all, you are a woman, a rabbit man who is doomed to be a group of niggers in the future.. …… Ha ha! Qin Fang's laughter in the mountains and forests back to d dàng, but there is a clear and incomparable transmission into the ears of Jun Nakamura, the wound is dripping blood, his heart is in the crazy spray of blood. Qin Fang this is not only in his wound to withdraw salt, is simply his whole person into the salt pile inside, and then mercilessly poured a bubble of "urine." Chapter Table of Contents Chapter 581 Fishing for You Qin Fang kept laughing at Nakamura Jun with words, and his attitude was extremely arrogant, like the virtue of a dandy, but he had always maintained considerable vigilance in his heart. It is said that wolves are very dangerous, and the Wolf King is the danger of danger, but if a hungry wolf is wounded and mad, it is much more dangerous than the Wolf King. At this time, interactive whiteboard for schools ,smart board whiteboard, Nakamura Jun is undoubtedly such an injured hungry wolf, lurking in a dark corner of the woods, Qin Fang knows that he is certainly not very far away from himself, he has been waiting for an opportunity to move, looking for the most suitable shot. Qin Fang is not afraid of what he is afraid of is that Jun Nakamura does not make a move. The concealment in Ninjutsu is the most feared by Qin Fang. Even in such an environment, Qin Fang did not accurately discover the hiding place of Nakamura Jun. The only thing to do is to use words to tease, lead you Nakamura Jun to take the initiative to attack, lead you to attack himself. Only in that way can he have the possibility of killing Jun Nakamura with one blow. The previous time he did not succeed, but it happened suddenly, plus Qin Fang kept Nakamura Jun and some other uses, but now it seems that this plan is obviously not appropriate, this person is too dangerous. To be able to own the most precious thing after reimbursement, can continue to endure the pain of the wound, stay looking for opportunities to assassinate Qin, such a person's degree of danger even above the Tsao chwun this bomb maniac. Tsao chwun is a terrorist, most will carry a bomb but kill a lot of people, create appalling tragedy, but dealing with this kind of person is relatively simple, as long as you don't give him the chance to detonate, or detonate in a sparsely populated place, the danger of nature is much smaller.. Unless Tsao chwun can come up with a nuclear bomb, of course, this may Xing is not! But Nakamura Jun is different, his Ninjutsu plus assassination, "This is a potential single bomb, he may hide around him at any time, looking for opportunities to suddenly attack you or your relatives, friends.." Do not doubt this possibility Xing, with such a person that kind of Xing grid, is absolutely able to do, even far more terrible than you imagine. If you lose the symbol of male Xing, you will lose the joy of survival, and most of you will be abnormal in madness. Then anything can be done. Qin Fang shot off Nakamura Jun's brother, let him become a living eunuch, Nakamura Jun is now out of anger, hiding in one side looking for opportunities to attack Qin Fang "This is very dangerous for Qin Fang, but in comparison" such a temporary danger compared to the crisis that may arise at any time in the future, Qin Fang is more willing to face the present danger. As long as Nakamura Jun is obliterated this time, then Qin Fang and the women around him can be safe. "Well, it seems to be gone." Qin Fang's ridicule didn't work. Nakamura Jun didn't fall for it at all, so he had to change his way of thinking and change to another way of leading you. Alas, hurry back, don't bring people in when the time comes, that's trouble. Qin Fang put the gun in his hand on the slit and found the bath towel that had fallen on the thick, withered and yellow leaves. Of course, the small Taidao was still intertwined. Shuo Shuo Shuo m Qin Fang casually played with it a few times, and the little Taidao immediately pulled out many knives in his hand, and the brilliant light was so conspicuous under the moon. Nice knife, what a pity. ,……” Qin Fang said softly,smart board for conference room, "As soon as I threw it, I saw the little Taidao flying directly to the trunk of a small tree not far away. Poof, the sharp blade immediately penetrated through the body and plunged into the trunk of that tree.".