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Wolf in sheep's clothing: Sir, I will protect you

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    January 16, 2023 9:37 PM PST

    The bamboo in the belly can't be saved, and she can't save herself. Why is it that everything has changed in such a short time? She could not imagine, if the invincible lost Xiao Zhu, lost her, his world, what would be like? "If there is an antidote, can the baby in my belly be saved?" Jin Ling asked in a daze. Lv Yaoshi sighed: "This child is doomed to this doom, alas." Lv Yaoshi finished and left. Jin Ling stood there in a daze. I can't come to my senses for a long time. Also do not know how long to stand, until the figure of Oriental Invincible appeared in their own line of sight, she did not come to her senses. The sadness in my heart was so bitter that even tears could not flow out. Uh East Invincible walked up to Jin Ling and gave a confused hum. Feeling, something is wrong with her, why a person in a daze here? "Did General Han tell you about sending troops again?" Jin Ling squeezed out a smile to make himself look good, really good. Pharmacist Lv said he would find the antidote, didn't he? She shouldn't be so sad. Yesterday was fine, today met these things, maybe tomorrow will be fine again? She should be full of hope. With Oriental Invincible for so long,Dissolved Gas Flotation, how many times have they met despair together, and finally they have gone through it together? This time, it must be possible. Oriental Invincible did not answer Jin Ling's question, but reached out and touched her forehead, feeling a little cold. He frowned slightly. "Did something happen?" Her smile could not hide her inner feelings. No, just see General Han looking for you,rotary vacuum disc filters, some uneasy feeling, you promised me, will not send troops in the near future, right? Jin Ling did not intend to tell Oriental Invincible about the poisoning. Take my life and give him a hundred thousand soldiers [48] "No, I just feel a little uneasy when I see General Han looking for you. You promised me that you wouldn't send troops in the near future, right?" Jin Ling did not intend to tell Oriental Invincible about the poisoning. She needs time. Yesterday I was as happy as honey, but today I have suffered such a heavy blow. She was sad, and she knew that the invincible would be more sad than she was. Well, I promised you. Oriental Invincible nodded, but in his heart, he had another idea. Jin Ling, rapid sand filters ,fine bubble diffuser, I'm sad. It's not because he sent troops. Eyes, inadvertently touched the side of the ground was lifted the soil, white as powdery things into the line of sight. Oriental Invincible frowned slightly, a bad feeling. ————————————————-——————————————————-—— Han Chenghe's mansion. What do you mean, the king set up a poison array in the bamboo forest? Han Chenghe looked at Lv Yaoshi in amazement, with an expression of disbelief. Lu Yaoshi nodded his head. Sigh. Arsenic is earth, dust is sweet and grows on it, and the third herb helps its taste. As long as you smell it for a long time, you will be poisoned. How is that possible? How could the king do this to Qianli Shaozhu? Han Chenghe was obviously a little excited. When he came to the Xianzu from Oriental Invincible, he felt that Oriental Invincible was disgusted with the king. He Han Chenghe also said a lot of good words for Wang in front of Oriental Invincible. After knowing that the bamboo forest was prepared for Oriental Invincible, he really thought that Wang just wanted Oriental Invincible to return to this real home. But if it is really as Lv Yaoshi said, the bamboo forest is also a stratagem for the king to deal with the East Invincible. Such a king made him feel a little horrible when he thought about it. I have looked around the hut. Arsenic is buried ten meters behind and ten meters to the side. I have also observed the terrain there. As long as there is wind, it only comes from these two directions. Therefore, the arsenic is really prepared for the people in the hut. Lv Yaoshi said. Take my life and give him a hundred thousand soldiers [49] "I looked around the hut. Arsenic was buried ten meters behind and ten meters to the side. I also observed the terrain there. As long as there was wind, it only came from these two directions. So the arsenic was really prepared for the people in the hut." Lv Yaoshi said. "Oh, how could that be?"? That bamboo forest has been planted for so many years, and that small hut has been there for several years, if it's really the king. Han Chenghe can't imagine. In this way, the conspiracy began many years ago. This kind of poison is too insidious, even if it is already highly poisonous, but it is not easy to detect, there are no obvious symptoms, and if it is really found, it is generally powerless, such as smoking hemp, not ghosts, and eventually self-mutilation and death. As soon as Lv Yaoshi thought of the poison on Jin Ling's body, his body could not help but feel a chill. At least the child in Jin Ling's belly is absolutely innocent. Hearing what Lu Yaoshi said, Han Chenghe's face was even more gloomy. How did this happen? "Follow the king for so many years, although always know that the king is a very ruthless person, but." But the king should not have killed the young Lord of a thousand miles like this. It can be seen that Wang really used his heart to the East Invincible. Is such an intention, just to calculate their own son? "No, the king doesn't want to kill Qianli Shaozhu, but to control Qianli Shaozhu." Lu Yaoshi shook his head and said. Uh? Control Han Chenghe doesn't know what it means. Although that kind of poison is terrible, but those are only things in the later stage of poisoning, but if you take some antidote regularly when you are poisoned, you can control a person's consciousness and behavior. I think there should be a half-solution antidote in Wang's hands. Lv Yaoshi said. Half solution? That is,wall penstocks, poison does not dissolve, but will not poison hair? Han Chenghe asked. Pharmacist Lu nodded, but frowned again. "There's just one thing I still don't understand." Han Chenghe: "What's the matter?" "Miss Jin Ling and Qianli Shaozhu live together in a hut. Why is Miss Jin Ling the only one who is poisoned?"? But there is no sign of poisoning in Qianli Shaozhu? 。