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Rose stole his heart -- Blue

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    January 16, 2023 9:37 PM PST

    Jane shrugged. "You can understand that, too." Su Niannian: ".." A few days later, the hot search of Weibo suddenly exploded. The hot search with the title of # Su Nian Nian and Su Chang's love affair exposed # immediately occupied the first place. I heard that there was a crew member who revealed that Su Chang liked to fight with Su Niannian, the female number two in the movie, when he was on the shooting scene. They had a good relationship. Even Du Yan, the female number one, was left out in the cold. Later, it was said that they had a nose and eyes. It was said that they went out to eat and go shopping together, but they did not take specific photos. Entertainment marketing numbers were forwarded one after another, and fans broke out in an instant. Where did this Su Niannian come from? Hype self-respect. Don't our brothers make an appointment? Take them away. "As a fan of Su Chang, I can't accept it!" "An outsider said weakly, how can this Su Niannian be so popular recently? The resources are so good, and the peach blossoms are still so prosperous. She was also the one who took a photo with the male God of G speech before.." "My God, I won't be single even if I have a little luck in love." "It's just a rumor now. Why are you so serious? Just look at it." ——“……” ——“……” Comments said everything, Su Niannian also felt that her micro-blog instantly emerged a large wave of black fans, attitude is extremely arrogant, it seems that she has taken away their boyfriend posture. Su Niannian did not pay much attention to this now,lamella tube, but looked at Wen Runchuan, who was eating opposite. He ate so elegantly and slowly that he didn't seem to notice Su Niannian glancing around here. Su Niannian felt guilty today, and specially invited Wen Runchuan out for dinner, which was euphemistically called a candlelight dinner. Finally, Wen Runchuan wiped his mouth with a napkin and looked at Su Niannian opposite, "Why don't you eat?" "Not hungry." Wen Runchuan looked at her, slightly sketched the corners of his lips,Belt Filter Press, then waved to her and said softly, "Come here." Although Su Niannian did not know what he was going to do, he walked over obediently. Wen Runchuan grabbed her wrist. Su Niannian was caught off guard and sat directly on Wen Runchuan's lap, looking at him in amazement, "you." Wen Runchuan took out his cell phone and turned on the camera directly and quickly to take a selfie with them. After that, it is very decisive to upload Weibo and send it. Su Niannian looked at his series of operations and didn't understand what they meant. What are you.. Wen Runchuan raised his eyes lightly, the stars twinkled in his eyes, and the lips were lightly hooked, which seemed to contain a bit of belly black taste. Nothing. Just tell the people who hacked you, my people, that there's no need for hype. Chapter 037 Su Niannian sat on Wen Runchuan's thigh, somewhat restless, fine bubble diffuser ,MBR reactor, and could not help but move. Wen Runchuan's eyes darkened slightly. He clamped Su Niannian's slender waist with one hand and said with a slight threat, "Don't move." Su Niannian: ".." Rao is that she has never been in love, but at this age, she has already understood things. Her face turned red imperceptibly, and she was too stiff to move. She had no choice but to ask, "Don't you play micro-blog?" "I lied to you." Wen Runchuan answered as a matter of course. ……” "But before, I just looked around and didn't have any information. Today, I just asked my assistant to register some basic things for me." The mobile phone turned around in his hand, then opened the interface of Weibo and handed it to Su Niannian, saying, "Look at it." The profile photo on the homepage is a landscape photo, but the name is @ Wen Runchuan, and the authentication information below is the president of Wen's Group. Su Niannian could not help but give a low laugh, and sure enough, everything was done in a methodical way. She took a look and noticed that there was only one person in it. Click on one, it's her. Su Niannian slanted his head to look at him and asked with a bad smile, "I was the only one who paid attention to me. Did you always secretly look at my Weibo before?" “……” Wen Runchuan's Adam's apple slid up and down, his line of sight slightly evasive, leaning to one side, "just looking around." Tut, he is really a tough man. Su Niannian took one look at the photos they posted, clicked on them, and grumbled with some complaints: "If you want to take a picture, you don't take a good one. I didn't pose properly, and I didn't fix it. There seems to be a pimple on my forehead.." Looking at Su Niannian in front of himself, Wen Runchuan could not help but slightly move his lips. As Su Niannian spoke, she suddenly felt something was wrong. She looked at Wen Runchuan and asked, "No, you sent it so quickly. Are you afraid that I will stop you?" Wen Runchuan raised his eyebrows slightly. I'm doing this for your own good. I don't like to see people talking about you everywhere, and Grandma may also surf the Internet. If you see you gossip with other men, you will probably be very confused, so this is a matter of killing two birds with one stone. Su Niannian hesitated, "are you sure it's not." You don't like seeing me gossip with other men? This sentence hit the nail on the head. She looked straight at Wen Runchuan, trying to catch something from his eyes. Unexpectedly, Wen Runchuan admitted that he was magnanimous. Yes “…… Uh Now it was Su Niannian's turn to be a little confused. Wen Runchuan opened his thin lips slightly and said softly, "As I said just now, you are my man." You're my man. This sentence in Su Niannian mind after several circles before she came to her senses, she looked at Wen Runchuan, but some embarrassed cough,lamella clarifer, "so your intention is to break the scandal?" "Mmm." "But." Su Niannian couldn't help chuckling, "it's time for another scandal to get up." Wen Runchuan raised his eyebrows and looked at her. "That's not a scandal." Su Niannian looked at him with a blink of her eyelashes. That's true. The relationship between the two people is really "unusual". "Don't you mind?" Asked Su Niannian. "Nothing to mind?" "Aren't you very low-key? If so, I'm afraid there may be a lot of people talking about you in the future." 。