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Rogue master II

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    January 16, 2023 9:26 PM PST

    As soon as the two men entered the door and just closed it, they immediately said to Zhang Peng angrily, "We may have been cheated by IceClou this time." At the same time, the two men asked Velvr and his group, "Aren't you training over there? Why did you come back. Acu and Fish, what are you doing here? Velvr pushed his glasses with a sullen face. He did not answer Wu Yingda's question, nor did he ask Wu Yingda and Books what they meant by saying that they might have been cheated by IceClou. He just said to Acu and Fish, "You can tell them in detail again." "Good." After Acu and Fish nodded, Acu patted Fish and said, "I just said it once, this time you say it." Fish shook his head and said. You've said it once. You're more skilled. You'd better say it again. "Damn it!" Books can't stand it. Fish, if you keep talking, I'll slap you. As soon as he saw the current captain of the chemical engineering department, Fish dared not say anything more. He immediately said, "Well, we two got up this morning and thought we had nothing to do,Chinese spa manufacturer, so we wanted to come and play with you.". But when we got here, we found that you were no longer in the room. We thought you must have gone to an Internet cafe, so we decided to find an Internet cafe to find you, but the Internet cafe you went to turned left out of the hotel door. And we go out the door and turn right.. .。” "Turn your head!" When Books heard Fish say this, he couldn't help shouting, "You can't call my cell phone if you want to find us.". What left turn and right turn. Must have seen something beautiful MM. So I followed him to the Internet bar on the right! Fish and Acu's faces were slightly red,hot tub wholesale, and as soon as they saw the two men like this, Guo Xixi knew that Books must be right. These two animals must have gone to other Internet cafes because they saw some beautiful MM. So two people went to other Internet cafes. If in peacetime Guo Xixi will certainly severely despise these two animals, but now Guo Xixi is too lazy to despise these two animals, directly said, "You can't say something important, why do you say so much nonsense?" "Good." Fish nodded and immediately said, "We opened two machines after we got to the Internet bar.". In the corner behind us, there happened to be a bunch of people wearing uniforms. To join the CUPL team. At first we didn't know they were important, but later we heard them say we were important. We are so important that we both react to it. This Chongqing University is not your opponent in this afternoon's competition. ..。” "A large group of people also went to the Internet bar outside?" Hearing Fish say this, Zhang Peng and Guo Xixi couldn't help looking at each other, and by this time Fish had gone on to say, "So we kept an eye on it.". We just stayed behind the group and listened to what they said, indoor endless pool ,jacuzzi suppliers, and we couldn't help but want to beat them. They actually proudly said that this group of guys in CUHK were so naive that they were cheated by us casually. This interstellar game is a life-and-death, cheating game. They actually showed us their tactics and weaknesses. Still really want to come to what gentleman's war … .。” "Damn it!" Before Fish had finished speaking, Books shouted in disbelief, "This group of people is really not a group of people!"! Then why don't you two beat them? We. .。” Acu and Fish blushed slightly again, thinking that if you were with us, you would not dare to beat them, because there were so many of them, and if you really beat them, you would only be beaten by them. But now that so many people are listening, Acu and Fish can't say that, of course. They stammered and said, "We wanted to do it, but we wanted to hear what they said, so we held back.". ” Zhang Peng couldn't believe it was true. The guy named Bingyun was still fraternizing with himself last night. As a result, he was still laughing at himself behind his back. How can people be so shameless? After two seconds, Zhang Peng couldn't help asking Acu and Fish if they had said anything else. "I didn't say anything later." Acu and Fish said, "That group of people later said that they were fighting against your characteristics.". I didn't say you were silly and naive. "MLGBD, sure enough." Books and Wu Yingda could not help crying out when they heard Acu and Fish finish. MD!” After Zhang Peng scolded severely in his heart, he immediately asked Books and Wu Yingda, "Why, what did you find out?" "We met ZX and a group of people from Wuhan University in the training room below, and they didn't know about the rumors about Chongqing University last year." Wu Yingda said, "But they seemed to have a good relationship with Nanjing University of Technology, which was present at that time.". As a result, a group of people from Nanjing University of Technology told us that it was said that Chongqing University had a hot relationship with Fudan University from the very beginning last year, because the two teams happened to live next door. As a result, we met in the game of 16 to 8. It is reasonable to say that last year everyone thought that the strength of Fudan University was higher than that of Chongqing University, but they did not expect that Fudan University was settled by Chongqing University by five to three. When TW, the captain of Fudan University, lost the last match, he scolded him before playing GG. Later, I heard that a group of people from Chongqing University said they wanted to communicate with Fudan University the day before the competition. As a result, Fudan University really gave the foundation to Chongqing University. It is said that T, the captain at that time, also taught Bingyun a lot of proud tricks. Now Bingyun can have such a level, or because TW taught him. But I didn't expect Fudan University to be magnanimous. But most of the people in Chongqing University hid their secrets. As a result, Fudan University was caught off guard and hung up instead. Although people from Fudan University did not come out later to confirm whether this was the case,outdoor endless pool, since such a thing came out, it should not be groundless, so the reputation of Chongqing University in the national competition is not very good. 。