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It's not easy to be the president's lover.

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    The emergency doctor on duty is still very young, only twenty-seven or twenty-eight. He reached out to take Xiang Xiao's window, but Du Jiawen refused to let go. Mr. Du, put her flat on the bed so we can examine her. The doctor had no choice but to withdraw his hand and point to an empty bed. Du Jiawen hurriedly put Xiang Xiaochuang gently on the bed, as if to put a precious antique, afraid of accidentally breaking a corner. Only then did she discover that her forehead had swelled up a big bag, with a faint blue color. Before he could feel sorry for her, the doctor had ordered the nurse to place the instrument on Xiang Xiaochuang's body in an orderly manner, while he turned over his eyelids and listened to his heartbeat. "How is it?" Du Jiawen asked nervously, not daring to raise his voice too high. Dr. Zhang, the patient is waking up. A nurse stared at the screen of the monitor and reported without looking back. Du Jiawen immediately turned to look at Xiang Xiaochuang, and sure enough, her eyelashes trembled slightly, and the heart that had been hanging to her throat was put down. Dr. Zhang approached Xiang Xiao's window and watched her open her eyes in a misty way, as if he didn't know why he was lying here. Xiang Xiaochuang. Du Jiawen called out, suddenly did not know how to continue, hurriedly asked, "how can you faint?" When the dean arrived at the emergency room, Du Jiawen just nodded his head as a greeting and looked back at Xiang Xiaochuang. Dr. Zhang took the medical record card handed over by the nurse and was asking Xiang Xiaochuang. Confused to open his eyes,Diameter tape measure, Xiang Xiaochuang's voice was obviously weak: "I don't know. I'm in the kitchen. I have a stomachache. I've had it before, but I've never had it so bad.". Later, I felt wrong and had some spirit. Then I don't know Chapter 45 stomach trouble (Words in this chapter: 1282 Updated: September 27, 2009 23:11:00) The dean himself took the chair, and Du Jiawen thanked him and sat down to sulk. Perhaps he should have seen that something was wrong. She was holding on, but she thought arbitrarily that she was trying to get out of making coffee. Stomachache, why not say earlier! His tone was a little blunt,Wheel tape measure, but from the dean down, who could not hear the heartache in the tone of Du Da's son? So she was even more curious about the woman lying in the hospital bed. The facial features are naturally delicate, even if they are frowning, they can still see the beautiful outline. But she is not stunning, with Du Jiawen's experience, may not be fascinated by such beauty. Maybe this girl has her own excellence. I've been having stomach problems.. I thought it was just an old problem, but I didn't think it would be so serious. Xiang Xiaochuang smiled sheepishly, a little aggrieved. If he hadn't insisted on making his own damn coffee, she wouldn't have made a fool of herself by filling it with sandwiches and milk. By this time, Dr. Zhang had finished writing the medical record card, and the assistant recorded the data on the monitor behind the "brief description of the medical record". Have you had stomach trouble for a long time? Doctor Zhang sighed, "Why not see a doctor as soon as possible?"? Your present symptom, should be the quite serious gastric ulcer, Fiberglass tape measure ,tape measure clip, the epigastric pain, should have lasted for a long time? Xiang Xiaochuang nodded: "I had stomach trouble when I went to school. I thought it was an uncertain diet, so I didn't worry too much.". That one Doctor, is gastric ulcer a very serious disease? Don't worry, it's completely curable. Eat regularly in the future, and don't overeat, do you know? Miss Liu, you take her to do an image, and we will confirm it. The round-faced nurse promised, and Xiang Xiaochuang sat up hurriedly: "I have nothing to do now, and I don't feel any pain in my stomach, so I don't need to do any more examinations!" Du Jiawen's face sank and he was full of anger: "If you are told to do it, just do it. What are you talking about?"! Do you think it's a child playing house, and it's an ulcer and you say it's nothing? Doctor Zhang's smile is still very gentle: "Miss Xiang, the image is not painful or itchy, and it is also convenient for us to confirm the rash.". Your ulcer may be deep.. Du Jiawen also followed to stand up, a face tiger, Xiang Xiaochuang dare not look at him, just follow behind the nurse, stuffy head walk. As soon as the video report came out, Du Jiawen's arm had crossed the nurse's hand and taken it. Xiang Xiaochuang looked at the probe curiously: "Free gas under the diaphragm..." She shrugged. She had never heard of these nouns, so she had no way of knowing how serious they were. The dean is already waiting in the video, such a battle, Xiang Xiaochuang secretly shocked. A minor illness alarmed the hospital leaders from top to bottom. Du Jiawen's face was really big. Fortunately, it was night, and if everyone went to work during the day, it would be a little scary to think about it. What else did Dr. Zhang write on the medical record card? In the emergency room, it was very quiet at this time. Du Jiawen handed him the video report and asked nervously, "How is she doing?"? Is it serious? Doctor Zhang looked serious and frowned slightly: "In fact, her gastric ulcer has a long history, but the patient himself did not pay attention to it, thus delaying the treatment.". I personally recommend staying in the hospital for a few days and observing.. Chapter 46 Gentle Doctor Zhang. (Number of words in this chapter: 1201 Updated: September 27, 2009 23:11:00) Before he had finished speaking, Xiang Xiaochuang shook his head like a rattle: "No, no, I have to take the accountant qualification exam this month. If you let me stay for a few days, won't my exam be ruined?" Du Jiawen's face sank: "Your body is important, or the exam is important!"! Such a big man, he doesn't know the importance at all! Unconvinced, Xiang Xiaochuang retorted: "Of course, exams are important. Stomach disease is a chronic disease. It has been many years, and it can't be cured in a short time.". My exam is imminent and self-evident! Du Jiawen raised his eyebrows slightly,Fish measuring board, which was clearly a sign of rage. Xiang Xiaochuang's eyes were slightly dark, but his chin was still stubbornly raised, and that little insistence made the young doctor Zhang show a little appreciation.