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Breaking the Sky by Tiancan Potato [End +

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    January 31, 2023 5:27 PM PST

    Hearing Xiao Yan's words, Xiao Xuan was stunned for a moment. He immediately chuckled and shook his head. He said, "Now I'm just a remnant soul. Even from a certain point of view, even the remnant soul is a little bit. If it weren't for the strange tomb of heaven, I would have dissipated between heaven and earth early. As for the resurrection, I'm afraid it's really impossible." Wen Yan, although Xiao Yan has some psychological preparation, but still can not help the face of disappointment, Xiao Xuan's strength, no less than the soul of heaven, if he can make a move, to deal with the soul clan, it is not impossible. Is it really completely impossible? Xiao Yan sighed, still some do not give up the way. Well, at least I don't know how to bring me back, maybe.. Can the legendary Dou Di strong man do it? 。” Xiao Xuan smiled and said. Dou Di. "Xiao Yan wry smile, this is broken almost all expectations, now between heaven and earth, where there is any Dou Di strong existence ah, if there is, it is not the turn of the soul clan so arrogant and domineering." "Oh, don't bother about me, a dead man." Xiao Xuan shook his head with a smile and looked at the young man in front of him. The smile on his face suddenly became softer and softer. He said, "You can achieve such an achievement without relying on the power of blood. To tell you the truth, it has made me very happy. I am a man of the Xiao clan, and I am always extraordinary." "The Soul Clan has the ability to swallow the Spirit Clan, which is really beyond my expectation. I didn't expect them to hide the nihilism so deeply. But in this case, in retrospect, there is an explanation for the ancient races that gradually declined and disappeared before." Xiao Xuan smacked his lips and said,Faux cherry blossom tree, "With the power of the Soul Clan now, even the Ancient Clan may find it hard to compete with them alone." Xiao Yan silently nodded, now the situation, for them, is really not very good. As for Tuoshe Ancient Emperor Jade, the Soul Clan has got seven of them, and the last one is in your hand, and it has to be used to exchange your father from the Soul Clan. Relying on the tombstone, Xiao Xuan looked at Xiao Yan and said, "In that case, the jade of the ancient emperor of Tuoshe should be collected by them. If they collect the jade, they will be able to know where the cave mansion of the ancient emperor of Tuoshe is and open it." "Did the ancestors know what was in the cave mansion of the ancient emperor of Tuoshe?"? Is it really possible for people to enter Dou Di? Xiao Yan frowned slightly and said. Dou Di.. "Xiao Xuan said softly the title that once made him extremely persistent and hard-working. He said softly," On the mainland of Dou Qi, counting the time, I'm afraid it's been ten thousand years since there was a strong Dou Di. No one knows what's going on. In ancient times, fake blossom tree ,faux ficus tree, although the strong Dou Di was also the strongest between heaven and earth, But after all, there is a real existence, but now, that kind of realm, has only existed in the legend. "Ancient things, can not be studied, no one understands why it is so difficult to practice to the level of Dou Di now..". When I reached the peak of the late Nine Stars Dou Sheng. I have tried to hit that illusory level, but in the end I still failed, but in that repeated failure, I also have a little discovery. In Xiao Xuan's eyes, there is a little light flashing. Oh? What discovery? Xiao Yan was in high spirits. At that time, with my strength, enough to really impact Dou Di. However, every time I was about to break through that barrier, a feeling of empty leakage would emerge from the depths of my soul. This feeling of empty leakage made me understand that in the process of impacting the level of Dou Di, I seemed to lack something. This kind of thing is extremely crucial. If I can get it, I will break through to Dou Di. It should not be a false statement. Xiao Xuan pursed his mouth tightly and looked a little serious. Hearing this, Xiao Yan looked thoughtful. He suddenly remembered the demon saint of the netherworld in the stone tablet of the python clan in Jiuyou. He had also said that there seemed to be something missing in the mainland of fighting spirit, and that was what was missing. It was only in ten thousand years that no strong man had ever broken through to the level of Dou Di. What exactly is missing? Xiao Yan frowned. "That kind of lack of things, maybe something, but I think more, should be a strange energy, this energy, in ancient times should exist, but now, it is more and more thin, or even completely disappear.." Xiao Xuan eyes have a wise color flashing, he looked at Xiao Yan, said: "This key energy, I call it the original emperor gas. Only with this kind of original imperial spirit can we truly break through that barrier and become the strongest between heaven and earth! "The original emperor gas.." Xiao Yan murmured in the mouth, this kind of feeling, he has never had, presumably should be the reason that has not yet reached the late period of the nine-star Dou Sheng. Ancestors mean that in ancient times, they had the original imperial spirit, so they were able to fight the strong emperor, but now the original imperial spirit between heaven and earth has disappeared, so there is no strong emperor? "It should be so. I have traveled through most parts of the mainland, but I still don't feel the existence of the original imperial spirit." Xiao Xuan nodded and said. In that case, the present mainland of Dou Qi will no longer give birth to a strong Dou Di? But the Emperor of Soul Heaven firmly believed that the cave mansion of Tuoshe Ancient Emperor could make him break through. Could it be that the cave mansion had the existence of the original emperor's spirit? Xiao Yan's eyes flashed and he said. I don't know if the cave mansion of Tuoshe Ancient Emperor has the original imperial spirit, but I do know that in the cave mansion, there is an imperial elixir in the embryonic form, and the goal of the Emperor of Soul Heaven is it. Xiao Xuan shook his head and said. The rudiment of the Emperor's elixir? Hearing this, Xiao Yan felt a shock in his heart, and his complexion changed slightly. As an alchemist, he was naturally very clear about the elixir of Emperor Pin. In the eyes of many alchemists, the elixir of Emperor Pin was their belief and pursuit. The highest grade of elixir made countless alchemists work hard crazily, but.. The same Since ancient times,faux grass wall, it seems that no one has been able to refine the imperial elixir, and even the nine-grade elixir has become much rarer. Although there are some reasons for the inheritance of alchemists, the main reason is that there is no original imperial spirit between heaven and earth.