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Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear

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    January 16, 2023 9:37 PM PST

    "Yes." Sapphire did not shy away from admitting it. There's nothing wrong with him liking her. His wish is so pure, kind and lovely. She always thinks of herself, relies on him and trusts him. Work hard to practice, from the beginning of learning to cook, every day for him to make delicious food. He had no reason not to like such a girl who loved him wholeheartedly. At this time, if he did not admit it, would the world think that she had seduced him? Headmaster and Xu Ruyi were shocked at the same time. He admitted it! He admitted it! "Elder Qingyu, you." "Brother Qingyu!" Xu Ruyi did not care about anything and threw himself directly into his arms. She buried her head intimately in his chest and kept rubbing and rubbing. I like you too, I really like you. She murmured in a low voice. Sapphire gently stroked her thin back and looked at the girl acting like a spoiled child on him. The Headmaster came to his senses and said angrily, "Elder Qingyu, she is a flower demon, not a human woman!" "I know, I don't need to be reminded by the master." "Do you know what you're talking about?!" Of course I know. I like her, and Ruyi is no longer my disciple. "Shemales can't fall in love!" "Is there any basis for the master's words?" “……” Headmaster half opened his mouth. Everyone says so, do you need a basis? Finally, the master can only sigh heavily. Unexpectedly,metal racking systems, everyone's favorite Qingyu Elder will fall in love with a flower demon! They thought he would be the first Taoist to rise in Xuanji Pavilion. As soon as the master left, Xu Ruyi raised his little face. Brother Qingyu, do you really like me? Sapphire nodded, "yes." Xu Ruyi dragged him and quickly printed a kiss on his cheek. Then you mustn't look at another woman! She spoke in a domineering manner. Don't look. Sapphire promised. When he understands his heart, he will naturally stop looking at another woman differently. Am I still dreaming. Xu Ruyi couldn't believe it. (To be continued.) Chapter 1387 Millennium Flower Demon vs Qingxiu Taoist Priest. Sapphire grabbed her little hand and wrapped it in her warm palm. "Of course not," he said softly. Qingyu is a responsible man. He has seen,teardrop pallet racking, touched and kissed her. He eats and lives with her every day. Nothing happened, though. But should we take advantage of her simple ignorance and pretend that nothing happened and expose it? In the end, he decided he should take responsibility for his actions. That's great. Xu Ruyi was excited. "So, brother Qingyu won't drive me away?" "No." She's homeless. Where is she going? Xu Ruyi's eyes sparkled with a touch of moving brilliance. "So, who am I now?" There was a red cloud on Sapphire's face. He turned his head, trying to avoid the subject. But Xu Ruyi refused. She stood on tiptoe, grabbed him by the collar, and spoke savagely, "Say.." I am neither your disciple nor a disciple of Xuanji Pavilion. You can't let people follow you like this for no reason. "Lover." Sapphire said softly. Uh "Lover." He repeated. Hehehe.. Xu Ruyi smiled happily. Sapphire is somewhat shallow. He wanted to sulk, but the little guy in front of him didn't give him any face and kept laughing. Leave He turned and walked outside. Wait Xu Ruyi stopped him. What's the matter? Xu Ruyi made a shy gesture in the back, wringing his fingers, automated warehouse systems ,shuttle rack system, "kiss." Sapphire was stupefied. His eyes could not help but move down quietly and see the small red mouth. I tasted it once before, and I have been thinking about it all the time. Now he was so blatantly seducing himself that he felt a tightness in his throat again. I should have refused, but I put my hand around her waist. Sapphire looked at the little girl in front of him, who was only in the position of his chest. He held his chest slightly and bowed his head. Moments later, he touched her lips lightly. I just wanted to give her a shallow kiss, but I didn't expect to go deep into it uncontrollably. If there is a sweet spring in Ruyi's mouth, it makes him constantly want to explore and ask for more. After a long time, he let her go. Xu Ruyi's body was a little weak, so he had to lean on his chest and breathe lightly, "Qingyu brother, you are good or bad." “……” He didn't know how to answer. Just let her hold him in silence. Moments later, Sapphire said, "Ruyi, there is a holy fruit growing in the Tongta Forest. I want to fetch it for you." "For me?" Sapphire gently eased his breath, he nodded, "well.". Your strength is too weak. With the help of Yibao, you can get twice the result with half the effort. "When do you leave?" She asked. Disciples from all the major schools have entered one after another, and we should do it as soon as possible. He sighed lightly. Reach out to caress her thin back, reluctantly confessed, "Ruyi, before I go, I will set a boundary.". You take care of yourself. "You're going to leave me alone?" Her eyes widened. Of course not. "Then I'll go too!" It's dangerous there. Ruyi, be obedient. No. Since it's dangerous, how can I trust you to go alone? Brother Qingyu, if you don't take me with you, I'll sneak away alone! In the original plot, Sapphire was drugged there, and then came together with the original heroine. She will never let history repeat itself. Sapphire could not resist her, so she had to pack up her baggage, and they decided to set out a day later. Brother Ruyi, open the door! Outside, Youyou, carrying a small bundle, kept beating on the door. What are you doing here? Sapphire walked over and frowned. This little girl is more disruptive than his Ruyi. (To be continued.) Chapter 1388 Millennium Flower Demon vs Qingxiu Taoist Priest. "I want to follow my brother Ruyi!" Youyou puffed out her chest. "I'm already his man." Sapphire was speechless and looked at the past with a slightly reproachful look. Ruyi, this little bad guy, not only often teases himself,push back racking system, but now even the little girl's heart is going to be cheated. Listening to Youyou say that she is hers, Qingyu's heart has a trace of jealousy. Brother Qingyu, I am wronged. Xu Ruyi said he was innocent.