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    January 16, 2023 9:35 PM PST

    Every child, from childhood to adulthood, is supported by their parents. When they grow up and work, many people will show off to their parents. Getting paid for the first time and buying some gifts for their parents is the most sincere filial piety for everyone who has just grown up and started working. If I can enter the divine realm, maybe I will have a chance to go home. If my parents know that their son is not dead, they will be happier than when I called home and asked them if they had received the remittance. That time I remember dad, the kind of rigid old man, actually some cry also. He also told me that my mother had told everyone about my remittance. However, when Dad said it at that time, his proud tone did not necessarily mean where to go. Thinking of these things, Wang Fo'er was no longer too lazy to make any plans and immediately nodded. Elder Cang, we don't know much about Jian Jue. If we are lucky enough to discuss with those who have cultivated this secret skill in Longjiu Village, it will certainly be beneficial. When the old man saw Wang Fo'er's promise, he smiled and said, "This man has not moved to the Great Thunder Temple with us. If the abbot of Fo'er has time, he can go to Longjiu Village again. He is still in the Yan family's Wugong Stele." Wang Fo'er promised, took the eight elders, and walked away. This meeting,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, although the two sides did not talk about any substantive issues, but the mutual estrangement, the elimination of a layer. The two disciples of Xing and Yan are no longer so arrogant to the monks of Da Lei Yin Temple. Wang Fo'er, who comes from a modern society with advanced counseling, is very clear about the weaknesses of human nature, and has set up a set of plans for the psychology of young children in Longjiu Village. Although the swordplay of the Xing family is very good, everyone in the village practices it,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, and naturally they don't feel fresh. There are many martial arts in Dalantuo Temple, among which there are many very quick methods. Although these quick martial arts, it is impossible to practice to a profound realm, but the start is very fast, Wang Fo'er used to teach privately to those children of Longjiu Village who refused to work hard and had been stagnating. In a short time, it gained great popularity. Xiao _ Shuo t-x-t _ Tian/Tang In the seventeenth chapter, Mulian came out, and the Buddha was cunning. In the twinkling of an eye, the village elders such as Cang Laoren, Xingwu and Yanhuangshan turned a blind eye and ignored Wang Fo'er to let the monks of Daleiyin Temple teach him the Buddhist martial arts of the two disciples of Xing and Yan. Wang Fo'er's plan was progressing smoothly. At first, some of these young disciples looked down on the martial arts of Landa Temple. Some of them thought that the Dao of the Star Family was invincible and unparalleled in the world. But Wang Fo'er was very clever. He did not argue about who was strong and who was weak in the two schools of martial arts. He just tried his best to say that he knew his martial arts and that stones from other hills could be used to polish jade. Understanding the strengths of others can help you break through your own limits. He was more interested in mentioning a few examples. Several disciples of the Xing and Yan families had already stagnated in their cultivation of swords, but after they came into contact with the martial arts of Landa Temple, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, they learned by analogy and made great progress in their martial arts. These words do not sweep away the faces of the two schools of stars and swallows, the way of swords and the formula of swords, and they are very eloquent, so it is easy to break through the obstacles of some stubborn disciples. Moreover, the martial arts of Landa Temple itself is extensive and profound, and its origin is like the sea. Among them, there are several martial arts, and their achievements will never be inferior to those of Xingjia. These young disciples of Longjiu Village have extraordinary vision and insight. As soon as they begin to practice, they immediately become aware of the subtlety of the martial arts of Landa Temple. They indulge in it and find it difficult to extricate themselves. However, Wang Fo'er himself has not been able to spare time to go to the original site of Longjiu Village to visit the man at the Wugong Stele. Because after a long period of calm, the four forces around the Great Thunder Temple have gradually reacted and adjusted their strategies. First appeared in front of Wang Fo'er. He was the emissary of General Araki, who asked Wang Fo'er to send monks and soldiers to encircle and suppress the King of Northern Zhou together with him. Originally, Wang Fo'er and General Araki were nominally subjects of the Yuli Dynasty, the Demon Clan of Xidi. It is not surprising that they join hands to fight. But in the hands of Wang Fo'er, how can there be any monk soldiers to send? If you refuse, if you offend General Araki, if you agree, there are some obstacles. He also understood that this was General Araki's test of Leiyin Temple, and if a response was not good, it would be a great enemy under the tree. I won't send a monk soldier, but if he wants a corpse soldier. I can send him ten thousand. ” The emissary of General Araki was so silent that he did not even ask for a receipt. He handed in the letter and left immediately. Wang Fo'er didn't even have a chance to speak out. He thinks clearly. Take immediate action. Summon the Eight Elders to deliberate. During the discussion, Wang Fo'er asked, "I wonder which elder would like to go to General Araki and lead his troops to encircle and suppress the King of Northern Zhou?" When Elder Mulian heard Wang Fo'er's question, he couldn't bear it. He immediately got up and answered, "We are willing to transfer the Ice Elephant Hall to Elder Martial Brother Lingshan.". Go to General Araki to fight for help for the temple! Wang Fo'er nodded yes. After thinking about it, he said, "Elder Manglietia is kind and has strong martial arts.". I am very relieved to go to General Araki. However, there are few monks in this temple. You still have to take a corpse demon to mobilize the corpse soldiers. I have promised Jade Corpse True Pupil for a long time to let her go free. This is just for Elder Manglietia to go and tell her that you must beg. I promised to sell her a benefit. When Manglietia heard this, he was still thinking that the fire jade short ruler in Wang Fo'er's hand, the three big corpse demons in the town, the corpse soldiers led by these corpse demons, were the shield of the big thunder sound, and it was impossible for him to take it away. If you go to General Araki's station alone, you will not be favored, but you will become dependent on others, and there is no status to speak of. After pondering for a long time, Wang Fo'er said again, "Although the monks in this temple can't be taken away by Elder Manglietia, the militia I collected can also be divided into hundreds of Elder Manglietia. In addition, we have a good relationship with Longjiu Village recently. I can also borrow some children from the Star and Yan families.". "Elder Manglietia is here, and I'm relieved." Hearing that Wang Fo'er had arranged it so carefully,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, Manglietia had nothing to say. She clasped her palms together and announced the name of the Buddha in a low voice. She said respectfully, "Be careful of the abbot's orders. Manglietia can set out at any time." With a very sly smile in his eyes, Wang Fo'er waved the crowd away.