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    January 16, 2023 9:38 PM PST

    Early the next morning, Hu Yuyin still dragged a bamboo broom to clean the bluestone street. She used to sweep the street in silence, but now she sweeps the street happily. She has a kind of foolishness. She sweeps the street when she is rehabilitated. If she doesn't sweep the street, her bones will itch? No, it's not. 。 To be a woman, she has her own ideas. She wants to thank her neighbors. Thanks to your kindness and conscience over the years, she has not trampled Yuyin to death. Jade sound is not to eat your loss, you more or less also protect jade sound, to leave a life. Yuyin did not suffer the loss of anyone, but the loss of the superior policy. Over the years, Hu Yuyin got up early every morning to sweep the streets, and only then did the neighbors know that this black woman was there, and that the new rich peasant woman was still there. Since the jade sound back when the bad luck when sweeping the street, now the luck is good can also sweep the street. What's so ugly about street sweeping? What's wrong with that ? Those who beg for food in the new society People who ask for relief and subsidies are ugly. I heard that the people in charge of street sweeping at the big ports in Beijing and Shanghai were called cleaners, and they were also people's representatives, and their photos were reported, so they were praised. In fact, Hu Yuyin still gets up early in the morning to sweep the bluestone street, and there is a secret in her heart. She knew that Brother Shutian was thousands of miles away on the shore of Dongting Lake, and when he received the notice of rehabilitation and correction, he would rush back overnight and fly back with wings. My own flesh and blood haven't met yet. Is the woman who has been separated for nine years old? Yuyin knows Brother Shutian's heart is already burning and broken. Does he have to come back overnight? Yuyin couldn't sleep all night. 。 Xiaojunjun slept like a little fool, Ren Yuyin hugged him and kissed him without waking up. Jade sound is the whole night all night did not hear footsteps, knock on the door, did not wait for the book field elder brother. When I came back, I had a premonition that Brother Shutian would come back in the morning! Listen to others The shuttle bus from the prefecture to the county seat arrives in the afternoon. There are still sixty miles from the county seat to Furong Town. Brother Shutian will come back along the highway overnight, regardless of the shop in the city! Yes Come back overnight.. After sweeping a street, the day was bright, and Yuyin was disappointed. She complained in her heart: "Men, men, are always careless.". You haven't completed the formalities, and you can't get away at once. You should write a letter and send a telegram first. So that people will not look at it all night and all morning,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, and their neck bones will be long, and they will have no conscience! Maybe brother Shutian will come back When I arrived at the county, I went through the formalities of resuming work first? Ouch A man's heart is higher than the sky and bigger than the sky. Yuyin doesn't like you to do that ghost job, so as not to get into trouble again. You stay by Yuyin's side, take Xiaojunjun, plant private plots, raise pigs, chickens and ducks, work collectively, embroider our buildings with lace, match them with music, and spend your days happily.. These years of torture have also made Hu Yuyin timid and suspicious. From the day she was corrected and her hat was removed, she was afraid of change, afraid that people would suddenly shout, "Down with the new rich peasant woman!" The trapped militia would suddenly come and put a black card on her, drag her to a struggle meeting, Automated warehouse systems ,warehouse storage racks, and punish her to kneel down.. She was always frightened and nervous. She eagerly looked forward to brother Shutian coming back and living a good life together! Even for two or three days. For ten days and a half months, I straightened my back and walked side by side in the street like those couples, talking and laughing, going in and out of the department store. Brother Shutian, come back quickly. Why don't you come back! In case one day I put on the hat of the new rich peasant woman again, and you became a rightist before we met, and the "eight characters" cast the life, then crying can not win.. Early in the morning, there was fog, dew and frost, and it was a little cold. Hu Yuyin went to clean the bluestone street again. She didn't sleep well at night, dragging her tired legs and listless. I'm tired of looking forward to men. Disappointment in the morning and in the evening. She always cries at night and changes her pillow handkerchief every day. If a man doesn't come back, what kind of correction and rehabilitation is she! What's the point of all this? What's the use! She really wanted to go to the town's Revolutionary Committee to quarrel. Go to make trouble: Why doesn't my brother Shutian come back? How do you implement your policy? ? Why don't you go and put him back? ?…… Bamboo broom scraped the bluestone, sand, sand, sand, she swept to the corner of the wall of the supply and marketing cooperative, and leaned against the wall to rest. She could not help leaning out to look at the side door in the alley, where Wang Qiushe had broken his foot. Now the side door has been built with bricks, leaving only a frame of door marks. Who cares, those old things, still think about what it's going to do. Turning around, he picked up the broom, and suddenly a figure in front of him, carrying a travel bag or something, hurried towards him. It was probably a passenger who caught the early train. This guest, without asking clearly, is going the wrong way. The bus is standing at that end. He should have turned around. But the man was still hurrying towards him. Alas, too lazy to shout, wait for him to come to his side, then tell him to turn back. The bamboo broom scraped the bluestone, rustling, rustling.. "玉音 ? Yuyin Yu Yin! Which one is shouting? Call your own name so early. ? Hu Yuyin's eyes are a little blurred. In a blur, a tall and thin man stood in front of him, with a beard, wearing a new suit of clothes and trousers, and putting a bag at his feet. The man stood there like a log in a daze. Hu Yuyin could not help but take a step back. Yuyin, Yuyin! Yuyin ——!” The man's voice grew louder and louder, and he opened his hands as if he were going to jump at himself. Hu Yuyin's eyes are covered. She hates it so much! I can't see clearly face to face. I can't recognize people. She's got no heart, damn it, no heart! Is this man brother Shutian? ? I'm dreaming again. ? Brother Shutian Brother Shutian, looking forward to it day and night? That's not true No, how could it be so sudden and so easy? She trembled all over. His mouth was trembling, his heart was beating in his throat, and he was suffocating in his chest. She finally let out a ground-breaking cry: "Book-Tian-Brother-!" Qin Shutian's stout arms hugged his woman, hugged her tightly, and hugged Yuyin's feet off the ground. Yuyin is soft all over, like a vine. Her eyes were closed and her face was as white as a white jade sculpture. She let the man hold her tightly, and let the man's whiskers hurt on her face. She has only one feeling, the man came back,heavy duty rack manufacturers, not a dream, really came back. Even if you are dreaming, you should dream for a long time. Don't wake up at once.