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    January 16, 2023 9:25 PM PST

    Miaoguang was not angry either. He sat down with his jade cheeks propped up and said, "Brother Wang, if you don't see Ming Wang's art of war at dinner, you will personally ask Ming Wang for punishment." She glanced at the angry Feng Ming and covered her mouth. "King Ming," she said, "no one can stand Brother Wang's tricks. If you don't believe me, you can ask the person who served brother Wang. Min, come here. She beckoned to the maid holding the pen and ink behind her. The maid named Miner looked only fifteen or sixteen years old and looked beautiful. When she heard Miaoguang's command, she answered, put down the square plate in her hand, and walked gently to Miaoguang. Did you also wait on Brother Wang yesterday? Let King Ming have a look. With a shock all over her body, Miner looked up at Miaoguang imploringly, and was stared at by Miaoguang before she pitifully stretched out her right leg and lifted her green skirt. A white jade calf was exposed. As soon as Feng Ming's line of sight fell on the calf, he was startled. It was speckled with bloody scars, and I don't know what made it. The bright red trace is printed on the white skin, which is even worse. Min-er's skin is so tender that she only needs to be put in the pool for a snap of her fingers to let the fish bite like this. But she was lucky. In her position, she wasn't qualified to serve the king. Miaoguang stole a glance at Fengming's increasingly unnatural face and deliberately asked, "King Ming, who does Miner look like?" As soon as she reminded her, Feng Ming noticed it. This is called Miner's maid, and her eyes are somewhat similar to her own. The heart is a surprised, looking at the eyes of Miaoguang is surprised and angry. "What kind of brother you have, what kind of sister you have." Feng Ming gritted his teeth and said, "I regret that I didn't ask Rong Tian to kill you that day." "Ming Wang is so cruel." Miaoguang wrinkled his nose and said, I didn't treat you badly that day. Even your clothes were changed by Princess Miaoguang herself. Hum, even if I treat others badly, I am always good to King Ming. Speaking of the back, there was a little shy and anxious look on his face. Feng Ming didn't want to bicker with her,jacuzzi bath spa, so he snorted and turned his head resentfully. Fried ice cream finishing When Miaoguang saw that Fengming would not listen, he became angry and said coldly, "Please ask King Ming to write the book of war from memory immediately. Otherwise, Brother Wang will get angry and no one will be able to save you." Although angry, we can not ignore the current situation. Feng Ming held his breath to the extreme, but he had to sit down, pick up his pen and write from memory. Do you want to add some mistakes to the art of war, just like Guo Jing wrote the Nine Yin Sutra to Ouyang Feng? Feng Ming pondered. No, if you are proficient in the art of war, you can see your mistakes at a glance. Will it not be self-defeating and send the sheep into the tiger's mouth? Now it seems that only let Ruoyan happy for a few days, and then find a way to escape. I hope Rong Tian can quickly find his whereabouts and catch up with him. With a silent sigh, Feng Ming began to write. Let's write the first one of the thirty-six stratagems in the first chapter. Feng Ming frowned, to be honest, those strategies, outdoor whirlpool tub ,massage bathtub manufacturers, in fact, only remember 80%. Since that night, Ruoyan has not come again, but Princess Miaoguang appears every day according to the time. When Fengming writes from memory, she sits aside, sometimes smiling, sometimes looking at Fengming in a daze. Feng Ming was so angry that he had to make trouble for Miaoguang all day. Miaoguang also put up with Fengming, but once he was ridiculed by Fengming. Miaoguang said sadly, "Don't think that only Brother Wang's tricks are so powerful that they make me angry. You can't survive and you can't die.". This pill will force you to swallow it, and you will cry for three days without showing any wound on your body. She took out a porcelain bottle from her waist. Feng Ming was startled by the viciousness in her tone, and at this point she was somewhat restrained and finally lived in peace. Feng Ming waited anxiously for three days and finally finished writing the first art of war from memory. Miaoguang took the scroll, exhaled like an orchid, and gently blew the ink that had not yet dried on it: "King Ming's handwriting is very much like King Sirei's." Mention Rong Tian, Feng Ming even more gloomy. He has been worried and anxious for days, eating and drinking restlessly, and has lost a lot of weight. When Miaoguang sees it in his eyes, he actually feels a little distressed. Remembering that he had just finished his first book of war today, and that he really should be celebrating, he smiled and said, "King Ming has been bored for three days. Why don't you go out and relax and see the scenery?" Feng Ming was surprised. "Can I go out to relax?" "Of course, Brother Wang didn't say he was going to lock Ming Wang up in his room." Miaoguang raised his lips and said softly, "As long as you don't go down the cliff, King Ming can move freely." Cliff? Only then did Feng Ming realize that he had been imprisoned on the cliff. The end of the third "Weizhen Bojian" Chapter 1 Out of the house, the breeze caresses the hair, and Yiran is in a sea of flowers. Seeing Feng Ming's surprised expression, Miaoguang chuckled, "Brother Wang really values King Ming. This cliff is the exclusive place for the royal family of the Kingdom of Li. No outsiders have ever spent the night here.". But now King Ming lives here and is half the master. "I think it's like killing two birds with one stone," said Feng Ming coldly. It can both block the news of my capture and prevent me from escaping. Miaoguang giggled like a trembling flower branch, which was the acquiescence. Now that he was on a cliff with nowhere to escape, he did not need a bodyguard to accompany him. The two of them walked slowly one after the other, and when they reached the edge of the cliff, the wind became stronger and stronger, and their sleeves were bulging. "Beautiful." As far as Feng Ming could see, the vast fields and city buildings were displayed in front of him, and a great river, like a belt, was winding under his feet. He sighed twice and turned his head to look at things. Miaoguang, who was extremely clever, pointed to the front and said, "King Ming, Xilei is over there." Feng Ming looked in her direction, where the loess and the blue sky formed a line, where you could see the grass and trees in Xilei. Remembering that he was thousands of miles away from Xilei and did not know when he could go back, he could not help showing his melancholy. The King of Serei now.. It should be in Bo's room. Hirojian is over there. Miaoguang changed his direction and pointed with his jade arm in the air. Feng Ming heard the meaning of her mockery and was annoyed. He was stunned for a moment and turned to walk into the house. Miao Guangyuan laughed happily, but when he saw that Feng Ming's face was not right,whirlpool hot tub, he stuck out his tongue and followed him. "What's wrong with King Ming?" Miao-kuang followed quickly for a moment, then became irritable and grabbed Feng-ming by the sleeve. "No one has ever dared to give me a look. If you don't talk to me again, I'll make you regret it." 。