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    January 16, 2023 9:37 PM PST

    A slow knocking in the ear. Come in Sahlin casually unlocked the magic lock he had arranged, and Nellis quietly entered Sahlin's room. Master, you seem very uneasy. Nelis came to Sarin. Sit on your knees like a dutiful summoning pet. Nelis, if you are the most powerful demon. What are you going to do when you return to the Demon Plane? Sarin asked a strange question. Nellis hesitated for a moment, a moment of confusion in her green eyes, and then said, "If I were the most powerful demon, I would take my master to the demon plane, cancel the contract, and make my master my contract creature." Sarin was not angry, but asked lightly, "Nelis, are you trying to get revenge?" Of course not. What do I have to retaliate against. It's just that I want to be free, and I don't want to leave my master. The best outcome would be for us to switch positions. "In that case, I will lose my freedom." "Only in this way can the master understand my feelings." "Nelis, if you want to be free.." "No, I'm not the most powerful demon." Nelis interrupted Sarin and lowered her head, not knowing what she was thinking. Nelis heart is also fear, as she gradually mature, some things, naturally understand. Her blood is very special,industrial racking systems, and there is a lot of room for growth. It is very difficult for a small demon like Lolo Galo to grow up in the demon plane. For special reasons, she gained almost unlimited life before she grew up in the land of Mels. Sooner or later, her power will break through the rules of the plane and out of Sarin's control. Nelis did not know what she would do if she really had that day. At least for now, she can determine what she will do tomorrow to help her master become strong. Nelis, when I come out of Purgatory, I will go to Holy Rock City and meet Joey. You can go with me. "Is that a very dangerous man?" Probably the most dangerous man in the world. But I promised him that if I didn't go, I would break my promise. "Is Sister Sika going too?" "No,radio shuttle racking, just me and you." "Master, Holy Rock City, doesn't seem to be too friendly to you." Nelis reminded Sahlin. Are you afraid? "What are you afraid of? Big deal." Nelis almost told the truth. She estimated that when she left the desert of purgatory, she had already summoned the devil. At the worst, she took Sarin and fled to the demon plane. Although the demon plane is equally dangerous, but as Lolo Galo, who already has three abilities, it is not a problem to protect Sarin, a five-level magician, because Nelis already has the ability to use magic. She will get all the remaining contract scrolls of Rex. When the time comes, she will capture a large number of demons as her subordinates. Even the big demons will not easily provoke her. Nelis herself was from the Demon Plane, and as long as she got the coordinates and summoned the first demon, she could find a way back to the Demon Plane. At that time, there were few people on the land of Mels who could threaten her safety. It would be safer to get in and out of the plane if Rex's ring of Shinra could be snatched. Unfortunately, the master would not promise himself, pallet rack shelving ,push back racking system, and Nellis shook her head helplessly. Sarin patted her on the head and said, "Don't worry, my badge is almost full of energy again.". Even a nine-level magician can't stand the power of thunder and lightning. Unfortunately, your power is only defensive and can't be released to kill the enemy. "Master, aren't those brontosaurs you raised all right?" "Brontosaurus must evolve, or it cannot live without water.". I don't have enough magic cores on hand, and I consume too much meat every day. "Master, I have a way." "What way?" "You'll know when the time comes." Nelis thought, what is the most in the Demon Plane? Demon bugs. Demon bugs on the Demon Plane, some bigger than a whale. Enough to feed a brontosaurus. After you summon enough demons, let these demons catch magic insects for your master, and your master won't have to worry about the food of the brontosaurus. Nelis, don't let the brontosaurus eat people. Sarin thought Nelis was going to hunt humans for herself. When he was in the city, he realized something, and if he was asked to do such a thing again, he would not say anything. Master, I don't want to eat anything that doesn't taste good. Nelis licked her lips and looked aggrieved. All right, all right, I know, Nelis, be patient, and from this day on, don't leave me half a step until … "I understand." Nellis beamed at once. It was not difficult to kill Bivano, who was leering at himself and was not on guard at all. That guy's armor is a little strange, the dragon's tooth dagger may not be able to pierce, but his neck can not be protected by armor, just bite off. Nelis had never seen anyone live with a broken neck, and she was good at biting off the neck of her prey. After all, Bivano was not a dandy. He returned to the Fire Dance City, summoned the nobles who had come to join him, redistributed the defense plan, distributed food, and stabilized people's hearts. Then he began to gather his army and prepare to attack the lair of the Red Army. Rex and Sarin were temporarily put behind him and not harassed. Bifano had planned to give up the city of fire dance, but this time he followed a lot of nobles, the size of the city of fire dance army expanded to twenty thousand people, not counting his own five thousand elite. With these twenty thousand people, he can guard the city. Fire dance city terrain is too special, the army around it is difficult to move, only the cavalry can get in and out quickly, can not carry large siege equipment. And the need to defend is only the front of the city, twenty thousand troops, enough to withstand one hundred thousand troops. What's more, according to the present posture, there will be more people to come, father now do not know where, once heard that he is here to stabilize,asrs warehouse, must find a way to come back. If my father comes back, he will have a much greater appeal than himself, and then he will be able to use the two strongholds of the Fire Dance City and the Temple to fight against the invading cloud army.