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What are you looking at?

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    January 16, 2023 9:26 PM PST

    "What are you looking at? Haven't you seen a beautiful woman?" Qu Tan'er Xiumei also followed a light pick, standing tired, footsteps a move, to the side of the chair to sit down, what shape is not image, let Mo Liancheng this engage in, all to save. I thought she could go on pretending, or she could go on enduring, but. It was all in vain. Sure enough, I didn't bring my mirror heart. It was really a big mistake. Indeed, you are much more interesting than Ben Wang imagined. "You knew I was faking?" Qu Tan er slightly squints the eye, is really suspicious, she is what kind of person, Mo Liancheng is clear from beginning to end. Exactly "When did it happen?" Sure enough. "From the first time Ben Wang saw you." "Wang Ye's skill is not bad, and his kungfu is first-class." "Thank you for your compliment." Mo Liancheng smiled faintly. Wang Ye, don't forget, I'm from Qufu. Isn't Wang Ye afraid that I'll tell my father about you? Qu Tan'er chuckled and didn't want to worry about anything any more. Now that he had said it, he was going to be divorced anyway, and he had to get his money back. Will you? "That's hard to say." Qu Tan'er shrugged her shoulders. She was not sure about this matter. Maybe one day she would spill the beans when she was unhappy. Yin Xiangnong, she was sent by the Second Prince. As a result, she has been here for two years and is still alive and well, because she knows nothing about the king. Mo Liancheng suddenly changed the subject, did not continue the original words, the words stopped for a while, glanced at her, and continued to say: "As for the cloud sorrow pity, she is the king's brother sent over, a brothel flower queen, but let people say that she is a lady." Chapter 88: In the future, I will only spoil her. Mo Liancheng continued to say: "As a result, if someone else wants to send it, the king can accept it all. Moreover, he also gave her absolute favor, so that her rights are equal to Yin Xiangnong's. As for those other women,Walking measuring wheel, the origin seems to be no worse." “……” Qu Tan'er was speechless. It turned out that he didn't know anything, but because he was too clear, it seemed meaningless. Even if he moved them a little, it would be too troublesome. You say, if these two most favored women in the eight royal palaces fight, what will happen? Will they die, or will both lose? “……” Qu Tan'er continued to be silent. This man, really enough ruthless, this move is also absolutely enough. She felt inferior to herself. Whose people are you? Big Wang Ye's, Second Wang Ye's? Mo Liancheng asked with a smile, not threatening, but as if he were asking about a busywork. I'm just my Qu Tan'er. "Oh, well.". However, the king can tell you, if you give the king back, you are the big prince's person or the second prince's person, you know, what will happen to you? "You have to silence him." Qu Tan'er trembled all over, Adhesive fish ruler ,Surveyors tape measure, for no reason so sure that Mo Liancheng would really kill her, and with Mo Liancheng these days, for the first time she really felt his horror, not what she could provoke. You are very clever. Mo Liancheng smiled, smiled eerily, for Qu Tan son's guess, and did not go to explain, but gave a guess of the affirmative meaning. In that case, don't bother to kill me, just divorce. Besides, if you divorce me, my father can't tolerate me. In this way, you can save some trouble. Why not? As I just said, if you divorce me, I will only have one thing, and I promise not to say anything about you to anyone. "What do you want?" "I want the bed in your bedroom." "It's too cheap to have a bed, and it's troublesome to move out. Wouldn't it be simpler for the king to give you the gold order?" "No, just that one bed.". But if you think you have too much money, you can change the gold into a silver note for me, and it will be more convenient for me to take it with me when I leave. Qu Tan'er waved her hand, not interested in what he said about Jin Ling, but only thinking about her big bed. Gold and silver can not be taken, but that bed, she must take away, even if not, but also on the top of the bed marked her name, telling all the people, that the bed is hers, dare to rob the bed with her, she will fight with him. "I'm afraid you can't think of this piece of silver, which is worth a lot of gold. Wouldn't it be a pity to miss it?" Mo Liancheng slowly took out the gold order from his waist and handed it over to Qu Tan'er. Qu Tan'er did not understand what he meant, but when someone else sent the gold over, there was no reason not to? It was heavy and glittering, and although the shape was a little strange, I was sure it was gold. That, that bed thing? She was afraid that if she gave the gold, she would go back on her word and not give the bed, then she would have to cry. If you like it, I'll give it to you. "Thank you, please leave a book." Qu Tan'er was not wordy either. He inserted Jin Ling into his waist and stretched out his hand again. The meaning was obvious again. Did Ben Wang say that he would divorce you? Chapter 89: If you like that bed, I'll give you 1. Chapter 89: If you like that bed, I'll give you 1. Mo Liancheng lightly looked at her to insert the gold order in the waist place, also did not say anything, the line of sight turned to her to extend to him the hand, the eyebrow peak was lightly picked up. Do you want to go back on your word? Qu Tan'er pursed the corners of her mouth and stared at him in disbelief. Sure enough, if a man's words can be trusted, the sow will fly. Did Ben Wang promise? "You were just." "Does the king have a written document?" "You.." The man turned his face and denied it, and now she understood it. Since there is no, then naturally the divorce book will not be given to you, you are still the king's eight princesses. Mo Liancheng smiled faintly and didn't mind letting her misunderstand at all. So you mean you won't give me the bed in your bedroom? Qu Tan'er's eyes narrowed and she swept past. If he really dared to say yes, then she would fight with him. At this time, the powder fist clenched, the anger rose wildly, can not help wondering, endure two years of emotions,horse weight tape, will not be here, this moment broke out on the spot. Ben Wang said that since you like the bed, I will give it to you. 。