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Love at a glance, uncle marry cruel impatient

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    January 16, 2023 9:37 PM PST

    "Gardenia, my Gardenia!" A tear fell down Jiang Haicheng's eyes, and a pair of big hands passed through her waist and held her tightly in her arms. Ha, ha, ha, ha.. Jiang Xiaozhi laughed happily when he held him flying. Xiaozhi, I have a child, I have a child with Xiaozhi! He announced loudly that he was coming, holding her in his arms and spinning round and round. Jiang's family, who had received the news, heard Jiang Haicheng's smile as soon as they got off the elevator, and hurried over to hear such exciting good news. Meng Zhirou and Jiang Minghui looked at each other with tears in their eyes. —— Jiang Xiaozhi has been in a good mood since she was pregnant. It is strange that Jiang Xiaozhi did not have the so-called pregnancy reaction after she was pregnant with a baby. This month's belly can not be seen, so Xiaozhi looks the same as usual. The wedding date was set on November 19. Originally, Jiang Haicheng wanted to change it later and let her give birth to a baby, but Xiaozhi did not agree. Finally, the Jiang family, including Jiang Haicheng, could not persuade her at all, so the wedding was as scheduled. November nineteenth. On that day, the weather was warm and sunny, and the sunshine seemed to be plated with a layer of gold. Yes, every beam of light that fell had the taste of happiness. Although Jiang Xiaozhi has no resistance to the church, but the wedding is a woman's life event, Jiang Haicheng wants to give Xiaozhi a perfect wedding, no regrets about the wedding! "Did my daughter bother you?" Jiang Haicheng came over and reached out to hold her from behind. No Jiang Xiaozhi shakes his head, this belly is only more than two months old, there is no reaction at all. Then why aren't you happy? Jiang Haicheng turned around and the makeup artist came to make up for her, but she suddenly said she was tired. He just thought it was his baby daughter who was making trouble for her again, so he hurried over to have a look. Second uncle! Xiao Zhi turned around from the window,multi disc screw press, holding Jiang Haicheng in both hands and sticking to his head. What's the matter? Jiang Haicheng looked at her so coquettishly and asked in a low voice. Nothing, I just want to hold you like this! Nothing is happier than holding the person she loves. She never thought she would marry such an excellent person. Today, at such a moment, there is a lot of joy outside the window. Perhaps because she has a child, she has a little nervousness and feels that she is not worthy of such a perfect person. I'll give you a hug every day! He laughed and looked at her as sticky as a child. Uncle, when did you fall in love with me? She asked in a low voice. A simple question, but Jiang Haicheng asked, when did he fall in love with her, perhaps in the short time he went to the United States to accompany her, or perhaps in the sweet and greasy second uncle, he was asked, looking at her in front of him! The long red carpet covered the whole manor. Jiang Xiaozhi's favorite pink rose extended from the starting point to the end point. She was dressed in a long white gauze and he was dressed in a white suit. She was at the starting point and he was at the end point. Four eyes met across the 9999 steps. He was straight and watched her walk slowly here, holding Jiang Minghui's arm. He suddenly understood that there was no time to fall in love, and then he fell in love. In the blooming season, Lamella Plate Settler ,filter nozzle, when the spring breeze rises, when the winter snow falls, when she runs to him again and again, he has fallen in love with her, very early! The moment I fell in love with her, the world changed and became colorful! —— Three months later. The sun shines on the spacious balcony, on the blue rattan chair, Jiang Xiaozhi is holding two legs, holding a book in his hand, but his eyes are closed tightly. Fall asleep again? Jiang Haicheng came over gently and looked at her little red face illuminated by the sun and said with a smile. Squatting beside her, I took the book in her hand, page fourteen, remember yesterday was page fourteen, shaking my head with a light smile, I'm afraid I can't finish reading it until my daughter is born. Who is blocking my sunshine? Jiang Xiaozhi squinted, too dazzling, and reached out to block it. It's me Jiang Haicheng smiled and pressed his face against the past. Second uncle! Jiang Xiaozhi stretched out his hand and put it around his neck. Jiang Haicheng took advantage of the situation and held her in his arms. He sat on the rattan chair. "Wake up?" "Well, I wasn't sleepy, but I couldn't open my eyes in the sun." Jiang Xiaozhi lay in the crook of his arm, his little hand gently poking his chest. What do you want to name your daughter? Jiang Haicheng looked at her lower abdomen, which had bulged up these days, with a soft face. Jiang Xiaozhi shrugged her brows. Yes, this daughter is almost six months old, but she still has no name. She is called a daughter all day long. Now that I think about it, it's time to have a name. You're happy to have a daughter! Jiang Xiaozhi smiled and reached out to scratch the new beard residue on his chin. What, you're not happy? Jiang Haicheng's handsome face fell on the tip of her nose and kissed her gently. Yeah, I'm so jealous. You have a little lover! Jiang Xiaozhi smiled at him with a face. Xiaozhi, my fool! Jiang Haicheng laughed with her and held her tightly in his arms. Uncle, put me down, I'm very heavy! Since she was pregnant, she didn't do anything all day. She only knew how to eat and sleep, and her weight soared by more than 20 kilograms. It's all right. I can hold three of you, too! Scold her, he laughs. —— "Uncle, why did you take so long to take a bath?" Jiang Xiaozhi lies on the bed, this episode of TV series has been watched, the second uncle takes a bath before coming out. Uh Jiang Haicheng said in a muffled voice, but instead of speaking on weekdays, he came over quietly. Jiang Xiaozhi did not take it seriously, thinking that he had just taken a bath and was too hot to talk, so he moved his legs and went inside, leaving him a place! Wiping his hair dry, Jiang Haicheng lay beside her, but instead of holding her as usual, he deliberately left some space in the middle. Second uncle! Jiang Xiaozhi reached over with one hand, touched him, and then came towards him with the strength of his hand. Xiaozhi,Wall Penstocks, go to sleep! The arm is encircled by her, Jiang Haicheng body is fixed, dare not move.