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Introduction: You, heal me (wear quickly)

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    January 31, 2023 5:28 PM PST

    It was an accident to put Frost Melt into the ghost body this time. At the moment of putting it, it was found that the original owner had taken the poison for a long time, and its energy was not enough to choose a new body for the host again, so it could only be used. As it is, what's the difference? "You call yourself an actor, but after all, you are a drama queen." Think of it as a system, but it is always rejected by the host and used directly as a storage system. It is a bitter tear to say, and now it is useless. Whenever Shuang Rong hears a question about her being an actress, he will recall what that person said. Empty skill without emotion, this is not called acting! You have defiled my work! "I want to change the heroine!" "You have no acting skills at all!" There are also a few words that are particularly conspicuous on the paper case on the table-emotional apathy. If ordinary people forget, but she is an actress, this will be her fatal weakness. Frost Rong did not intend to make it public, and she was more worried about being caught than the benefits of doing so. So she made a decision-she was going to heal herself. This is the reason why Frost Melt trades with this sincere system. Who are you talking about? If your energy disappears, don't you also disappear? She applied a thin layer of blush to her cheeks, which covered the pale and blue face with a healthy glow. You're relying on me to get energy now. I hate it when people scold me. Don't do it again. Sincere system: "You still have to ask me!"! How dare you be arrogant to me! "We're just cooperating. If you think so, then dissolve the partnership." ".." How did it forget the woman's temper. Sincere system: "This Jasper pendant allows you to disguise yourself as a normal person." She looked down and saw a Jasper pendant strung with a red rope on her chest. Sincere system: "Please prepare the host, the target character's sincere value is 100 points,65 inch smart board, the target character is about to appear, please note that this is not on the set, please note that everything you are about to experience is not a script, not NG!" The cosmetics in Shuang Rong's hands disappeared in an instant. And the most important thing is that you must not interfere with the life and death of any person in the world! Frost melts and calms down, and when he opens his eyes again, the amorous feelings of the corners of his eyes and the tips of his eyebrows disappear without a trace,touch screen board classroom, leaving only bitterness. In addition to costumes, fitting makeup is also essential for a character. She finished her makeup and was ready to start her performance. The fun has finally begun. Strange wind protrudes, one person and one ghost stand on both sides of the high wall. The female ghost has red eyes and fangs, and her face is horrible, which makes the opposite Lang Jun's eyebrows clear and bright, and she is very handsome. This Lang Jun was Yan Yi, a direct disciple of the Qing Sect of the Yangchao Dynasty. Fifteen years ago, he went up the mountain to worship the Qing Sect and swore in blood: "Kill all the ghosts in the world!" But this person, treats the human always to be lenient and courteous, but treats the ghost, then does not have the mercy, sees one to kill one! So far, more than a thousand ghosts have been collected. The female ghost said ferociously, smart board interactive whiteboard ,electronic board for classroom, "Xiaodao!"! Don't mind your own business! Yan Yi said sternly, "Why do you want to destroy the Liu family?" Female ghost guffaw: "Ha ha ha, blood debt this should be paid with blood, God does not accept him, I have to accept!" " As soon as Yan Yi stopped talking, he pulled out the broadsword behind him. The silver blade was covered with red runes. Even if the blade was immersed in the gentle moonlight, it could not hide its bloody smell! But after a few minutes of dogfight, the outcome has been decided. The female ghost's strength was exhausted. She fell from the high wall and retreated in a hurry. It was not until she hit the sedan chair that she suddenly turned back, with a strange smile at the corners of her mouth. The ghost's claws were about to break through the door of the sedan chair and pinch the neck of the frost. The door of the sedan was broken open, revealing a sleeve embroidered with a Mandarin duck lying side by side. As soon as Yan realized something was wrong, he flew over and slashed at the female ghost with a big knife. In a flash of lightning, I heard a very tragic cry, and the head of the female ghost with red eyes and fangs fell to the ground in an instant. The broadsword in Yan Yi's hand still had a cold fishy smell and lay across the door of the sedan chair. The door of the red sedan chair was swept by the wind of the knife and fell to the ground with a crash. The grand scene inside the sedan chair was at a glance. The bride's red veil, which was half covered on her head, fell down, brushed Yan Yi's knife body, and slowly fell at his feet. Take heavy makeup, Shaoyan elegant appearance. The bride, who had been sitting upright in the sedan chair, stepped down from the sedan chair, and the lotus moved lightly. Her body was covered with flaming red in the soft water and moonlight. The Mandarin ducks lying side by side on the red jacket seemed to have a look. They were drunk and lying in the rippling flowers and plants. Under the red skirt, a pair of red embroidered shoes woven by the lotus were looming. She bowed to him and said, "Thank you for your help, my daughter Shuang Rong." Her face is full of color and her eyes are pure. The broadsword in Yan Yi's hand stagnated for a moment, but the next moment his knife went directly to her neck. The girl's husband's house was slaughtered overnight, but the girl was not sad at all, which was somewhat strange. From his point of view, this woman is undoubtedly a mortal body, but her whole body is faintly surrounded by Yin Qi. The strangest thing is that Liu Fu's geomantic layout of guarding against demons and ghosts is set up by Qingshan School, and now there are traces of man-made destruction. I was just forced to get into this bridal sedan chair. Their evil deeds are obvious. Heaven is reincarnated, and retribution is not good. If I don't clap my hands, it's already restraint. How can I talk about sadness? She sneered and her eyes fell on the copper lock that had fallen to the ground. The blade was already attached to the skin of her neck, and if she moved a little, she would become a dead soul under the knife. Even if they are full of evil, these old and weak women and children are innocent! "Why is the Taoist saying this to me?" "Offensive!" Yan Yi took back the broadsword and put it in the scabbard behind him. I just have to trouble the girl to come with me. In fact, Yan Yi was full of doubts and did not eliminate them, but he did not harm innocent people. Shuang Rong knew that for one thing he suspected her, for another he wanted to use her as bait, and for another he wanted to use her to find out the truth. Now that you have come to the door, it is disrespectful. As you wish. The frost melts in harmony. At this point,75 inch smart board, two people with their own thoughts will go on the road. Yan Yi and others were ordered to go down the mountain to catch ghosts this time, and they were discussing the matter of this trip. The noisy inn suddenly quieted down, and he followed the crowd's line of sight.