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Infinite seckill of online games

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    January 16, 2023 9:38 PM PST

    Luo Lan a face question mark, "brother, you are not looking for an excuse to pinch me ah, obviously is the equipment after the release of Dongdong ah!" "Dizzy, smart-aleck girl, take a closer look!" "Oh, why not?" "Only false equipment is good or not?"? This necklace is not a false card. “……” That good-looking cloth armor gauntlet is a veritable false armor, and in our team, although the ice feather can also be equipped with false cloth armor, but her main equipment is chain mail after all, so there is no priority to distribute, this cloth armor can only belong to the spring hibiscus. And when the spring hibiscus is equipped with this armguard, the cloth armor armguard actually extends at the fastest speed, and the color slowly changes into a gorgeous pink! Finally, a hand guard in the shape of a petal of a morning glory has blossomed on the arm of the little girl. I couldn't help exclaiming, "It's really beautiful, but this attribute seems to be more powerful!" In the past, the little girl with a lot of invincible vocabulary could hardly speak at the moment, and nodded with a smile, "Uh-huh!" [False Cloth Armor Wristband] Grade: Platinum Equipment Type: Metal Armor Service Level: 140 Base properties: Physical Defense: 1400 Magic Defense: 5600 Additional Points: Intelligence + 400 Agility + 200 Constitution + 200 Unseal attributes: Blood volume + 1250 Blood volume + 1250 Interruption resistance + 10% Dancer Skill Chant Speed increased by 8% After six components are assembled, the suit attribute can be triggered. Equipment binding,medium duty racking, death protection.. Blood volume added 2500 points, for the "bloodthirsty" little girl is a big love, and the dancer's war dance skills because of the slow singing speed, so the most feared is to be interrupted, so, the improvement of singing speed and the addition of anti-interruption attributes, can undoubtedly raise the level of the little girl to a higher level. No wonder she was so happy. However, as Luo Lan slowly opened the ice blue necklace,heavy duty cantilever racks, a little beauty's face also emerged and the spring hibiscus very similar smile. Indeed, this necklace is also a pure masterpiece. [Bingxin Necklace] Grade: Platinum Equipment type: Jewelry Service Level: 140 Base properties: Magic Defense + 4500 Magic Attack + 4500 Additional Points: Intelligence + 400 Agility + 400 Constitution + 400 Unseal attributes: Maximum Blood Volume + 5% Increases healing by 1500 Increases healing by 1500 Increases the chant time of water skill by 15%. …… Powerful priest special necklace, especially suitable for the lovely little priest in our team, the holy priest with super high physical growth currently needs not pure equipment to increase the amount of blood, but more equipment to add the upper limit of blood, this chain undoubtedly meets this point, and the substantial increase in the amount of healing has a great role in promoting our subsequent brush strange push king. I picked up this chain, smiled and said, "Yes, I estimate that this chain can be sold at least 1 million yuan in special department stores. Well, we can share the money after it is sold." Ice feather worry-free bad smile, "no problem, but brother, I have something to tell you." What's the matter, heavy duty metal racking ,industrial racking systems, Bingbing? Say quickly, I am very hungry, want to get off the line to eat! Bingyu said lightly, "in fact, it's no big deal, but if you sell this chain, I won't give you another drop of blood in the future." I decisively handed her Bingxin necklace, "depressed, it seems that brother is not born to molest others!" All the girls laughed. Ice feather worry-free after equipping this necklace, originally very beautiful person appears more exquisite. Have to say, bejeweled with beauty, this sentence is not added, cappuccino that old boy is really lucky, can find such a beautiful and intelligent, beautiful appearance, exquisite figure of the little beauty as a girlfriend. Bingyu said with a smile, "Brother, there is something I have forgotten to tell you all the time. Do you know that Hainabaichuan is the healing skill of the water system, so the singing speed has to be increased by 15%." I was stunned, and then I said with great certainty, "Bingbing, I have a hunch that after you entered the top eight in China, I have a hunch that you may become a dark horse in the Asian Cup." Bingyu's worry-free words are still peaceful, "Brother, I didn't think so much, I just hope I can solve a few more enemies for you in the game." "Silly girl!" I touched Bingyu's head lovingly. To be honest, I have the same feeling about Bingyu as my brother and sister. Since we met for the first time, it seems that we have locked in this relationship, so later there will be the reincarnation team to join, as well as the mutual help between us and reincarnation. After cleaning the floor quickly, I ran to the corner of a BOSS room, directly entered the stealth state, took off the light-sensitive glasses, and MMs were offline one after another. After washing my hands, I went downstairs and walked into the living room, only to find Qiuyu sitting alone at the table, holding her beautiful face in both hands and staring blankly at the food. When I walked up to her, she looked back at me, and I found that her eyes were moist, "Xiao Fei, don't be so nice to me.." The reason why she was moved was that there were several steaming home-style dishes on the table, such as yellow braised beef with golden color, braised beef marrow with white jade and golden juice, hand-grilled mutton with full game flavor, pot collapse tenderloin with Gankun inside, and single gluten with strong gluten flavor.. Of course, there is also a very appetizing Hot and Sour Soup. These are Hongqishun's famous dishes,metal racking systems, which I ordered "Astro Boy" to prepare in the game. Unexpectedly, Astro Boy bought the dishes from Hexi District so quickly, and they also exude rich fragrance.