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    January 16, 2023 9:25 PM PST

    "Let me think about this. Don't worry. Even if she knows that Uncle Guo likes you, she can't say that you killed him, can she? I protect you. Although she's not afraid of me, she always has scruples." "Cut, she doesn't care about you. She said she would teach me a lesson for you before. She doesn't care about you at all. You are a wimp." Jill made fun of her. I don't argue, and she never argues with me. I just want to be a queen mother safely. But now that you're here, I can go. I'll help you. You can rest assured that I'll let the overlord give you a gold medal to avoid death first. The queen mother raised her eyebrows. Wow, is there really such a thing? Cried Jill. That is, but you are neither loyal and good for three generations, nor have any special military exploits. It is not easy to get the gold medal to avoid death. "Cut, you seduce him, he still does not listen to you, you can not lose the face of our modern women ah." Jill despised her. "I'm not the only woman with him," said the queen mother in a red voice. "Hey, you can handle it. I saw him in a hurry yesterday morning." Jill raised her eyebrows. Ah! Hum, your little man is different. Don't make fun of me. Anyway, I'm going back. I'll help you get the gold medal to avoid death. "Hey, that's more like it. By the way, can you ask the emperor to inscribe a word for my nightclub?" Jill is definitely the material to take advantage of. Ah, a nightclub? You want to die,Pi tape measure, let the emperor write this, not to say that he is dissolute? "I was in a high-level place, and in the future I will earn money from these imperial relatives. With the emperor's inscriptions, no one dares to smash the scene." Jill is thoughtful. The queen mother looked at her with a depressed face. All right, do me a favor. Jill shook her hand at once. Then I have a condition. The queen mother suddenly thought. Okay, say it! I can do it, I must do it! Jill clapped her chest and promised. You must help the emperor except General Gongsun Nan! The queen mother said slowly. What! You don't want me to die. How can I be so capable? Jill jumped up. Hey hey,cattle weight tape, you even kill your uncle. Sooner or later, you will be involved in the circle of right and wrong. I have some feelings with these two sons in the past five years. I can't bear to see them being bullied. You have to help them. The queen mother pleaded. But I don't even know what the emperor looks like. Jill is depressed. It's not easy. I'll let him come. Liner is a good man, just be serious in front of outsiders, after all, he is the emperor. I'll take that as a promise, Jill. The queen mother said treacherously. I'm afraid I don't have the ability. Jill looked askance at her. Ha ha, do your best, I have a hunch, you must do, otherwise how God let you cross it? "Cut, then why did God let you wear it?" Jill didn't believe it. I? Maybe it's because I confused the overlord and reduced two wars. "What war? Tell me about it." Jill was curious and said, "This woman is graceful and graceful. She looks like a fox spirit. How can she do nothing?" Is not the west fan and south Australia separated from the central plains, when the two emperors alternated, the court is the main war, fish measuring tape ,Walking tape measure, but will certainly waste money and manpower, because the mountain is high and the road is long, how much money it costs to how many troops, and those are barren land, even if the submission is not much benefit, it is better to let them divide and autonomy. "Wow, you are learning from Hong Kong and Macao, cow, ha ha." Jill laughed. You can make fun of it, but it's not very good now. Xifang and Nanao are developed. They pay tribute every year, but they are not bound by the Central Plains. The world is peaceful. This is my most proud thing. It's also a good thing for the common people. Hey, hey. "Well, that's nice.". No wonder the overlord likes you so much. He is talented, beautiful and coquettish. Which man can stand it? By the way, the overlord is very young. Why did he abdicate? Jill looked at her. Hehehe, I'm going to die. Don't amuse me. The royal family has a lot of things to do. I'm afraid he's too tired, so I let him retire. He doesn't care about politics. He looks young now, because I taught him to take care of himself. You don't know that when I first saw him, I was almost depressed to death. That hysteria ghost looks like a bad old man. Hehe. All right, don't talk about him. I'm going to call the emperor. He's very filial to me. Let you have a good relationship with him. It's convenient to do things in the future. It's not so easy for the empress to move you, is it? The queen mother raised her eyebrows. "Oh, you are so awesome that you can let the overlord abdicate voluntarily. I think you are really suitable to be the queen mother. Stay and protect me. We sisters conquer the world!" Jill's big eyes were shining. Hey, at least I came through, but I want to go back. I miss my son and my parents every day. The queen mother showed a sad look. You've been here for five years. Do they still know you when you go back? Really, and you're going back to the soul. Jill is convinced of her. I don't know, but the voice said I would go back when you came, and now I don't know how to go back, but it's good to help you pave the way first, even if I can't go back, it's good. The queen mother sighed. Yeah, yeah, that's true. Jill smiled at once. The Empress Dowager immediately went out and asked the slave to invite the emperor. Murong Lingquan asked strangely, "Mother, what are you looking for your brother?" Ji saw that he was eating happily and sat down to eat again. Murong Lingquan looked at his comfortable little face and looked at his mother. When he saw her sitting down, he was relieved that Ji and her mother seemed to have a good relationship. Quan'er, your brother will come later, and your mother will introduce Ji'er to your brother. The queen mother looked at Murong Lingquan. Ah, why? Could it be that the queen mother asked Quan'er to marry Ji'er as a princess? Murong Lingquan's eyes shone at once. You want to be beautiful, even if the mother agreed, this kiss has been appointed, general can not afford to lose this face, this problem you and Ji son had better discuss, can't act arbitrarily, then what happens, suffering is the people of the world. Lu Yun is really used to being the queen mother. Murong Lingquan immediately looked at Ji Er in distress,Horse weight lbs, Ji Er flat mouth did not speak, this is really a big problem, unless the general to the end. What the queen mother can do for you is to delay some time first. The queen sighed.